Check Out This Reston Yogi Posing by (and on) Some Beautiful Backdrops

by Karen Goff April 14, 2016 at 1:30 pm 3 Comments

Instagram is a wonderful place to see some of the world’s best yogis doing what they do amid a backdrop of fabulous places: a beach in Bali; a yoga retreat in Mexico; a dock at Lake Anne.

Wait, Lake Anne? Yes. Check out the Insta feed of Colure Caulfield, who teaches at Herndon’s Down Dog yoga, but likes to hit some of Reston’s most scenic spots to strike a pose.

It will remind you of Reston’s beauty — and inspire you if you are working towards a side crow pose.


A girl & her horse. 🐴❤️ — #reston #publicart #yogaeverywhere

A photo posted by colure (@colure) on

A girl & her horse. 🐴❤️ — #reston #publicart #yogaeverywhere


A photo posted by colure (@colure) on


#TBT Dreaming of #Fall today… <3 — #notsweaterweather


A photo posted by colure (@colure) on

  • Mike M

    Different Yogis are good at different things!

  • Lisa W.

    Who knew you could get so spiritual with some outdoor poses and some handy quotes.

  • Tanning yoginis next

    Years ago you couldn’t go anywhere on a sunny day outside without tripping over a body lying on the lawn sun tanning. Now it’s difficult to get around without someone striking the praying mantis pose.


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