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This is a sponsored post by Anna Gibson, owner of AKG Design Studio and an award-winning, certified kitchen and bathroom designer. AKG Design Studio is a boutique design firm specializing in kitchen, bathroom designs and cabinetry sales. Contact her at 571-989-2541 or [email protected], and follow her work on HouzzPinterestFacebook and Twitter.

New Year, new resolutions — and you made yours to remodel your kitchen, bathroom or basement.

One of the biggest costs of your project is going to be the cabinets. Can you create your space from almost any cabinet line out there? Sure! But there are a few questions you should ask yourself while investing in your space.

  1. Am I am remodeling my dream home or planning to sell in the near future?

If you are planning to stay in your home long-term, consider investing in higher-end cabinets that will last for many years to come, and make sure to get the functional and decorative items you can afford. Remodeling is a big expense and you don’t want to redo your kitchen in five years because the fridge is too small or the stove needs to be relocated for better function. This is true for all remodels, but most of all if you are planning to stick around for the long haul. Custom cabinets with full wood and solid construction will last you for years to come.

Or maybe you are planning to move when the kids leave, or when you want to expand the family. This is a good time in your life to invest in mid-level semi-custom cabinets that will last five-plus years and still look smashing when it’s time to sell.

Do what it takes to make this project functional for you to enjoy without going overboard. Over investing will not give you the return in the short run, which brings us to the next question.

In the Design Studio - Jan. 27, 2017

  1. What is the value of my house and what will be my return on investment?

Adding a $50,000 kitchen to a $150,000 house is unlikely to yield $50,000 in value, although it may make you a happy chef.

As a general rule, look to spend about 25 percent of the home’s value for a new kitchen and 12 to 15 percent for an updated bathroom. According to the Cost vs. Value report, based on DC 2016 numbers, a mid-range kitchen remodel costs $61,087 and will yield $37,514 return, which is 61.4 percent of the value. (The national average is 64 percent.)

A more conservative approach will recommend spending between 6 and 10 percent of the total home value to get fair returns. In the Reston area, a median home cost is $438,000 and a major kitchen remodel will cost an average of $50,000, based on the size of your kitchen and the complexity of the job.

Since cabinets tend to be about 40 percent of your overall materials budget, it’s important to select a cabinet line that will offer you all the options that you are looking for while fitting into your budget.

In the Design Studio - Jan. 27, 2017

  1. How complicated is my design project?

Many customers underestimate the complexity of their project.

As I have said many times before, just because you have a small kitchen, it doesn’t mean your project is easier or simple. On the contrary, the smaller the space, the bigger the challenge to create a functional space.

As crazy as it may sound, when working in small spaces, we prefer to use custom cabinets to achieve the right function and form. Working with custom cabinets will give us the freedom to utilize every inch of the space without losing to space fillers. They will also work around odd walls and such, since they are built to fit your kitchen.

In the Design Studio - Jan. 27, 2017

In conclusion, think about those three questions when considering your project to make a better-informed decision that will fit your budget, home value and lifestyle.

Next time, we will talk about the ABC’s of cabinets. What makes them different, and what are the different options to look for while selecting your cabinets?

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