Here’s What Happened at FCPD’s Reston Sobriety Checkpoint

by Karen Goff April 25, 2016 at 4:30 pm 15 Comments

Fairfax County Police Officers from the Fairfax County Police’s Reston District Station held a sobriety checkpoint on Saturday that yielded several charges.

FCPD regularly holds checkpoints in various parts of the county in order to monitor for intoxicated drivers. They do not announce the location ahead of time.

Saturday night’s checkpoint was at Walnut Branch Road and the Fairfax County Parkway.

Police said 623 vehicles passed through the screening point, resulting in one DWI arrest, one criminal charge, and three traffic summonses.

  • Scott H

    What a great use of resources! Probably 10 officers for 3+ hours for 1 arrest.
    Your tax dollars hard at work skirting the 4th amendment!

    • Nathan P

      Conjecture. That’s one less dummy on the road in a region full of them. I’m all for this.

      • 2ndBreakfast

        The benefit of this is not just arrests, its the deterrent value of the police doing these from time to time so that people don’t drink and drive for fear of being caught. I’m for it as well.

      • Scott H

        By your rationale, there are 1000 other things the police MUST do to make sure there is “one less dummy” in society that could hurt you. Think about it.

      • tattler

        Of course, Nathan’s go-to philosophy is ‘if you don’t like something, do it yourself’. So, if you don’t like police resources being utilized this way, create your own police force and allocate them however you’d like.

    • Ming the Merciless

      And don’t forget thousands of hours of wasted time for law-abiding citizens.

    • TrollyMcTrollFace

      The children, we must think of the children. If even one life is saved, isn’t that enough?

      • Mike M

        No. One life is not worth anything. Sorry. That’s fallacy the led to Obamacare and many other failed and super costly programs. We could easily bankrupt ourselves and the planet trying to prevent bad things like death from happening to anyone. And we’d fail anyway.

        The real deal is that people driving drunk enough to be a danger can be found by officer’s driving around. They don’t need to impose their administrative convenience on everyone to get everyone who is technically over the limit. It’s an abuse of the public.

    • surfish

      Total waste.
      Easy fix.
      Just drive around on your way to the donut shop and look for impaired drivers.

    • Greg

      And that’s without revealing the location (most of which are predictable and amount to about fewer than 10 or so).

  • surfish

    Be nice if they told us the road next time. Could just go around it, hic!

  • Brain Power

    what ever thought pops into my skull needs to be flushed to the worldwide. otherwise, probably not think

  • Reston Watcher

    It would be more effective if they set up their checkpoint at the exit to the parking garages at Reston Town Center, or watched people as they left the bars to walk to their cars. That’s assuming, of course, that arresting drunk drivers is what they’re trying to achieve. I’d guess that they’d get more than one arrest in three hours.

    • Greg

      Not a bad idea, but RTC garages and access roads are private property. Also, there may be some entrapment issues. Might be an interesting topic for the lawyers’ weekly column?

      I think the whole idea of checkpoints is marginal and might be violative of one’s right to privacy and other constitutional rights (unlawful search?). I think it’s been tested in court and the compromise resolved to provide advance announcements and some method to the stops (every fifth vehicle for example).

  • Why do you bother?

    While I applaud the intent, it seems a bit of a high cost-per-result….


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