Company Says BRB Restaurant Will Be Replaced by New ‘Concept’

by Dave Emke January 24, 2017 at 2:45 pm 11 Comments

Burger restaurant BRB (Be Right Burger) has closed in Reston Town Center, but the space is scheduled for new life.

According to its website, Pheast Food Group has taken over the management of several restaurants including Be Right Burger and will be “updating those concepts in 2017.” Signage posted on the shuttered Reston Town Center eatery advertises “another exciting concept coming soon.”

The changes are part of a reorganization within Reston-based parent company Thompson Hospitality, according to Pheast’s website:

“Funded by Thompson Hospitality, the largest minority-owned hospitality company in the country, Pheast Food Group was created to develop new innovative restaurant concepts and will oversee the management of the company’s brands — The American Tap Room, Austin Grill, Willie T’s Lobster Shack, Pizza Studio and Be Right Burger.”

The American Tap Room also has a Reston Town Center location.

Late last year, Pheast turned two former locations of Tex-Mex restaurant Austin Grill — in Alexandria and Silver Spring, Maryland — into Southern-style restaurants under the name Hen Quarter.

BRB opened in Reston Town Center in the summer of 2011. Prior to that, the building (1820 Discovery St.) housed a Marvelous Market deli, also owned by Thompson Hospitality.

The restaurant also has a location at Dulles International Airport.

  • Greg

    I hope Austin Grill takes its place. I might even pay the parking ransom to dine there…

    • 30yearsinreston

      Not me
      Never going to pay

    • Generic User

      I am also a NeverPayer (trademark pending), but the space is way too small for Austin Grill. Besides, Uncle Julio’s would kick its butt (OMHO). Maybe it should be replaced by a WBB Burger (Won’t Be Back).

  • LaffyTaffy

    No loss there, that place wasn’t very good. Too bad it has to be affiliated with Thompson Hospitality, their next concept probably won’t be that good either.

  • Brad

    It was good when it opened, but it went downhill fast. Last time I was in there, there was one employee, who was on his cell phone the entire time.

    I miss Wrapworks, which was in that space before Marvelous Market.

  • cRAzy

    The replacement: “Another empty RTC storefront.”

  • JohnQPublic

    There was nothing “right ” about this disgusting establishment , not surprised at all that it’s associated with ” the American crap room ” another reason to not go to rtc.

  • Joe Heflin

    Am I correct? This is now the the sixth empty storefront with a seventh on the way in a few days? I am not counting the “pop ups” where Schwab and several other stores used to be.

    At what point do all of these empty storefronts change the ambience, the character of Reston Town Center?

    • Generic User

      I drove through yesterday and saw a tumbleweed in the street and I could hear strange Italian western music in the distance.

  • javamaster

    Hey, I liked the burgers there. Mine were always hot,, the fries were more than decent, and the big hot dogs were tasty, too. Much better than mediocre Counter Burger. Sorry to see them go…

  • obxers

    Worst burger place I’ve been to – the service was atrocious. Glad to see it gone. Well, except that I don’t patronize the RTC anymore, anyway.


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