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Rep. Connolly Won’t Attend Trump’s Inauguration on Friday

by Dave Emke January 18, 2017 at 9:45 am 32 Comments

Rep. Gerry Connolly/Credit: U.S. CongressReston’s voice in the House of Representatives, U.S. Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.), has announced that he has joined the growing list of Democratic members of Congress who will not be attending the Inauguration of President Donald Trump on Friday.

In a statement released Wednesday morning, Connolly said Trump has left the country with “open, bleeding wounds.”

“After long reflection I have decided that I cannot attend the inauguration of Donald J Trump on Friday. His behavior and harmful words during and after the campaign have left the country I love with open, bleeding wounds. Instead of binding those wounds, he has poured salt on them. Instead of unifying us, he has reveled in driving wedges between us. His disparagement of an entire religion; his racist rants about minorities; his resurrection of white supremacy; his ridicule of the disabled; his blatant misogyny and boasting of unwanted sexual advances; his intimidation of the press; his repugnant attack on civil rights hero John Lewis; and his disturbing defense of and advocacy for Vladimir Putin — a KGB thug — threaten our democratic institutions. How can I celebrate that? The sordid aspects of his behavior must not become the new normal for America or her presidents.”

Connolly joins more than 50 of his peers who have publicly announced they will not attend the ceremony.

  • The Constitutionalist

    Big Surprise. Running away from his problems instead of creating them for once.

  • TheRealODB

    A Democrat taking a day off work… who would thought?

  • Meggers

    #GerryConnolly has never represented or lIstened to his entire constituency, why would he start now? What an embarrasment to have a representative who does not respect the American Election process and chooses to behave like a tantrum throwing toddler. This behavior is exactly why #Trump won the election and why so many Republicans and Dems crossed party lines to vote for him. I was not even a Trump supporter but ‘ We The People’ are sick and tired of these poster children for term limits putting their special interests, partisianship, and cronyism, ahead of the well being, and the will of the American people. The #11thDistrict needs some fresh blood ASAP! This is why I wrote in #TedCruz under Connolly’s name since there was no decent choice for Reston Representatives. #Connolly, you will not be missed on #InaugurationDay! Just keep building that road to nowhere as we drain the swamp!

    • Helen Hartmeyer DunnDisqus

      Only Shrodinger’s cat could possibly represent this entire constituency as you seem to want it to be done when it is so divided. There are obviously a majority of his constituents who support his actions or he would not have the job. From my point of view, complacently attending the ceremony celebrating this dangerous demagogue is not part of the job description and I applaud it.

      • Greg

        It’s the peaceful transfer of power we are celebrating, and Gerry Connolly is elected, and paid, to attend. Shame on him for not doing so.

        • Helen Hartmeyer DunnDisqus

          Trump himself has equated the number of people attending as evidence of support for him and his daily changing policies and pronouncements. Perhaps you can clue him in to what is being celebrated.

          • Greg

            Again, it’s about the peaceful transfer of power. Apparently that’s a difficult concept for you to comprehend.

            You have our pity.

          • Helen Hartmeyer DunnDisqus

            Again, the president elect doesn’t see it that way. While I doubt that the historically low projected attendance rates will make a dent in his perceived high opinion of himself I do not feel compelled to pretend that this is just feel good celebration of our system. Insisting that it is reminds me of all those folks who insist that the Civil. War was not about slavery but states’ rights.

            Save your pity for the country as a whole.

          • Greg

            Your opinion of the POTUS-elect is irrelevant as we are, once again, especially for the dense, celebrating the peaceful transfer of power.

            We truly do pity you.

            Mr. Trump will be your president by this time tomorrow. Enjoy your misery and suffering and petulence.

          • Helen Hartmeyer DunnDisqus

            I think it is obvious we have a difference of opinion on this and I would love to have the time to trade ripostes with you. I am not miserable and am actually quite energized. I am going to have to sign off because No. 1 on my todo list this week is to figure out whether my intellectually challenged adult daughter with a heart condition still has health coverage and if she doesn’t where it will come from and if I can find it, whether it will cost more or less than 87 per cent of my social security check as it did before the ACA.

            Enjoy your party.

      • Meggers

        Connolly’s behavior on this issue, is one of the reasons the division continues. The Country voted for the “dangerous demagogue” because they were tired of representatives that ignore their constituents and embrace cronyism. You, who support this nonsense, have no one but yourself and your feckless leaders to blame. Yes, it is Connolly’s job to represent ALL of the people in his district, not just the ones that support his special interest projects. Clearly, from all the backlash on this post here and on the Facebook page, Connolly has a great many unhappy constituents. He will face opposition this next go round. It is time for his like (Ken Plum to be included) to step down a let real men/women of the people represent all of the 11th District!

        • Helen Hartmeyer DunnDisqus

          I guess only time will tell but my suspicion is that you are on the wrong side of history and the “country” did not choose him, the electoral college did. He lost by almost 3,000,000 votes in the popular vote.

          • Meggers

            Get a grip lady…he is your President whether you can accept it or not.

          • Helen Hartmeyer DunnDisqus

            My grip is firmly attached, I fully accept that he is my President just a really icky, nasty one and referring to a grip reminds me that I need to finish that Pussy Hat since my President needs to be reminded that women don’t like having their genitals grabbed and that we think men who do that are really creepy

          • Meggers
          • Greg

            The woman in that image is one nasty woman indeed.

          • Helen Hartmeyer DunnDisqus

            (CNN)The Women’s March extended beyond the United States, as similar protests cropped up around the world over women’s rights and other issues the marchers fear could be under threat from Donald Trump’s presidency.

            Although the focus of the day was the Women’s March on Washington, many people attended the hundreds of “sister marches” that occurred around the US and the globe.

            Women and men in cities including Sydney, Berlin, London, Paris, Nairobi and Cape Town, marched in solidarity with the marchers in Washington and in opposition to the values they think Trump represents.

            Yes, what an embarrassment we have become and its name is President Trump

  • Guest

    Sadly, this is the most energetic demonstration from a lawmaker who has plenty (and good!) to say but cannot seem to join in a coordinated defense against the person who is about to become President. Luckily, there is plenty of video available of better suited representatives revealing the ignorance and dysfunction of current cabinet nominees.

  • Jessica Washburn

    Ugh. What are you teaching the kids? You didn’t win, so you are going to throw a pity party. These people really need to grow up and show maturity for our youth. If I acted like this at my job I would be fired.

    It is what it is and you proceed accordingly with the things in your life you control. We need unity. This is what happens when you don’t have competition and an “everyone’s a winner” mentality.

    Everyone is not a winner, competition drives innovation, be accepting and move forward.

  • Reston Realist

    No surprise there….. A feckless act from a cowardly dope.

  • … America … great again

    All Hillary had to do was to put Sanders down as her vice. Done! Question also how H ever became the top candidate, that in itself was a clear case of disenfranchising the Democratic base.

    With respect to democrats not going to the presidents party, i understand! However they were elected to represent and to work together with the prez to fight the many evils that exist outside of our own borders. So why would they refuse to not only do their jobs but also, refuse to serve their country?

    From what i recall Connoley was very much in favor of supporting boots on the ground in syria, lobbying defense spending although both russia and china warned not to interfere!!! Connely was key to this proxy war, tax payers still in the hook for all this nonsense “arming the rebels”.

    I think its most important for connely and others to join the presidents party so they all in lock step with the new government and how it will respond to a world in crisis.

    We depend on all of our elected leaders to make this world a better place!

  • Greg

    Such a hypocrite, Gerry Connolly. But, that means more great seats for those of us who pay taxes and live in the real world and, of course have accepted the election outcome.

    Heck, I might even get a seat next to hilde and bubba — if they are not too busy shutting down their now-irrelevant “foundation.”

    Get ready, Gerry Connolly, for eight years of President Trump, eight more years of President Pence and, best of all, at least 50 more years of a very conservative SCOTUS.

    • Mike M

      Ahem, . . . Pence may close out for the Donald. Just sayin’.

  • John Farrell

    Standing with John Lewis and not the admitted sexual assaulter. Bravo! What took so long?

  • Helen Hartmeyer DunnDisqus

    Perhaps he can regain your support when he attends the impeachment proceedings

    • The Constitutionalist

      Still hanging on to the only thing you have left, I see. Admirable I suppose.

    • Mike M

      Helen, you sound like the Republicans going after Clinton. He may well be impeached. But how about we give the new President a chance to lead? Or are you really just like those Republicans who were so bent on impeaching Clinton that they set back our anti-terror efforts before 9-11? They DID impeach over some pretty whacky circumstances. Clinton did not resign. Could be the same for Trump. He may revel wax Teflon over it as did Clinton. They share some attributes.

      As for you, it never ceases to amaze me how zealous people can be about either party. Again, dealing in fact. There WILL be an inauguration of a duly elected President. Impeachment? That’s imaginary at this point. Connolly’s job is to be at both, not just the one he likes. A majority of people in a majority of states preferred the D to the also flawed opponent. Keep pretending they don’t matter and this guy could get eight years , . . . or 12!

      • Helen Hartmeyer DunnDisqus

        Thanks for your thoughtful response to what I thought was obviously just an attempt to be a smart ass. But really, do you think it is reasonable to expect that a 70 year old man who has demonstrated over and over again that he is both unstable and experientially( if that really is a word) unqualified for this job is going to be a great leader. That seems to me to be a great example of the quip referring to second marriages “the triumph of hope over experience”

        • Mike M

          There are many problems with Trump. But I saw Hilary as equally flawed. I think you underestimate Trump. Running his businesses is not an easy thing. He remains in business. There HAS to be experience there that matters. There has to be a side of him that is highly functional. It has been said that many took him not literally. He is a master at getting attention. But if he were as whacky as his comments, he would be out of business. I question Hilary’s experience. It was “Kingmaker experience.” It was bestowed upon her. I don’t think she was effective in any of her roles. I call her shoo-in position as Senator of New York dubious. The DNC can pretty much name their candidate and register them in states like New York or Illinois and boom! They did the same with the primary. Ironically the GOP tried to foist another Bush. But they are ineffective and the right said “no way.” I do appreciate that Trump is addressing long denied issues: immigration policy, tax reform, infrastructure, unbalanced trade agreements, etc. I am hopeful. We ought to have expectations and get over the denial of the results of our processes.

          • Helen Hartmeyer DunnDisqus

            Well as the kids say, “whatever” Dunn out…

  • Meggers

    “Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.” – Martin Luther King Jr

    “Patriotism means to stand by the Country. It does not mean to stand by the President.” – Theodore Roosevelt.

    “All Americans on both sides would do well to remember these statements. And to remember, there is no right way to do the wrong thing.”

    Keep up the division and partisan politics, Gerry Connolly and watch your party self destruct.

  • Meggers

    “Describing himself as a conservative, Dove says that he is most concerned with helping create a balanced budget, funding the military, and securing the nation’s borders, both in terms of people and the drug trade.”

    “He also wants to differentiate himself from Connolly by focusing on local and regional issues. Connolly, who has served in the House of Representatives since 2009, currently sits on the House’s committee on foreign affairs and is Vice-Ranking Member on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee.”

    “I’ve heard just going around the district so far that [Connolly is] not necessarily accessible,” Dove said. “Our first job as an elected official for a district is to be listening to the people and helping people.”

    “Gerry Connolly is very, very accessible,” countered Connolly’s Communications Director Jamie Smith, following a Connolly town hall conference call Feb. 13 in which 10,000 constituents participated.”

    “Dove says that, if elected, he would help businesses find ways to promote teleworking for employees as a way of cutting down on the traffic congestion that plagues Fairfax County and the entire Northern Virginia region.”

    “He also wants to lessen the burden of property taxes on small businesses, though he says that he has not yet developed a plan for how he would address that issue.”

    “Ultimately, Dove hopes to provide an alternative to voters in the 11th District, which encompasses the majority of Fairfax County including Herndon and the City of Fairfax, that has not always been available.”

    “When the 11th District seat was up in the 2016 general election, Connolly ran unopposed and won reelection with nearly 88 percent of the vote.”

    “The best way to sum it up would be that I am trying to be the voice of conservative beliefs and that I will fight for [voters] the same way I fought for this country while I was in the military,” Dove said.”

    #JeffDove #11thDistrict #GeraldConnollyneedstoretire



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