Thousands of Pink ‘Pussyhats’ Filtering Through Reston Ahead of Women’s March

by Dave Emke January 19, 2017 at 11:30 am 55 Comments

When tens of thousands descend upon the National Mall on Saturday for the Women’s March on Washington, many will be adorned with pink knitted hats. A large number of those hats, products of the worldwide Pussyhat Project, will have filtered through a home on Lake Newport Road in Reston.

The house, which looks quiet from the outside, is filled with bustling action as women of all ages work hard to prepare hats that are arriving every day. Boxes upon boxes of the hats, knitted by concerned people from around the world, are stacked in the home’s basement in various stages of the organizational process.

College student Molly McKnight and her mother, Carrie, volunteered to make their Reston home the hub for the hats. Family friends, including Jeanne Robertson and Diane Brown, are among the dozens of volunteers who have assisted with the project.

“We’re the grunt work,” said Robertson, who was processing hats in the basement Wednesday along with Brown. “There are a lot of friends who are here to help.”

Stefanie Kamerman, the project’s D.C. organizer, is coordinating the effort. She said the final days have been hectic, as many hundreds of hats — some days as many as 2,000 — have been showing up through the mail every day.

“We are hoping to distribute them at the march successfully,” Kamerman said. “We are trying to get the hats from Point A to Point B, to get them to the women who are marching on the 21st.”

Between 200,000 and 500,000 women are expected to participate in the event Saturday, Kamerman said. About 60,000 hand-crafted hats have been donated to the project so far, she said. The collection site on Lake Newport Road has been operating since early December.

Politically, Kamerman said she considers herself a Libertarian. She said concerns about women’s issues that arose during the election of soon-to-be President Donald Trump led her to fight for the female voice.

“It’s not necessarily that we’re anti-Trump; we’re just trying to take back those infamous words he said on the ‘Access Hollywood’ video,” Kamerman said, referring to audio from 2005 that emerged prior to the election in which Trump used vulgar terms to describe his treatment of women.

According to the project’s website, its name is in part a reference to one of those terms used by Trump — and its goal is to “reclaim the term as a means of empowerment.”

Each hat that is donated is accompanied by a note from its knitter, which includes not just a name and a hometown, but a list of women’s rights issues most important to him or her.

“Being involved [in this project] has opened my eyes to a lot of women that are hurting, and who don’t feel like their voices are being heard,” Kamerman said.

More than 50 volunteers are working for the project across the United States, Kamerman said, with about half of them having worked from the Reston site at some point during the past month.

“It’s helping other women get something that is special,” she said. “We’re all working together for something amazing.”

Kamerman said she and many of the other volunteers will be attending the march Saturday, both to support the cause and to see the fruits of their labor.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what we’ve been working so hard for coming together,” she said. “It’s been an amazing experience.”

Kamerman said she is hopeful her 8-year-old daughter, who has been helping with the project as well, will lead the next generation of activism.

“I wanted to raise her in a world where she will continue the good fight for women and men across the nation, regardless of who they love or what they believe or who they are,” she said.

For more information about the Pussyhat Project, visit its website, Facebook page or Twitter account.

  • Mike M

    Hmmn. The map discriminates in that it doesn’t show the Middle East and South Asia. I’d love to see all the red dots over there!

    • thinkinginvirginia

      It’s great to see interactive tools put to such important use.

    • Tony

      thats because in the Middle East they dont respect woman, but were not aloud to say that.

      • Tom

        You just did and the post is still here. (BTW, it’s spelled “allowed”)

    • th

      Look! A troll!

  • Biased

    This is like the fifth time RestonNow has posted about the Woman’s March, and still not one mention of the Inaguration tomorrow. Also, this article is vulgar.

    • PussyHatter

      Ha, how ironic you should say that!!

      • Biased

        If the connection to irony that you’re attempting to make is what I think it is, then this project if even more pathetic then I originally thought the first time I read it.

        • PussyHatter

          The connection would be completely lost on you. Care to divulge the connection you think is so pathetic that you were reluctant to explain in the first lace?

    • JB

      Hahaha! So are Trump’s references to women! (Duh.)

    • Helen Hartmeyer DunnDisqus

      Surely you didn’t miss the article about Gerry Connolly not attending the Inauguration tomorrow. I’d say that was a mention of the Inauration.

      • Conservative Senior

        Gerry Connolly is a disgrace!

    • MaggieSays

      It appears this article has to do with something actually happening in Reston, the organization and distribution of hats. I’m sorry the word pussy bothers you so much. Both the incoming presidency must be very upsetting for you, as well as domestic felines.

  • Greg

    No wonder the mail has been delayed and lost of late.

  • Andrea Worker

    I have been involved in this project. Sorry to those who think speaking out to protect women’s rights and issues (really for all people!) is “pathetic.” But, not to worry. I am even marching for you, and if you need help, we will be the first ones to offer.

    • Greg

      it’s “really for all people!” but it’s called the women’s march. Right.

      • Guest

        Perhaps the name will change when women are equally respected.

    • pja

      Yes, the march is for “all people”. Which is why pro-life women’s groups were disinvited. How tolerant, inclusive, and diverse.

      • Guest

        Consider it abstinence enforced for the greater good.

  • Conservative Senior

    Only liberals are invited!

  • Meggers


  • Meggers

    This project is pathetic and displays the exact same behavior these ‘women’ protest against. #hypocrisy

    • Guest

      Ah yes, because no true woman would seek equality or respect.

      • Meggers

        If this is any woman’s idea of seeking equality or respect I pity her.

        • Guest

          The well over half a million people who attended the D.C. march don’t need your pity. You are of course welcome to continue feeling elite.

          • Greg
          • Guest

            Thank you for linking that photo of protest signs left directly in front of the Trump Hotel as part of the demonstration. All in the same place, they both made a very strong point and were easy to clean up.

          • Meggers

            So you leave a pile of of your trash for others to clean up while you are screaming about equality. Pathetic!

          • Guest

            What has made you so tone deaf? It’s a peacefully stated message from demonstrators to the new establishment. You’d probably like them to hang a Trump doll and burn it in effigy.

          • Greg

            Littering is littering. It’s illegal.

          • Guest

            Look up civil disobedience, I’ll wait.

  • Meggers

    Great example for our children…what an embarrassment. This kind of thing exemplifies the behavior you claim to stand against.

    • Helen Hartmeyer DunnDisqus

      Think of the children is a phrase that evolved into a rhetorical tactic…. In debate, however, said as a plea for pity, used as an appeal to emotion, it is a logical fallacy.

      • Meggers

        Some people actually care about what their children are exposed to and the example that is set for them. Unlike robots like Helen who can only imagine someone would use a child as a pawn, or a political debating point. I feel sorry for you.

        • Helen Hartmeyer DunnDisqus

          My children in several parts of the country are going to this march and taking my grandchildren. We do care about what they are exposed too which is why they are going. It would of course be easier to leave them at home. Humans with opinions that differ from yours also care about their children and the example that is set for them. We also support the decision to not attend the inauguration we just don’t use our children as emotional pawns to defend our point of view. (by the way I like robots, I received one for Christmas when I was five and it still sits on my desk) Klaatu Barada Nikto, that’s robot language for “don’t destroy the earth”, sort of appropriate now that the big climate change denier is in charge.

  • Kristen

    Thank you ladies for doing this! I will be there tomorrow marching, with my hat! To the haters, if you don’t get it, it’s OK. We’re not here to make you understand the point of it all or force it on you. Just don’t march or watch it on TV tomorrow if you don’t like it. That’s what I’m doing today for the Inauguration.

  • Meggers
    • Guest

      Ah, classic moral equivalence. “This other thing is worse, so your complaint isn’t important.” Very popular among people who know they’re doing something wrong.

      Every time you post that costume, you’re spreading her message. Thank you!

      • Meggers

        Of course you miss the point. The only thing these marchers have proven is their staggering level of entitlement and ignorance.

        • Guest

          I admit I kind glossed over the text you posted to accompany that image on Facebook. But your reply and that text prove you were nowhere near the event, in D.C. or anywhere else. Unlike the nationalist speechifying and furor of inauguration day, between morning services and the demonstrations, Saturday was a whirling engine of strength and optimistic struggle.

          It was very positive. I wish you had been there, it might have helped you feel better about yourself.

        • Greg

          And, of course, Trump is still their president.

          • Meggers

            Exactly! And hewill be for the next 4 years, deal with it and stop whining ladies!

  • Guest

    You apparently don’t believe in equal pay, or marriage equality, or that health care is a human right. You even refer to health in scare quotes, and any speech you don’t agree with is described as screaming.

    You are welcome to your opinion, however unjustifiable your anger and hostility and moral equivalence. However, you weren’t there. You are filled with alternative facts instead of empathy, and I wish you the best.

  • Meggers

    Adults shouldn’t even have to be exposed to this garbage, how disgraceful that children were brought to, and involved in this ‘March’.

    ‘Hey #WomensMarch, our children were watching…’
    Credit: Washington Free Beacon **Language

  • Meggers

    “I was confounded to see photos of this banner at the Women’s March. How is this “pro-woman”? ”


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