Reston Soccer Envisions Lighted Fields and Clubhouse on RA Land

by Karen Goff July 26, 2016 at 4:30 pm 16 Comments

Lake Newport SoccerReston Soccer is hoping to organize dozens of young soccer players in uniform to attend Thursday’s Reston Association Board of Directors meeting to lobby for “a new home for Reston Soccer.”

Reston Soccer President Robert Anguizola told Reston Now last month that the organization, which serves more than 1,500 youth soccer players, wants to turn two fields, preferably at RA”s Lake Newport Soccer, into artificial turf fields.

“We are doing a lot of things to improve player development,” Anguizola said . “One thing that is a big part of that is field and facility quality.”

Anguilzola will present a plan to the RA Board Thursday that takes Reston Soccer’s plans way beyond field conversion.

Said Reston Soccer in an email to members:

Reston Soccer will present its proposal for building a new home for Reston Soccer at Lake Newport Soccer fields which would include: 2 full size synthetic turf fields with plant derived infill (not tire crumb!); low glare LED lights; bathrooms; and a clubhouse!”

[We are] looking to partner with Reston Association and raise the funds via grassroots fundraising by Reston Soccer, proffers, corporate sponsorships, phased building over number of years if necessary. Eager to work with the community in a collaborative manner to minimize the impact and support the needs of the surrounding community.

While supplies last, we will give anyone that comes to the meeting to support Reston Soccer a Reston Strong jersey! Need to fill the room to the gills. We need to show that people love soccer in Reston and care about better fields!

The RA Board will not vote on this proposal Thursday; the presentation is for discussion only.

In 2013, RA gave South Lakes High School $50,000 for a $2 million project to convert two grass fields to turf. In turn, RA got places on the turf usage schedule. RA originally had committed $100,000 to the project.

Reston Soccer donated $150,000 to the SLHS project.

Anguizola said in June Reston Soccer has benefitted from additional playing time on the SLHS fields, Reston still needs additional turf fields.

  • RA Critic

    The concept of turf at Lake Newport is a good a idea in the long run and may save maintenance fees. Talk about being naive and bad timing. With the ongoing Tetra fiasco the last thing RA can do is spend more money. There is lots on competition for proffer $ so RSA get in line. But who knows? After all RA spent over $250k on Brown’s Chapel!

  • Soccer is for girls

    I think word got around that rather than hard work and solid fund raising one can just go to the RA and expect full funding and streamlined access to community resources. Well guess what, unless it’s polo derbies and or formula 1 let’s not even bring it up as a news item.

    • Ming the Merciless

      Worked for Ken Connivin’ and his buddies at Lake Newport.

    • UStifosi .

      I’m all for an F1 race in Reston.

      • Julia Kolb


  • Robert Anguizola

    Reston Soccer is not asking Reston Association to fund the park improvements. We are hoping to engage in an extended multi-year fundraising campaign to build the proposed facility. If proffers are available for the project then that would be wonderful. If the community decides to use the proffers elsewhere that is fine too. Before we can move forward, we need to ask whether Reston Association is interested. We hope that they will be and we hope to work collaboratively with the surrounding community to design a park we can all enjoy. We come to this endeavor with an open mind and look forward to working with everyone.

    • Nextgen

      I would like to see lawn tennis. Covered if possible, rain sleet and snow.

      • Mike M

        And bocci ball? And dogparks? And Tetra buildings? And Brutalist “landmarks?”

    • Chuck Morningwood

      Offer to take over the old API site. That would do Reston the most good. Tear down a Brutalist eyesore and put in a soccer field.

  • Nyla J.

    I wish I could elect where to allocate my Reston dues because I’d much rather support something like this than waste money on “public art” or a useless lake house or pony barn. Reston Soccer was here before all of you.

    • Greg

      You are so right.

      That’s a nice little park/field that sits fallow most of the time. Adding the amenities will boost its usefulness, but I can hear the NIMBYs already: lights, bathrooms will be used by the homeless, and, of course, the noise and as always “gridlock.”

  • Reston Realist

    The manufactures / installers of turf fields should allow for a payment program to the atheltic groups. For example: RSA could get commitments and pledges from those willing to fund the turf fields (including RA) and allow the field to be paid for over a period of ten years, The amortized cost can then become part of a budget. There are many financial and legal issues which would have to be addressed… however a financing program of this nature is very feasible

  • Guest

    I think RSA should be talking to the FCPA, not RA, about improved fields. FCPA has done a damn thing for Reston in years.

    • Greg

      I think you are missing a “not” in there.

      • Guest

        Yep, but couldn’t edit after posting.

    • Constance (Connie) Hartke

      Here’s what I learned about this when I attended RSA’s town hall meeting last month — they did pay for improvements at a FCPA field … and got VERY LITTLE return on what was a rather large contribution. Great Falls soccer gets FCPA fields around here – others too I suppose.

      RSA cannot improve an RA field without RA’s permission. This is starting point #1. They are not asking RA for money. I hope those who comment on these articles will give the courtesy of showing up tonight to HEAR the proposal. RA meetings are also available to view online. Something positive is being proposed here for our community – let’s hear them out.


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