Sen. Howell Bill Asks for Child Warning Label on Handguns

by Jennifer van der Kleut January 4, 2017 at 1:45 pm 6 Comments

Janet Howell/Courtesy office of Janet HowellAs lawmakers across Virginia head to Richmond for next week’s start of the 2017 General Assembly session, one local representative is looking for a warning on handguns.

SB 893, being proposed by Sen. Janet Howell (D-Fairfax), was officially filed for consideration Dec. 20. It would make it “unlawful for any licensed manufacturer, licensed importer or licensed dealer to sell, deliver or transfer any handgun to any person… unless the handgun is accompanied by a warning, in conspicuous and legible type in capital letters printed on a label affixed to the gun and on a separate sheet of paper included within the packaging enclosing the handgun, that handguns should be locked and kept away from children…”

The only exception in the bill is for firearms that are “accompanied by a locking mechanism,” though it also allows leeway for law enforcement and governmental agencies.

Howell and Del. Ken Plum (D-Reston) co-hosted their annual Town Hall with locals Dec. 19, in an effort to hear citizens’ thoughts on issues they and other Virginia lawmakers are proposing. Among the issues discussed at the forum were rights for same-sex couples and former felons, and punishment for marijuana offenses.

This year’s 30-day session is scheduled to begin Wednesday, Jan. 11.


  • Mike M

    Thanks Ms. [email protected] for another expensive, feel-good, non-solution. All the saps will love this.

    Can we grow up now? (I keep saying “get real.” Why can’t they get real?)

    • Scott H-Man

      Add this to the list of other feel-good hits such as:

      “This bag is not a toy”
      “Do not hold the wrong end of a chainsaw”
      “Do not use this product if allergic to any of its ingredients”

  • Meggers

    I have no problem with gun safety but this legislation seems to me to be expensive, useless red tape from Senator Howell.

    • Richard

      I love Sen. Howell, but I have to agree. Let’s focus on legislation that will have an actual impact.

  • cRAzy

    But wait, everyone, she got her name on a bill! A stupid, meaningless bill, but a bill nonetheless.

    …and the GA probably won’t even pass it.

  • Greg

    Dumbest idea ever from a way-past-use date do-nothing senator.

    This is DOA.


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