Suspect in Shots Fired at Officer Charged with Attempted Capital Murder

by Dave Emke January 24, 2017 at 3:05 pm 35 Comments

Updated at 3:35 p.m. with information from police press conference

A 21-year-old Herndon man is charged with attempted capital murder in relation to an incident late Sunday night where shots were fired at a Fairfax County police officer in his cruiser.

Brian Neftali Landaverde, of Astoria Circle, also faces a charge of using a firearm in the commission of a felony, the Fairfax County Police Department announced Tuesday afternoon.

The incident took place at about 11:45 p.m. Sunday on Rossmore Court, off Georgetown Pike near Great Falls. The officer attempted to initiate a traffic stop when one suspect fled from the vehicle. The driver then turned the car around and came at the officer’s cruiser. Shots were fired, and at least two bullets struck the police car.

The suspect had been arrested Monday night in Herndon. At a press conference Tuesday afternoon, Herndon Police Chief Maggie DeBoard said Landaverde was apprehended after he was spotted waving a gun in the parking lot of a business on Elden Street near Alabama Drive.

“He took off running, which obviously raised some red flags for us,” she said. “He’s running for a reason.”

Landaverde was charged in Herndon with possession of a stolen firearm. During the course of the investigation, DeBoard said, officers connected Landaverde with the Fairfax County case and alerted FCPD detectives.

“I think it was good police work all around,” she said. “It was great work by the officers in Herndon… and it was phenomenal work by the detectives in Fairfax.”

Fairfax County Police Chief Edwin Roessler Jr. said in addition to the Herndon officers “going above and beyond,” his department received a number of “solid leads” from the community that helped them make the arrest. He said evidence has been recovered linking Landaverde to the crime.

FCPD says Landaverde was in the vehicle with two juveniles, ages 16 and 17, one of whom is the person who fled the vehicle just before the shooting. Roessler said at the press conference that the two juveniles have also been located and are being interviewed by police.

“We have made our county safer by taking these violent thugs off the street,” the chief said.

Roessler said the vehicle involved the incident has been recovered, and damage to the windshield indicates the bullets were fired from inside the car.

The chief also said the officer who was fired upon is doing well and is receiving support from his colleagues.

“This is upsetting to all of us as police officers,” he said. “This is very traumatic for anybody.”

  • TheReturnOfTheRestonResident

    Is there any information in regards to the legality of the residence status of this individual? It would behoove the tax payer to consider the construction of a deterrent along the proximity of our boundaries and that of another nation to the south

    • Your funny

      Hahahaha hahahahahaha

    • Mike M

      Looks like he got a diploma in Herndon.

      • Tom H

        Hey, both my boys will receive diplomas from Herndon HS. They are great students, contribute to society, avid ice hockey athletes… why the general statement about those getting a diploma from Herndon?

        • Mike M

          Gee, . . . I don’t see a general statement about those getting a diploma there, just this dip. My point is that if he is an immigrant, then he got an expensive US education and it still didn’t help. Some of those kids learn their English and their lifestyle priorities from TV and never get the rest. We spend an enormous amount and we pay in other ways for our lax immigration policies.

          • Mike

            You got an expensive US education and it obviously didn’t help.

          • Mike M

            I’m pretty well educated. It’s one of the reasons we disagree on so many issues. Last time I checked my biggest crime was disagreeing with a bunch or L-words. This guy shot at a police officer.

    • Anonymous

      You seem to care a lot, and fyi he is a legal resident. I guess your Donald Trump sold you that big lie. No deterrent will ever keep you safe.

      • The Constitutionalist

        Did you check his legal status before commenting this comment? Did you hear Donald Trump tell TheReturnOfTheRestonResident that Brian Neftali Landaverde is not legal? I’m fairly certain that deterrents do in fact, keep us safe. Why else would we need a military if not to deter people from forcing their way of life on us? Why should we employ a police force if not to deter criminals from doing us harm? Why do you buy insurance if not a deterrent against unforeseen circumstances?

        No? No? And oh, because deterrents actually keep you safe?

        Thought so, glad we had this conversation. Your assignment for tonight, due tomorrow morning before class is your essay on critical thinking and how it doesn’t exist in the sphere of the left. It’ll be worth 100% of your grade.

        • Rob

          What is a wall going to do? Provide a boost to the ladder and tunnel industries and not much else. People and drugs still get into this country by boat, through our ports and by overstaying their legal visas. Wanting to build this stupid wall is a poor idea and a waste of taxpayer money and you need to work on your critical thinking if you support it.

          • The Constitutionalist

            Did I mention building a wall?

    • Mookie Taylor

      There are deterrents there: walls and a desert. People climb over or tunnel under the wall. People cross the desert (many of them dying in the process). Sometimes people who go over or under the wall are apprehended. Sometimes people who try to cross the desert are apprehended. Building a longer, deeper, taller wall is one very costly solution, will have minimal impact on the need for enforcement. Adding more enforcement officers would be as effective as building a wall, would cost less, and would keep the money that is spent in the economy (people spend money, walls don’t). Requiring employers to verify that workers are eligible to work in this country and levying significant fines for those who employ ineligible people would increase revenue and dramatically reduce illegal immigration.

  • Mike M

    Dios mio! De las segundaria de Herndon 2015?

    • Mikey M

      Listen Mikey, Reston and Herndon are very diverse and liberal (do I
      trigger you with those words?) and they always will be. I always see
      you on this website whining and complaining. You don’t like it? Live
      somewhere else. Nobody will miss you.

      • TH

        Try not to confuse trolling with “whining and complaining”.

      • Mike M

        Listen Mikey, I will live where I choose. About 30% of the population here is Conservative. That is actually part of the diversity. If what you mean by diversity is people who think (or don’t) just like you, you are a chump. If you don’t believe that immigrants are a big part of new costs incurred by the County in recent years, you are wrong. if you afraid of people who question that, then you are a coward. Don’t you find it odd that those with whom i disagree want me banned or to go away? Why is that? Are those American values?

        • Fact checked

          The adjusted cost of ESOL is 0.75% of the total school budget.
          Do the math!

          • Mike M

            Show me. I’ll show you the costs they are not including. Are you a Fairfax County ESOL teacher?

          • Fact checked

            All costs have been accounted for. I am not a Fairfax County teacher. Savings by eliminating ESOL is baseless and would actually incur additional costs.

          • Mike M

            All costs accounted for. No way! It’s easy to melt new costs into existing accounts. So, we can accommodate more and more of Latin America’s non-English speakers? Is there a limit. Are you telling me without any documentation that the recent inundation continued is sustainable indefinitely. You may recall a recent meals tax proposal?

          • Fact checked

            The meals tax and cost of ESOL are completely unrelated. Except perhaps that if ESOL were eliminated, the meals tax would need to have been higher. Baseless assumptions about the cost of ESOL cost lead to your false conclusions.

          • Mike M

            Show me some facts. You are all talk thus far.
            Saying ESOL elimination would incur costs assumes you have to incur those costs. You don’t. There are policy changes we could adopt. The fastest growing demographic in the schools? We know. Some schools are inundated. See the constant expansion efforts and bond floating? Why is that? The inundation has been costly in may ways.

          • Ben Dover

            When presented with the factual facts, your people refuse to believe them since they don’t fit your “view” of the world. You call it a difference in opinion, but it is actually a different reality, one based on “alternative facts”. Eventually even your jenga reality will implode upon itself, leaving you dazed and confused… and the “Mikes” that awake in that imploded world are the ones to really fear.

          • Mike M

            My people? Do I have a tribe? Have I ever offered an alternative fact? If so, let me know. You have nothing but poorly written and completely un-anchored words. How about take me on issues? Can’t do it can ya, [email protected]?

          • Bent Dover

            As usual, with nothing else, you resort to name calling. Your level of ignorance is almost unpresidented. Sad!

          • Mike M

            Thanks. It’s unprecedented.

          • The Constitutionalist

            I think the people to fear are the ones imploding the world now. Not the ones that rise after the implosion. Then it won’t matter.

          • Mike M

            From a County Supervisor to a citizen:

            . . . student population growth of an additional 13,171 in just 5 years– propelling FCPS to the 10th largest school system in the nation — and that 6,704 students are projected to receive the most intensive ESOL services, an increase of 22%, or 1,222 students in the same period.

            The demonstrable student population growth combined with the rapidly changing composition of the incoming student population requires a different view of the FCPS budget than just a few years ago, adding far more complexity in educating students in Fairfax County. The
            following are additional notable highlights:

            With a projected enrollment of 188,104 for 2015-16, the total student population growth will have increased 13,171 students in just five years.

            This is equivalent to FCPS annexing over half (54%) of all Arlington County Public School students in that time period.

            This five-year growth would fill nearly 18 elementary
            schools of 750 students each; 12 middle schools of 1,100 students each or 6 high schools of 2,200 students each.

            For FCPS students ages 5 to 12, 30% are children whose parents are both foreign- born;

            The incoming Kindergarten classes this year and next year are approximately 35% ESOL students; and

            Of the 185,698 current FCPS students, 28.2% are now eligible as Free or Reduced-Price Lunch, which is 52,367 students.

  • Anonymous

    I know that dude

  • The Constitutionalist

    If all the conservatives left Reston and Herndon, who would own all the expensive homes and pay all the property taxes?

    • Anti-Mike

      I’m not asking all the conservatives to leave, I’m related to a few who live here and we have very positive, engaging discussions.

      I’m only suggesting that you, personally, leave (along with your buddy Mike M) because you are horrible, ignorant people.

      • Mike M

        Deplorable, even.

  • The Constitutionalist

    Hey look, no intelligent arguments to bring to the table so you have to call people names. Aren’t you supposed to be tolerant of others? I haven’t mentioned anything to do with race or color.

    • UPP so small

      How ironic it is you say that. So typical.

      • The Constitutionalist

        Is it ironic? Do you know what that word means?


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