Reston Swim Team Association Results: Week 2

Swim team week 2/Credit: RSTA

Hunters Woods’ boys 13-14 200 medley relay set a new league records in the second week of Reston Swim Team Association 2016 action on Saturday. Philip Pan, Daniel Li, Roger Zeng, and Liam Tolbert swam in 2:10.20, besting the record they set in week 1.

Team records set on Saturday:

A new team record of 2:11.19 was set in the boys’ 13-14 age 200m Medley Relay by the Lake Audubon team of Spencer Harris, Ian Ha, Matthew Fritz, and Maxwell Wilson, beating a record from 2007.

With a time of 31.13 in the girls’ 11-12 age 50m Free, Hailey Wang of Ridge Heights beat the previous record set in 2002.

The Lake Newport boys 15-18 200m Medley Relay team of Michael George, Casey Storch, Jack Edgemond, and Grant Bommer set a new record with a time of 2:01.98, beating the record previously set in 2015.

In team action:

Glade Dolphins 537.5, Ridge Heights Sharks 513.5

For Glade, double event winners were Andy Carro, Keya Chava, Jacob Clarke, Ryan Erikson, Sam Joyner, Clara Landeryou, Eva Lossos, Patrick O’Malley, Taylor Panneck Andrew Sivak, Morgan Sivak, and Jack Thomas. The triple event winner was Karan Murari.

For Ridge Heights, double event winners were Hailey Brown, Adrienne Crowe, Taryn Dougherty, Max Fang-Weeden, Jean-Claude Guill, Kati Imel, Ethan McCrea, Mackenzie E Murray, Kathleen Russell, Marc Sipher, and Lachlan Wilson. Triple event winners were Kelsye Brown, Alex Russell, Paige Sogandares, and Hailey Wang.

Lake Newport Lightning 616, Lake Audubon Barracudas 567

For Lake Newport, double event winners were Tailor Bass, Cade Dowling, Catie George, Avery Johns, Emi Redican, Mara Redican, Cameron Romero, Deja Rothschild, Siena Shannon, Meghna Sharma, and Connor Witt. Triple event winner were Caroline Kohn, William Kohn, Anna Redican, Joseph Redican, Casey Storch, Vania B Zeledon, and Michael Zhou.

For Lake Audubon, double event winners were Jacob Cole, Matthew Fritz, Ian Ha, Joel Hahn, Riley Lender, Julia Sofhia Nassau, and Abigail Spigarelli.

Hunters Woods Marlins 542, North Hills Hurricanes 512

For Hunters Woods, double event winners were Matthew G Beach, Glenn Broderick, Mira Cuthill, Kathryn Evans, Audrey Fan, Jack P Flynn, Willa Foxen, Jack Henry Ham, Michael Lee, Seth Parcell, Logan Tolbert, Ryan Vintimilla, and Kevin Zhang. Triple event winners were Tiffany Ji, Andrew Li, and Brian Zhou.

For North Hills, double event winners were Ethan Barr, Mika Berdach, Allison Boone, Ada Langston, Ryan Luczak, Jack McFarlin, Daniella Ramsey, Tess Rubacky, Joseph Sciortino, Sarah Sciortino, Gavin Wang, and James Xu.

Autumnwood Piranhas 534, Lake Anne Stingrays 440

For Autumnwood, double event winners were Grace Bartlett, Curtis Bushee, Bailey Copeland, Olivia Heatherly, Cooper Hill, Hope Hill, Blake Jackson, Miles Jackson, James Lyon, Luke McDermott, Deep Murthy, Kathleen Willson, and Shea Willson. Triple event winners were Julia Cartwright, Logan P King, and Chloe Thompson.

For Lake Anne, double event winners were Luke Bowen, Laura Echeverri, Andrea Griffith, and Claire Munro. Triple event winners were Aaron Cramer, Francisco Espinoza, Hannah Lane, Aaron Letteri, and Hannah Ziaii.

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