Fines to Increase for Speeding on Rosedown Drive

by Karen Goff April 25, 2016 at 10:20 am 24 Comments

Map of Rosedown Lane

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors are expected to approve on Tuesday increased fines for speeding on one south Reston street.

Under the county’s Residential Traffic Administration Program (RTAP), homeowners can petition their district supervisor to point out a traffic safety issue. The supervisor can then take the request to the Virginia Department of Transportation, which then performs an engineering review to see if the issue is justified.

In this case, the issue is speeding on Rosedown Drive between Bedfordshire Circle and Glade Drive.

The board is expected to approve the installation of “$200 Additional Fine for Speeding” signs on the following road:

The speed limit on Rosedown is 25 miles per hour.

Section 46.2-878.2 of the Code of Virginia permits a maximum fine of $200, in addition to other penalties provided by law, to be levied on persons exceeding the speed limit on appropriately designated residential roadways.

The cost of the additional signs is $600, which is paid for out of the VDOT secondary road construction budget.

  • lukeinva

    Should be called the Traffic Residential Administration Program (TRAP)

  • Scott H

    Maybe just put in a stop sign or two. Why is the answer always more laws, fines, and government.

    • Henry

      Area was approved for speed bumps, but a neighbor or 2 close to where they would be installed refused to sign off on it and therefore, they could not put them in.

      • Why do you bother?

        So put them in a different section?

        • Mookie Taylor

          There are lots of restrictions on where they can be placed, so that was not an option.

        • Henry

          Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. As Mookie said, there are a lot of restrictions. Residents are still looking at them.

          • Why do you bother?

            I guess I’m just baffled by why people would object to having them installed. Protecting people should take precedence over a tiny inconvenience.

    • Terpitude

      How is a stop sign not more government?

  • Tybio

    This route is used by people as a cut-through. Meaning they are trying to make up time. So a residential road with a school at the end (so lots of kids walking) where people regularly do 45+. You might not like laws/fines and government, but the reality is that there is no active enforcement…people blow through the existing stop sign without fear as it is.

    So without enforcement, one would have to ask what the point of this is…and /that/ would be a valid question. Not some knee-jerk bumper-sticker parroting of the last words some talking-head uttered.

    BTW: The speed limit is 25 on this road, not 35 as noted above.

    • FishyPapa

      The same thing happens on E Maple Ave in Sterling. It’s also a cut-through with a school and church near the end. It’s an “Enhanced Speed Zone” with a $200 extra fine but there are never Loudoun cops around to enforce it. I’ve timed (v=d/t) cars as fast as 65mph on that road and it’s a 25 zone but they simply don’t bother with them.

  • WW

    The speed limit on this residential street is 25MPH, not 35MPH. However, it may have been easy for the reporter to have made this error since traffic on this street regularly moves at 45MPH, and people pass “slower” driver that obey the speed limit on a regular basis.

    To address some comments: There are stops signs in place already, and are being run through multiple times a day. The speeding is a serious concern because the neighborhood has many kids, there is an elementary school at the north end of the street, and because the majority of traffic is by non-residents, including commuters driving to USGS, Dogwood Elementary (yes, teachers speed), and Reston Town Center and vicinity. As a result, few of the people driving on Rosedown have an interest in keeping the neighborhood safe.

    The fines are unfortunately necessary to focus the police’s attention. Seems there’s no incentive in enforcing existing speed limits if all they get to issue is a run-of-the mill traffic ticket.

  • JoeInReston

    Speed bumps might be a better solution to provide an incentive to not speed.

    • Henry

      yes, we’ve tried that – see comments above

  • Chuck Morningwood

    You folks ignore the easy solution: block the exit at Fox Mill. Removing the incentive for cut-through traffic would seem to be the most comprehensive solution.

    • Henry

      that is not an easy solution.

      • Chuck Morningwood

        How would it not be easy? You put some jersey barriers across the exit, and maybe some signage and you’re done.

        • Mookie Taylor

          Because it is a county road and private citizens can’t decide to barricade it.

  • Robert Mowbray

    Stratton Woods is not part of Reston. The speeding problem is real and has existed for many years. I am a former Stratton Woods resident (1980-90) and lived on Rosedown Drive.

    • Mookie Taylor

      It is in Reston, just not part of the Reston Association.

      • Why do you bother?

        It has a Reston address, but it’s physically in Herndon. My brother and sister-in-law used to live on Rosedown.

        • Robert Mowbray

          In addition since Reston has no political status, it is a “place” not a recognized “city” or “town”. Properties which are members of RA and pay RA dues are part of the “Place called Reston”.

          • Why do you bother?

            Which is why no one has said “the city of Reston”…

        • Mookie Taylor

          I live on Rosedown now. It is part of Reston. What is the difference between having a Reston address and being a part of Reston in your mind? There is Reston Association, which covers most of Reston, and a “census designated area” called Reston, of which Stratton Woods is a part. Google Maps shows it as part of Reston, it has nothing to do with Herndon. It doesn’t pay Herndon taxes, it does not vote in Herndon elections, it does not receive Herndon services. It is part of small tax district 5. If we call the police, the Reston police come. It is a part of Reston. Reston Association is a home owners association that covers most of Reston. We happen to have our own HOA, called Stratton Woods.

          • Why do you bother?

            I’m fully aware of the subdivision and its name.

            To apply an Internet meme: Google maps? Your argument is invalid.


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