It’s Super Tuesday: Where to Vote, What to Know

by Karen Goff March 1, 2016 at 9:30 am 17 Comments

Super Tuesday voters check in at South Lakes HS polling place

Super Tuesday in Reston started warm (for March 1) and sunny — and with voter traffic similar to a general election, said Fairfax County polling officials.

Fairfax County polls opened at 6 a.m. and will be open until 7 p.m. Eleven states, including Virginia, will cast ballots in 2016 Presidential primaries or caucuses today.

By 8:30 a.m., 312 voters (200 Democrat ballots; 114 Republican) had been through Reston’s largest precinct, at South Lakes High School. At the new North Point precinct at St. Thomas a Becket Church, 316 voters cast ballots (175 Republican; 141 Democrats) by 8:50 a.m.

A random survey of voters at both polling places, as well as the polling place at Langston Hughes Middle School, showed Restonians are supporting a variety of candidates.

“I voted for Hillary Clinton,” said Reston resident David Ackerman. “She’s about the only adult left in the race.”

Ned Dickert, casting his ballot at SLHS, showed off his blue tie and shirt.

“All blue today,” he said. “I voted for Hillary. I think she will make the best president.”

At North Point, lawyer Cathy Ruse said Ted Cruz has her vote.

“He is the most consistent conservative,” she said.

Joe Ingrisano said John Kasich has his vote.

“He seems to me the most adult,” he said. “He doesn’t ridicule anyone and doesn’t engage in the negativity. He is more of a moderate than a conservative. I am most interested in who can govern, We cannot afford eight more years with no government.”

Another voter who did not want to give her name, also said she was tired of the negative campaigning.

“I intended to vote for Marco Rubio,” she said. “But the nastiness turned me into a Ben Carson voter.”

Another voter shouted her support for her candidate: “Trump!” she said. “We’ve had  enough of the global elite establishment. We’re tired of politics as usual.”

Fairfax County election officials have said they expect large crowds today. If you have not voted yet, here is what you need to know:

In Fairfax County, there will be two primaries held in each poll location. Registered voters can vote for either a Democratic candidate or a Republican candidate, but not both. You do not have to be registered by party ahead of time.

The Presidential Primary ballots were printed in advance of absentee voting, which started in January, so ballots will contain names of some candidates no longer in the race.

Here is a Democrat sample ballot.

Here is a Republican sample ballot.

Bring your ID

There are several forms of acceptable photo ID:

Where to vote

Not sure where your polling spot is? Visit this online tool on the Fairfax County Board of Elections website.

In Reston, there have been a couple of changes since the last election. The Terraset precinct polling place has been moved to Langston Hughes Middle School. There is also a new district in North Reston. A new precinct at Armstrong Elementary was created by dividing Aldrin and North Point precincts.

The northern portion of North Point precinct combined with the northern portion of Aldrin will retain the name “North Point,” with polling place at St. Thomas a Becket Catholic Church, 1421 Wiehle Ave., Reston. The southern portion of Aldrin retains the name “Aldrin” and polling place at Aldrin Elementary School.

Reston Now will have local precinct results when they come in after 7 p.m.

Photo: Super Tuesday voters check in at South Lakes High School polling place.

  • DisqStew

    Terraset Elementary voters continue down the Ridge to Langston Hughes Middle School.

  • Mike M

    All blue for the Dems? I don’t know if people remember, but Blue was once Republican. It is the color of Conservatism. Red was Democratic – the color of activism and revolt. It was an organized media manipulation that successfully associated the GOP with a color that generally rubbed preference panels the wrong way.

    • GB

      link please

      • Mike M

        There are many. But being a font of wisdom I don’t generally feel compelled to map my wisdom to the Internet. http://Mike_M_Knows_a _lot_of stuff,org? The Internet lies anyway. You could google it yourself. It is something I remember clearly. One of a few things I haven experienced and not forgotten.

        Try http://askville.amazon.com/Red-Blue-color-represents-political-party-importantly/AnswerViewer.do?requestId=5844543. This is PART of the story. I don’t agree with everything said there. I recall that it was much more consistent than this article says and the parties tended to use those colors. Then, as parties became less popular, they started to fudge on their color usage and leave parties off print and video ads.

        • GB
          • Mike M

            One reason I am not a Republican, even though I often vote that way, is that the GOP seemed oblivious to this change and sought not to avoid it. They lack a certain human understanding. They consistently get whipped in psychology and messaging. I don’t know why. It is bad for the country.

          • LesAnn620

            I always have the impression, at least when it comes to things like this, that the GOP tends to stick its fingers in its ears and sing “la la la! this isn’t happening!”

          • Mike M

            Yeah. I am trying to be objective. Not gratuitously slamming a party. The other one has it’s weaknesses, for sure. Take the negativity for example. In fact, they often see things that aren’t happening. And the candidate who is a Socialist but perfectly at home in that Party.

      • Ming the Merciless
    • Troll Troller

      Vote Troll in 2016!

  • GB

    Because Trump’s not part of the “global elite establishment”….

  • Justin Edwards

    I voted for Hillary! As a young white millennial, imagine that! #imwithher

    • Mike M

      Having once been young and naive, I can’t imagine it any other way.

      • Justin Edwards

        Ha now you are just old and naive #posionthewell #weaksaucecomment #youdontknowathingaboutme

        • TheRealODB

          #AnyoneButHillary #WhatDoesSheEvenStandFor? #PoliticalExpediency #SuperPredatorsAreUs #BombTheBrownPeople

  • 2016 Farce

    I find both candidates equally disgusting and not representing the electorate. Case in point, last election – Huntsman, 90% approval rating while governor of Utah, cannot make the cut. Same with Perot and many other good choices in the past.

    And last 72 hours, Trump getting pounder by media over KKK comment, seems too contrived. Media control, big money and hate propaganda – worst election ever. America is going down hill fast. Hopeless.

    And the story goes on and on.

  • Ricky Ray Rector

    Maybe save the dessert for later?


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