Back to School: Meet Aldrin ES’ Shane Wolfe

by RestonNow.com August 30, 2016 at 4:30 pm 6 Comments

Aldrin Principal Shane Wolfe/FCPSReston Now sent questionnaires to area elementary school principals so readers could get to know them and hear what is in store for the 2016-17 school year. We will be running them occasionally as they are sent back over the next weeks.

Reston Now: Tell us about yourself and how you came to be at your school?

Shane Wolfe: I’m embarking on my eleventh year as an administrator in Fairfax County Public Schools; I am very excited to begin this school year as the Aldrin Elementary School Principal. I LOVE working with the parents, teachers and especially the students in the Reston and Herndon neighborhoods.

Having previously been the principal at Armstrong Elementary School, I am keenly aware of the enormous focus our teachers, parents and school administrators place on student academic and emotional wellness.It was my honor to return to the Herndon High School Pyramid five years ago, and I look forward to many more years to come.

RN: What’s in store for your school this year? Any big changes? If you are a school under renovation, give us an update.

SW: Expansion of BOB (Band of Brothers), is a mentoring program for fifth-grade boys, will be expanded and include a group for fifth-grade girls.

Focus on Project Based Learning (PBL) — Aldrin, along with many schools, will begin to focus on PBL, an approach to teaching where students explore real-world problems and challenges. PBL’s active and engaged learning encourages students to reach a deeper knowledge of the subjects they’re studying.

“Aldrin READS” — A program where teachers and volunteers deliver many books to the neighborhoods to give students a chance to have a library at home — will continue.

Student-run Middleburg Bank — The Aldrin branch re-opens in September.

Outdoor Learning Environment – -We’re looking at options for an outdoor learning environment. A committee will be formed to help us create an outdoor learning space to go along with our garden.

Cafeteria Salad Bar — We will also open one of the first salad bars in FCPS in early November for students and adults.

RN: What are you most proud of at your school?

SW: Partnership with students, families, and staff as Family.

Reaching every child to ensure they thrive and succeed.

Focusing on a holistic education which models the FCPS “Portrait of a Graduate.”

Business Partnerships and Foundation support–Middleburg Bank, Worldgate, Reston Rotary, Reston Community Orchestra, Honey-Baked Ham

RN: What do you want newcomers to your school to know?

SW: Everyone who walks through the door is treated with respect and a true feeling of being welcome.

Every student is treated as an individual kiddo deserving of the very best we can provide.

Our teachers are incredible professionals who seek out new resources in order to provide instruction to match every student’s need.

RN: Are there any particular challenges your school is facing? How will your tackle them?

SW: Our changing demographics provide us with an opportunity to learn about diverse cultures and broaden our own understanding of our responsibility as global citizens.  The Aldrin staff, in partnership with our PTA, established a Diversity and Inclusion Committee to support a growing understanding of the diversity among us.

  • Ming the Merciless


    By my count, Aldrin has 12 male employees out of 111 staff; thus the staff is 90% female. The 12 men include yourself, a janitor, a “building supervisor”, two PE teachers, and two “SACC” employees (glorified babysitters for after school). There are only three men who actually teach anything that is not PE. What is the impact on growing boys of this lack of male role models? Would you regard it is appropriate, and in no way problematic, if there were only three female teachers and all the rest of the instructional staff were men?

    • Guest

      Emperor Ming rules with an iron fist, judging individual gender and ability by name alone!

      What can this mean for the Lion Men of Mongo, who seek only to learn good housekeeping with a possible minor in women’s studies, but live bereft of the fairer sex?

      Swoon in terror as “Dale” Arden teeters on the precipice of joining the Imperial harem …or death!


    • compactdisqus

      How many men actually applied to teach there? And how many were turned down because they were men? I agree no one should be turned down because of race/gender/age/etc at any job, but no reason to turn away competent people to force hire just for balance.

      • Ming the Merciless

        Irrelevant. One can cite a myriad of sources over many decades in which statistical disparity in outcome was used to demonstrate unfairness in hiring practices and de facto inequality of opportunity.

        Back in 1977 the Supreme Court ruled that gross statistical disparities could be used to demonstrate employment discrimination because “In many cases, the only available avenue of proof is the use of racial statistics to uncover clandestine and covert discrimination by the employer or union involved.”

        The ratio of 10 female teachers per male teacher sounds like a pretty gross disparity to me. Certainly that is not the ratio of females to males in the Fairfax County population.

        • compactdisqus

          I don’t care about the female/male ratio in FC, that’s irrelevant. I would be interested however in female/male ratio of elementary teachers in FC (or anywhere else for that matter) and how many males were discriminated against when it comes to teaching elementary.

          That ruling is for general workplace discrimination, which is a terrible thing. But you can’t complain if men see elementary teaching as a traditional female job and don’t apply (same goes for women not applying to be auto mechanics, for example).

          Anyone should be able to do anything and get paid equally.

          However, I don’t want 50% incompetent male teachers or 50% incompetent female mechanics if they are being hired just to even out the ratios.

          • Ming the Merciless

            The male:female ratio is FC is totally relevant. It shows that the male:female ratio in FCPS is grossly distorted.

            The FACT that FCPS employs 90% females clearly demonstrates that males were discriminated against when it comes to elementary teacher hiring.

            you can’t complain if men see elementary teaching as a traditional female job and don’t apply

            Yes, you can complain. One of the effects of systematic discrimination is it discourages people from applying in the first place. This has been shown time and time again.

            I don’t want 50% incompetent male teachers or 50% incompetent female mechanics if they are being hired just to even out the ratios.

            LMAO, it is not that hard to teach elementary school. FCPS could easily hire competent male schoolteachers. But first they’d have to want to, which they obviously don’t.


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