Howell Says She’ll Be Fighting for Area Funding as Assembly Begins Today

by Dave Emke January 11, 2017 at 11:30 am 8 Comments

Janet Howell/Courtesy office of Janet HowellThe 2017 Virginia General Assembly convenes today at noon in Richmond, but 11th-hour elections had some legislators up late last night.

Two Virginia Senate seats were up for vote in a special election Tuesday, along with one House seat. Sen. Janet Howell (D-Fairfax) of Reston had a close eye on the races in her chamber, as a Democratic sweep would have put her in position to take the reins of the Finance Committee.

In the 9th District, representing the Richmond area, Democratic candidate Jennifer McClellan took an easy victory over a third-party opponent. But in the 22nd District, representing the Lynchburg area, Republican Mark Peake won by a large margin over Democratic candidate Ryant Washington. Both seats had been vacated by former state senators who were elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.

The results keep the Republicans in a 21-19 advantage in the Senate. A 20-20 split would have effectively given control to the Democratic Party, as the lieutenant governor, Democrat Ralph Northam, has tiebreaker control.

“It is disappointing but not at all surprising that the Republican won in an overwhelmingly Republican district,” Howell told Reston Now when asked for comment on the 22nd District result. “Sadly, we lost an opportunity to bring our Democratic values to the state Senate.”

Howell says she is concerned about cuts to education, services for the disabled, drug treatment programs and more that may come as the state faces a $1.5 billion budget shortfall that must be made up during the 46-day session.

“I will continue to fight for funding our Northern Virginia priorities in the Finance Committee,” she said.

  • TheRealODB

    “Democratic Values” = Tax more, spend even more than that, and then tax more again

  • Mike M

    She’ll be fighting, and losing as always. Hey Dems, keep voting Dem and we’ll keep paying the rest of the state’s way. Sending Howell and Plum to Richmond is like sending a poodle to a pit bull party. The good ole boys eat their (our) lunch!

  • Greg

    Too bad she’s not concerned with those of us who have to pay these costs and the huge $1.5 billion shortfall that she and hilde’s lap dog Mcauliffe own.

    How about cutting spending, Howell? Spending (read: taxing) more is not the answer as we’ve learned with obamacare.

    “Howell says she is concerned about cuts to education, services for the disabled, drug treatment programs and more that may come as the state faces…:

    She may try to fight, but we know the odds are on her losing as she always does.

    • Chuck Morningwood

      Because, as we all know, “…education, services for the disabled, drug treatment programs and more…” are not Republican values.

      • Mike M

        OK, so more education spending = more education? We all know that myth is busted.

        Define disabled. Obesity dues to a sedentary job? Is that worth a monthly check from me? Where do we draw the line on disabled. For that matter where do we draw the line on “services?”

        Where do we draw the line on taxation? Most of us know that limits on taxation, “services,” and “disabled” are not Democratic values. We all know that prioritizing and living within our means are not Democratic values.

      • Greg

        RIght or left it’s results that matter — and we are spending ourselves into ever more poverty, students who can’t sign their own names, crumbling infrastructure, but six-figure + salaries for teachers! Great values there, Chuckie!

        Nonetheless, the tax and spend democrats are killing the golden goose — some of us who pay are leaving and the jobs are too — your gal Howell’s record is deplorable.

        • Chuck Morningwood

          I defy you to show me a public school teacher with a six figure salary who doesn’t have a Masters or a Ph.D. and a bunch of years of service.

          • Greg

            Again, it’s results that matter. Clearly paying teachers more, regardless of their educational credentials or, worse yet, time on the job, is not working here in Fairfax County.


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