SafeTrack Coming Back Monday — Metro’s 11th SafeTrack repair surge will bring delays to the Orange and Silver lines. Starting Monday, riders should expect 20-minute delays and “extremely crowded” train cars. [Fairfax County]

A Look at South Lakes’ Winning Football Season – The Seahawks are currently experiencing a “renaissance,” and the team will be practicing Thanksgiving morning as they prepare to face Lake Braddock in the Region 6A semi-finals on Saturday. [Washington Post]

Paid Parks & Recreation Internship Open for Spring – An internship for a graduate or undergraduate student working toward a degree in parks and recreation services is open for the spring season, from approximately Jan. 23 to May 5, 2017. The intern will offer administrative and customer service assistance to parks and recreation staff relating to a number of all-ages events to be held in the spring. A stipend is paid at the end of the season. Applications are available online. [Reston Association]



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