South Lakes Senior Earns Spot in Tribeca Film Festival

by Karen Goff April 25, 2016 at 2:45 pm 13 Comments

Kat Vlasova, a senior at South Lakes High School, is an emerging artist musician and photographer. She is also a self-proclaimed “avid Snapchatter and procrastinator.”

The latter skills got Vlasova a spot in the Tribeca Film Festival, which wrapped up Sunday in New York City. Vlasova’s short film, Pencils, composed using Snapchat, of course, was chosen as one of the winners.

The Tribeca Film Festival this year teamed up with the mobile app Snapchat on a competition to find “the best Snapchat Stories across the U.S.”

Ten winners were chosen, and the work will be featured in a special Discover channel within Snapchat.

The winners were chosen by a jury of  storytellers and avid Snapchatters, and the short films were screened during the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival. Three will be featured on Snapchat.

Here’s Vlasova’s synopsis:

You know that time when you’re trying your best to study but you just keep getting distracted? And then you get so preoccupied with doing a random simple thing just to procrastinate on your homework such as looking for a pencil?

And then before you know it, you’ve chased a man out into space but your calculus is still unresolved and it’s already 10 p.m? Yeah, me too.

Tribeca says that this first-of-its-kind competition “casts a spotlight on the imagination and creativity of Snapchat users, while also touting the ephemeral messaging app as more than just something young people use to chat with one another. Snapchat wants to expand the way people approach it, similar to what happened with YouTube.”

Vlasova said in a YouTube interview she thought she was being pranked when the Snapchat folks tried to call her last month to tell her she was among the top 10.

“I was in shock,” she said.

When she finally realized it was no joke, she got to enjoy the perks of a filmmaker life, including a trip to the Tribeca Film Festival last week and the use of a new state-of-the-art Samsung camera to make another film in New York City.

“It is pretty surreal to be an 18-year-old girl being driven around in a black Escalade all over New York City to make a short film,” Vlasova said (see You Tube clip above to fill interview). “Making something in short amount of time, was definitely intense.”

Vlasova will have lots more New york experiences starting later this year. She plans to attend New York University in the fall.

Snapchat did not say how many entries it received or to provide any additional information beyond revealing that the winners will appear on the app starting today.

For more info on Vlsaova, follow her on Snapchat: alienpinecone;
Instagram: katalexvlasova; Tumblr: katvlasova.tumblr.com; and Twitter: AlienPinecone.

  • Arielle in NoVA

    Nice going!

  • tattler

    Ugggh. The drudgeries. Despite the obvious bias for South Lakes High School related ‘news’, this site provides very little in the way of interesting, relevant news. Feel like this could be a better source of so called ‘hyper local news’ if you found some actual news. Here are some examples of the breaking news stories from the past week or so: “Starbucks is serving Wine and Beer – but not in Reston”, “Reston Pet of the Week”, “Ben and Jerry’s Eyes Reston Reopening on April 30th”, “Three ways to mark Earth Day in Reston”, “Bear sighting in Great Falls”, “South Lakes Senior Earns Spot in Tribeca Film Festival”. The lack of responses to some of these articles might tip you off to the fact that nobody cares about this stuff except you.

    • Nathan P

      Is this not considered a good thing? Would you rather there be news about stabbings and gunshots at the Wielhe Reston Metro station as we’ve seen in other parts of the region? If you’re bored, go somewhere else. Simple as that.

      • tattler

        Classic straw man argument, Nathan. Yes, because I’m trying to say that there is likely copious amounts of other news out there in Reston I MUST be implying that I want to see more ‘if it bleeds it leads’ journalism. Weak retort.

        • Nathan P

          Purposeful hyperbole there, tat. You’re looking for something more riveting, exciting. Something that gets your heart pumping. Is that not what you’re complaining about? If you don’t like what’s being reported, feel free to do it yourself. It’s easy for anyone to say “Must be a slow news day, *yawn*”

          • tattler

            No, I’m quite sure news has a broader definition than simply being ‘riveting’, ‘exciting’ or including ‘stabbings and gunshots’ as you mention. I personally think think it should be informative, substantive and relevant as well, But perhaps the Pet of the Week articles are exactly what you’re looking for in a local news source. Maybe adding some comics will keep this at your level – and to your liking – as well. Your argument is weak, and you’re further diluting it with this attention seeking behavior. I can tell you’re butt hurt over all this by your responses.

            Oh, and sage advice about doing it myself if I don’t like it. I hear this and similar responses from people who are shut down in arguments and have nothing left in their logic arsenal to use. In Nathan’s fantasy world, you can’t comment or critique. If you don’t like something, you must remain silent and simply do it yourself. Don’t like your hotel service, go build your own damn hotel. Don’t like your restaurant meal, jump into the restaurant’s kitchen and make your own damn food. Don’t like the economy? Then quit your job, go back to school to become an economist, work years to hopefully become Treasury Secretary, and then make the change yourself. Until then, according to Nathan, we should say nothing and simply do it ourselves.

          • BoredAtWork2

            You can tell it’s a slow work day when the trolls come out during the day.

    • Beast

      Not sure why you would slam this good story about a local teen doing well. You might want to praise the young woman, instead of slamming a site that provides local news. Doing exactly what it is intended to do. It’s like complaining that the Washington Capitals are playing hockey, while you are at the game saying “i can’t believe these people are using sticks to move a rubber disk around.”

      • tattler

        Slam? Obviously hit a nerve. No, it wasn’t a slam, snowflake. This was my example of a disproportional amount of school related news coming out of South Lakes High School. Not a lot from other high schools, middle schools or elementary schools. Guess kids aren’t doing good things elsewhere in our area. Definite bias toward SLHS was my point.

        • Karen Goff

          We write about high school kids at the community high school in Reston. As a rule, we don’t cover elementary and middle school news.

    • Karen Goff

      Tattler – since you are concerned enough to survey the last few days on my site, I am going to give you a primer on how it works.

      1. I try and put up 6-7 posts a day. Obviously, some have more news value than others and sometimes it is just a slow news day.

      2. That said, about 5,000 people read the bear story and nearly as many read the Ben & Jerrys story. Why? Because they want to know if bears are nearby and when the damn ice cream store is going to re-open. So “nobody cares about this stuff but you” is plain wrong.

      3. Posts such as Pet of the Week are sponsored content, which is clearly marked on the post. This means a company is paying for the space, which is part of how we make money here.

      4. Don’t like what I am doing? Don’t read. We will be fine without you. But when a bulldozer shows up next door, you will curse that you did not have advance warning.

      Thanks for reading! KG

      • tattler

        There is no such thing as a slow news day, just slow journalists. There is PLENTY going on around here if you did something other than wait for news to come to you.

        Great, the Ben & Jerry’s story got 5,000 views. Does that mean it’s good, quality news. I mean, it’s not even a grand opening, just a ‘reopening’. *Yawn*.

        Oh, I’ll continue to read…panning for the occasional gold. Doesn’t mean I can’t comments. You are interesting in hearing from your constituents, aren’t you?

        • Karen Goff

          OK thanks. Gotta work now. Bye. Always open for news tips. Send ’em.


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