On the Docket: Plans for 44 Homes on Michael Faraday Drive

by Karen Goff September 27, 2016 at 2:00 pm 16 Comments

Lofts at Reston Station/Credit: Fairfax County

After six postponements since December, Pulte Home’s Lofts at Reston Station will finally go before the Fairfax County Planning Commission this week.

It might not move quickly though. A Fairfax County Planning staff report recommends denial of the application to rezone an industrial area, currently a one-story office building, on Michael Faraday Drive and built 44 residences. The plan calls for 12 2-over-2 townhouses and 32 multifamily units on a 1 1/2-acre plot of land.

The parcel is about one-third of a mile from the Wiehle-Reston East Metro station, and will eventually be connected by interior streets, including an extension of Reston Station Blvd, plans show.

The planning staff report basically says that is too much housing attempting to be crammed into a small space.

The staff report takes issues with the configuration of open space; the amount of surface parking (27 spaces, which they say should be in structured parking); a poorly designed pocket park; and lack of landscaping in connecting to public space.

The report also mentions concerns about how trash and recycling trucks will function in the crowded layout.

The staff report suggest an alternative layout or removing two townhouse units in order to open up space in the development.

The public hearing is Thursday at 8:15 p.m. at the Fairfax County Government Center.

Rendering of multifamily building along future Reston Station Blvd at Michael Faraday Drive/Credit: Fairfax County

  • Mike M

    “The plan calls for 12 2-over-2 townhouses and 32 multifamily units on a 1 1/2-acre plot of land.”

    That’s dense in more ways than one.

    • One really

      Agreed, but the rubber stamp was my catch phrase 🙂
      Goodbye orginial Reston. Hello, Tysons part two.

  • Hillary Yellen

    What this tells me:

    . interest rates are staying low
    . the housing bubble expands
    . banks are willing to lend

    question where are the buyers and why Reston?

    these are not coincidences and basically good news for democrats but not their children.

    • Edward Calvert

      As far as interest rates go, everything the fed has put out indicates that their target benchmark rate is 2 %. They published a time line with the rate reaching 2 by Dec 2018. Given the standard bank lenders spread of 2.5 or 3, that would make a 30 year mortgage somewhere around 5 %.

      Of course they’ve only raised rates once in the last 8 or 9 years, the .25 bump last year in dec

      They’re still pretty antsy apparently given the economy

  • Sally Forth

    2 over 2 TH’s are the pits! Terrible design that provides nothing of value for either the top or bottom residents! Glad this development was turned down by staff – a rare move. Is there hope for some sanity in Reston?

    • cRAzy

      Concur wholeheartedly! There is no redeeming feature of 2 over 2 townhome design other than that they are very cheap to build and very profitable. It does absolutely nothing for the community, neighborhood, or homeowner.

    • Mike M

      Sally, don’t fall for it. See my post above. The rejection is but a temporary ploy. As evidence I point to their suggested fix, as reported, “removing two townhouse units.” The planners are not planning anything in the interest of the community. They should be called connivers. They are shills.

  • Greg

    From Brutalism to blocism.

    Why is every new residential development so ugly and boxy and with flat roods?

  • RestonGrandma

    It isnt dead. The planning commission just said that they needed to get rid of 2 townhouses. The planning commission never turns down any development. They are quickly ruining Reston.

  • RoadApples

    I staunchly defend 2 over 2 Townhouses as an excellent living arrangement.
    We had the opportunity to purchase a 2 level over 2 level townhouse in the early 80’s at Boathouse Court on Audubon: as these units were built with masonry party walls and concrete deck between upper/lower units.

    • Sally Forth

      Were you on the bottom or the top? Concrete decking helps with noise but not many of these typically cheap units have that.

      My friend got suckered into buying one. What a disaster! And his was an elevator building so at least you got up to your main floor without a hike. Not so with these units… You climb and climb and then climb some more. Small spaces with unending stairs. Terrible. And noisy. And in DTR area: lousy air quality and constant noise from 1,000’s of cars rushing by. At least at the lake, you had water to enjoy.

  • Hank from Reston

    The intensity and rapidity of the development does not bode well for Reston. Without a traffic plan that addresses and funds (with developer proffers) the unusually rapid development, there should be no new development approvals.

    • Edward Calvert

      Please, somehow someone smart fix this . For all of us

      • Scott H

        Big Govt leftists will never turn down new Tax revenue and a chance to “plan” everyone’s life.

  • reston is changing

    This is great! Can’t wait to see this project get started!

  • Nyla J.

    Another housing bubble is about to BURST. Reston is going down.


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