Reston, VA

LAKE ANNE Coffee1Lake Anne Coffee House, which was purchased by new owners nearly a year ago, may finally be ready to open by the end of the summer, said co-owner Eve Thompson.

Thompson and her husband, Rick, are Lake Anne residents who envision new life in the space that has served as a gathering place for decades. The coffee house is in the midst of a total renovation, which has taken many months due to the Fairfax County permitting process and the extensive changes, said Thompson.

“This coffee house has never had a real kitchen,” says Thompson. “All of that has to go in.”

And when it does, there will be a variety of food cooked on site, including muffins, cookies and biscuits, says Thompson. There will be gluten-free offerings, she added.

In addition to the renovations, here are some of the plans for the coffee house:

Locally sourced ingredients, including the coffee house’s dairy products and sandwich bread. “Nothing will come off a [national food service] truck,” said Thompson.

Lunch service to include soups, sandwiches and tartines.

Michael Amouri, owner of Cafe Amouri, a locally owned coffee house in Vienna, has been working with Thompson as a consultant. Coffee will come from Cafe Amouri and from Manassas’ Monument Roasters, said Thompson.

Evening “small plates” and a wine bar will eventually be added to the offerings.

“This will be another awesome place to hang out at Lake Anne,” said Thompson.

Editor’s note: Eve Thompson’s real estate business, Reston Real Estate, is a Reston Now advertiser.


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