Reston Association in Process of New Ethics, Conduct Code

by Karen Goff June 10, 2016 at 2:30 pm 18 Comments

Reston AssociationReston Association is working on how its board of directors can better work together and how the organization can implement a code of ethics.

The board will discuss the findings of an independent report from Quantum Governance at its regular meeting on June 23.

RA’s Code of Conduct Task Force is studying how to improve upon the association’s conduct policies for employees, board members and volunteers. RA says it has been moving toward improving its system of governance since May 2014.

RA recently hired Quantum to review RA. The Vienna-based firm interviewed 44 people, including RA staff, board members and committee members. Read the firm’s Ethics Assessment Summary Report.

One finding Quantam reports is a lack of civility among board members.

From the report:

“The key behavioral issue identified by interviewees as an ethical concern was what many saw as a distinct lack of Civility in the Boardroom. This concern was also noted by Board meeting observations conducted by Quantum Governance’s consultants.”

The report makes a few recommendations. Among them:

  • Align RA’s governance and ethics efforts.
  • Revisit RA’s mission statement and core values, including possibly adding openness, transparency, inclusiveness, civility, respect, and honesty.
  • Seek and obtain an individual, personal commitment from each board member, member of staff and volunteer to adhere to the code of ethics.

Based on findings in the ethics assessment report, RA has completed a first draft of the new Code of Ethics. The code outlines topics concerning gifts and gratuities, outside employment and transparency, as well as other ethical values and association policies.

The board will also discuss at the June meeting more ideas towards it code of ethics, such as a community poll or focus groups.

  • Nyla J.

    It sounds like a bunch of money was spent on total garbage.

    • Reston.All.Grown.Up

      I hope there is some money left over for operating the pools this summer!

  • Arielle in NoVA

    If you can’t be civil to others, you shouldn’t hold public office or a job with much public exposure. That includes the RA board.

  • Greg

    Oh, gag me. We have to be civil? Most of us learn that by first grade (in our world-class schools, no less). Yes, these buffoons have been working on it for 2.5 years and hired a consultant? Does the incompetent “CEO” own this mess too?

    Yet more assessment money wasted.

    Since transparency is at issue here, we want to know how much that consultant/report cost. Did it not report on the fraud, waste and abuse surrounding the Tetra debacle?

  • Why do you bother?

    Should have mandated a minimum IQ, clearly lacking in the “we didn’t know what we were doing” aspect of the $450 million flushed down the drain.

    • SmartyPantsDem

      The membership voted for the lake house, perhaps there should be a minimum IQ to be allowed to vote. And maybe only R’s can vote… oh wait, then nobody could vote.

      • Mike M

        So, if people don’t agree with you, they must be stupid. Add much to the debate?

  • Wheatie

    Since the board is into transparency, I’d like to know how much this ridiculous report cost and who ordered it.

  • thebratwurstking

    https://pilotpen.us/images/custom/CodeofEthics.pdf There you you go. Took me 5 minutes to look up an adaptable one via Google.

    In turn, I kindly request $100,000.00 for my services. Cash or money orders only please. I’ll be happy to provide my services in the future.

  • Ming the Merciless

    “Not wasting money” should be part of their ethics code.

  • Guest

    Let’s make it an ethics violation to fail to tell the truth about acquisitions of property badly in need of repair and which have few useful purposes , or planning for bocce courts for that matter…

  • Rational Reston

    Yeah, it’s ridiculous that RA had to hire someone to determine that their ethics aren’t up to par. But then again, it’s painfully obvious by their actions over the past several years that ethics is not a core value of RA.

  • Guest

    First, they need to start with a COMPETENCE code.

    • Sally Forth

      Wow- nice way to talk about your neighbors. Why don’t you run and serve the community.

  • 30yearsinreston

    Another useless boondoggle
    Next up ,Free laughing yoga classes to relieve the stress on the poor overworked staff and board members
    Oh wait, they already laugh at the fools who pay their salaries

  • 30yearsinreston

    My guess is this report cost at least $100K

    • Overrunhell

      $100K…!!! my God, what world are you living in? Did you bother to research this, or, are you just throwing numbers out as truth? All of this with RA is very serious, but statements like that make it difficult for those who would like to seriously change things.


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