Friday Morning Notes

by Dave Emke January 27, 2017 at 9:00 am 11 Comments

W&OD Trail over Fairfax County Parkway

Name of Officer in Herndon Shooting Not Released — Pending further investigation, the Fairfax County Police Department is not releasing the name of the officer who shot and killed Mohammad Azim Doudzai on Jan. 16 in Herndon, ending a hostage/barricade situation. Doudzai had earlier shot and injured his two brothers. [Fairfax County Police Department]

Reston’s Family Rankings Not Flattering — Personal finance website WalletHub recently released its rankings of Virginia’s 82 largest communities for their friendliness to families. Reston ranked middle of the road (37th) overall, and was particularly low (71st) in the “Family Life & Fun” category. The community did rank well in affordability (20th) and socioeconomics (23rd). Other Northern Virginia communities swept the Top 5 overall: Falls Church, Leesburg, Vienna, South Riding and Great Falls. [WalletHub]

Massive Mixed-Use Development Pitched in Herndon — MRP Development has filed for 650,000 square feet of office, 1,701 multifamily units, 112 townhouses and 44,000 square feet of retail near the future Innovation Center Metro Station. [Washington Business Journal]

  • Arielle in NoVA

    Sounds like a bogus ranking. Ditto Herndon’s. Someone on the thread for Herndon’s ranking said this is a company that puts out rankings, then tries to sell ads to businesses within the ranked areas.

    • Agree

      I dont think anyone can beat reston in terms of walking& biking trails, tennis and pools. Although the latter has taken a recent hit due to the self inflicted budget crisis, reston is still #1 in my books.

    • Guest

      Sounds like D&B without DUNS numbers. Ugh.

    • A Beacon of Hope

      Let’s hope they don’t base the community from the comments section here on Reston Now. Some of the frequent poster’s lack of compassion and acceptance (ie raycists) here would make me want to not bring a family up in this area. The rest of us know that the few bad apples (and yes they are deplorables) don’t spoil the rest of our community.

      • Mike M

        Let’s see, . . . if someone doesn’t agree with you, they lack compassion and acceptance. They are bad apples and deplorables. Thanks for that!

        • Trans Parent

          I’m pretty sure we can all agree that Mike’s comments put him in the deplorable raycist group. Sad!

          • Mike M

            GN, how many names will you post? Are you afraid of being discovered? I have resources. You are discovered. Shall I mention your name?

      • Mosquito Coast II

        You had me convinced until you started speaking in tongues; the clintonesque “deplorables” comment doesn’t hold true as over 80% in this area are blue blood democrats and vote for increased tax and service revenue every chance they get. And so it would be unwise to move your family elsewhere, although your wmotions may take you there anyhew.

        • Uh Duh

          It appeers that reading comprehension was not high ups there on you’re priority lisp.

  • cRAzy

    It appears that the reality of Reston is becoming more apparent despite the onslaught of public relations BS from our leaders, developers, REALTORS, and others.

    Yes, Reston, you are not what you used to be, and you’re quite likely to be less desirable tomorrow. Middle age and intense development will do that to you.

    Clearly, there are better places for a family to live in NOVA.

  • Why do you bother?

    That ranking is opposite of reality. This community has a tremendous amount of family-oriented activities. But affordability? What are they smoking?


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