Reston Real Estate: Get to Know Lake Newport

by Eve Thompson May 3, 2016 at 1:15 pm 2 Comments

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We love our lakes in Reston, and we love the being near all of the amenities Reston has to offer.

The Lake Newport area of North Reston delivers both — whether you want a Contemporary or Colonial single family home, a spacious patio home, or even a condo.

Whatever style of home you want, your neighborhood focal point is Lake Newport, a 12-acre man-made lake built in 1981. On any beautiful day, you’ll find residents canoeing and fishing in the lake or using the walking path that loops the lake and takes you on a tour of the neighborhood.

The Lake Newport neighborhood is fairly large. It is divided into several smaller sub-neighborhoods. Townhomes and patio homes can be found at Hemingway, while large, luxurious single-family homes are located in the Newport, Greenwich Point, Belcastle, Newport Shores, and Newport Cove neighborhoods.

All of the homes were built in the 1980s and 90s. Here is a rundown of the sub-neighborhoods:

Lake Newport Road: This neighborhood is located at the eastern end of Lake Newport Road off North Village Road. Many of the 15 lovely custom-built 3- to 5-bedroom single-family homes are direct lakefront.

11569 Lake NewportNewport Shores: Located on Waterfront Road off Center Harbor Drive, this neighborhood has 30 multi-level 3- to 5-bedroom patio homes, of which 25 percent are direct lakefront.

Newport: On Regatta Lane off the Baron Cameron end of North Village Road, this neighborhood has 30 multi-level 3- to 5-bedroom patio homes. About 20 percent are direct lakefront.

Newport Cove: This lovely neighborhood on Newport Cove Lane off the Baron Cameron end of North Village Road has eight multi-level 3- to 5-bedroom single-family homes. Sixty percent are direct lakefront.

Hemingway: At Hemingway Court off Center Harbor Drive, this neighborhood offers a combination of 25 multi-level 3- to 5-bedroom patio homes and 50 townhomes. About 15 percent  of the townhomes are direct lakefront.

Greenwich Point: At Greenwich Point Road off Center Harbor Drive, this neighborhood has about 25 lovely multi-level 3- to 5-bedroom patio homes, of which 25 percent are direct lakefront.

Belcastle: Located on Belcastle Lane off Waterfront Road, this neighborhood has 20 multi-level 3- to 5-bedroom patio homes, of which 30% are direct lakefront.

Regardless of which sub-neighborhood residents live in, you will find them all enjoying the Reston Association tennis courts and Lake Newport pool (Reston’s only Olympic sized, 50-meter swimming pool).

On nice days, the paths will be filled with people walking over to North Point Village Center.

Lake Newport is a fantastic area for growing families or those who are ready to downsize — it has something for everyone.

  • Tetra Whocare

    Little Peter decides to jump in the lake, Jennifer and Cliff right behind. RA get sued and … we all have to move, cannot afford to live here anymore.

    Sold just in time, Eve comes through again. Job well done kissy kissy

  • blueotter

    It’s a great place to live…if you can afford it.


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