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Police: Reston Man Attacked Woman While She Was Pumping Gas

by Dave Emke January 9, 2017 at 10:15 am 16 Comments

Akeem GalePolice say a Reston man assaulted a woman after demanding money from her last week at a Herndon gas station.

According to a Fairfax County Police report, the incident took place Thursday afternoon at Sunoco (2100 Centreville Road). A 44-year-old woman was pumping gas when she was approached by the man, to whom she refused to give money. According to the police report:

“When she declined, he grabbed her in a bear hug. She continued to decline his demands and she was able to break free and run to a local store where she summoned police.”

Police arrested 39-year-old Akeem Gale in connection with the incident. Gale was charged with assault and taken to the Adult Detention Center.

  • johnQPublic

    Kudos to FCPD for arresting this piece of garbage…what low level piece of scum to attack a woman while getting gas…

  • Mike M

    I guess she didn’t get the memo. Everyone who voted for Trump, or “looks” like they did, needs to pay their wh1te privilege tax.

    • My Name Does Not Matter

      It’s long past due for the editors to ban Mike who insists on trolling with rayshully motivated comments. It sickens me every time I see it and whether he is simply trolling or is just a bad person, it needs to be called out.

      • bob

        i agree with you, he is a horrible person.

        • Mike M

          I agree with you. People who speak truth that is supposed to be suppressed need to be banned. I only wanna hear people who think what I prefer to think. You should contact the Commissariat. Perhaps they can declare him mentally ill, take his guns, and re-educate.

          Question: Is the concept of “wh1te privilege” [email protected]? You know it is by it’s very definition. Do you think that concept, so often repeated by certain interests, has ever motivated crime? I surely do. I think it does every single day. Sorry about that, but I think you know I’m right. You just don’t like certain facts.

          • Fred Norris

            It must suck to live such a miserable, hateful paranoid life, I’m sorry for you man. Maybe try to relax a little bit and your be much happier in life.

          • Mike M

            Dear Fred. Thank you for your concern. While I am sometimes a little hateful, I am not miserable, nor am I paranoid. Not sure where you got that. And might I suggest you take a closer look at the world in which we actually live, and not at the world as you pretend it to be.

          • Fred Norris

            Not pretending to live in a different world, I just don’t live in a world thats surrounded by grumpy old men such as yourself.

          • Mike M

            Oh, but I am young!

          • Fred Norris

            Eh your already bitter, I’m sorry old chum, it’s gonna be a lonely life for you

      • Zeke

        I agree – this guy is a right wing troll and constantly goes into his political bashing at every opportunity. Mike M, we get it – you are a brilliant clear-eyed conservative living in the land of misguided liberals. You should be among your like-minded brethren: how about going where your viewpoint can be appreciated. Breitbart.com, Inforwars.com, Fox.com, fakenews.com, twitter trolling president-elect, etc.

      • Patrick Ohara

        First you need to learn how to spell it,s “Racially Motivated”,and not everyone who voted for Trump is racist,or bigoted.While i dont like Mikes comment either,He still has the right to express his views.This is why we have those freedoms,and must fight to protect our freedoms and protect others.thank you

        • MNDNM

          First you need to learn to read, MNDNM never said anything about who Mike may have voted for. The editor was asked to ban him. That is the right of the editor, MIke’s unabashed freedom to express views does not apply here, the editor’s right to ban is.
          Second, you might want to learn how to use punctuation; it’s it’s not it,s; commas are used for separating thoughts, apostrophes are used for creating contractions. Deflection is used when you don’t otherwise have a valid point.

          • Patrick Ohara

            Does it make you a big man to correct people.I did read the article,and i disagree with you about mike .There is a right to give your opinion on matters concerning the article(which Mike did)I understand that the editor was in his rights to ban mike. Thats why i defended mike.As for my punctuation i,m sorry it does,nt adhere to your standards.But honestly i dont care what you think you smarmy #@*%…thank you and have a nice day!


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