Reston Man Engineers ‘Faux Paw’ for Injured Dog

by Karen Goff June 3, 2016 at 10:00 am 3 Comments

Reston resident Don Chernoff recently used his engineering background and concern for his dog Sunny to invent a sturdy shoe that he says has improved the pet’s quality of life.

Chernoff, inventor and founder of Skyroll luggage said Sunny, now 12, had a tumor in his left front paw. The paw was amputated about two years ago.

Sunny got a prosthetic from the vet, but the dog kept breaking it and chewing on it. That’s when Chernoff was inspired to design one himself.

“I thought using a sneaker on the bottom would work better,Sunny and his Faux Paw/YouTube and it did,” Chernoff said in an email.

Chernoff said he destroyed his old pair of Nike Zoom Vapor 9 shoes. He used the shoe parts and duct tape, to upgrade into a “faux paw” — and now Sunny gets around much better.

Chernoff says he is not looking for a patent, a deal with Nike or to make more shoes. That is, unless Sunny breaks his current faux paw.

  • Fan

    So wonderful! “Just dog it.” Thanks for loving Max so much, Don.

  • Mike M

    My best friend cut his ped badly on glass in some leaves last winter. He had to be stitched. It was a serious challenge keeping commercially available booties on his foot, even just for the duration of his walk. The tons of snow we had made things even trickier, not just because of the accumulation but also because of the rock salt. I would have bought a “sneaker” in a heartbeat!

    He is a’trottin’ and a’chargin’ gracefully again now.

  • Cindy from PetMAC

    What a great innovation!

    Mike M, I own PetMAC at Lake Anne Plaza and we have a product called PAWZ, which looks like little balloons. They stay on the paw much better than regular booties, which is why they are the only booties I sell. If you or anyone you know needs a paw protected again, come on by and check them out!


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