Some Restonians Still Not Getting Mail Delivery

by Karen Goff January 28, 2016 at 1:45 pm 17 Comments

Snowed in mailboxIt has been more than 24 hours since the parking lot at the Reston Post office was finally plowed.

The post office was socked in by snow from Friday to early Wednesday. Rep. Gerry Connolly’s office got involved with the issue late on Tuesday to speed up the process.

The clear parking lot meant mail trucks were finally freed, and many Reston residents (editor’s note: including me) got home delivery on Wednesday for the first time in four or five days.

Even though the federal government in Washington was closed for several days earlier this week, that should not have affected mail delivery. The USPS is considered a separate agency and mail delivery is only affected on pre-scheduled national holidays.

However some Reston residents still have empty mailboxes.

One resident sent an anonymous message to Reston Now:

“Someone told a fib, either the USPS or Representative Connolly’s office. Mail was not delivered to ‘every residence’ in Reston on Wednesday. I notified Connolly’s office, but this is getting ridiculous.”

“We didn’t expect mail on Saturday or Monday, but it’s Thursday and we aren’t getting anything. I live in a condo development in “less desirable South Reston”, but we have clear sidewalks, a clear parking lot, and the roads to get here are passable.”

The reader said he has notified TV stations and Virginia Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner.

Have you gotten home delivery of mail this week? Let us know in the comments.

  • Live work and shovel, or die

    as reston slowly is turning from a country bumpkin into a high density neighborhood, not unlike lower Manhattan or Brooklyn, it is proposed that some attention be given to clearing the sidewalks and walkways connecting the metro station to population centers such as the town centre, south lakes and perhaps other neighborhoods.

    Live work and shovel, or die – you decide. As for mail delivery, the coupons can wait.

    • Pissed off

      Reston post office blows. I get everyone else’s mail too, then they like to slander people’s reputations to other neighbors for their mistakes. The gov’t does nothing. They lie and are completely incompetent.

  • Mike M

    We are back to 100% on mail. In fact, we are already receiving our neighbor’s stuff. Same number; different street. Funny how we bring them their stuff, but they never bring us stuff. I always marvel too how we get about 15 pieces a day, then the odd Thursday we get nada.

  • TheRealODB

    I’m so relieved that the postal service is run by a private corporation whom we can fire due to substandard service and contract out to a new vend… oh, wait? No?

  • CJ Smith

    We also are not receiving any mail as of yet (Thursday, 4:30 pm) and while I value Rep. Connally’s push to get the snow cleared from the Reston post office, who manages our post office and why didn’t he or she take care of that?

  • dboileau

    WE HAVE NOT received any mail since the storm started a last Friday. On Sunday for the Monday delivery an 10′ by 6″ space was cleared to the pavement [with snow removal on Monday & Tuesday from plowing. The streets were cleared. The fact that our congressman had to be involved to get the lot cleared shows too many breakdowns in decision making.

  • waitingformyamazonprime…

    Still no mail (South Lakes Drive area). They are also lying about mailboxes being blocked for package delivery. Meanwhile FedEx and UPS have had no issues…

    • Tiana

      Same here…have not received mail in a week in South Lakes Drive area and they aren’t delivering packages although FedEx and UPS have gotten through just fine.

  • Ihor Jarema

    Looks like package delivery only in the ring road / Uplands area. So much for clearing snow for the mailbox.

  • Nancy Miller

    My development has not received mail since the snow started. This is ridiculois!

  • GraciesMom

    It’s now Friday, and we haven’t received any mail all week. We live off Ring Road. Our mailbox was easily accessible by Monday morning, and the roads have also been clear since that time. What’s the deal? The unpreparedness and incompetence of the Reston Post Office is astounding.

  • Why do you bother?

    Finally got mail yesterday. SL High School area.

  • waitingformail

    I see flurries..guess we will not get mail today either…

  • Christine

    I live in Hunters Woods (South Reston) and received a small stack of letters in my condo community mailbox, but I am missing seven (7) USPS packages that are listed as “Status Not Updated” under tracking. They have all been “out for delivery” for days now. Why is my mailman able to deliver letters but not packages? My community is completely clear of snow. The post office telephone number goes straight to voicemail saying they are “busy.” Really wish they’d provide better communication and customer service. At least an honest update on tracking would be nice.

  • Maria Bissex

    My building in Vantage Hill has not received mail all week, although the parking lots and pathways are clear. I’ve even seen the mailman going to other buildings, but not mine. I’m pretty mad. If this is the kind of non-service the USPS gives, they deserve to go out of business.

  • Zzuts

    No mail in the Shadowood Condominiums since the storm on Thursday! I went to the post office on Wednesday morning and asked to pick up my mail. I was told that I could not pick up my and the mail trucks were out today delivering. It is Friday, January 29, 2016 10:36 pm and NO MAIL. The media has to be contacted ASAP.

  • Mark

    As of Monday evening 1 Feb, we’ve only had delivery twice at our south Reston home. Once last Thursday and then on Saturday–nothing yet on Monday (at 8 pm). It appears that the PO has shifted to every-other-day delivery of regular mail in our neighborhood.


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