Police: Man Attacked While Walking Dog at Winterthur Apartments

by RestonNow.com February 13, 2017 at 10:15 am 51 Comments

Winterthur Apartments

A man was assaulted and robbed while walking his dog last week at the Winterthur Apartments, police say.

According to the Fairfax County Police Department, the 28-year-old man and his dog were walking at about 10:50 p.m. Thursday in the 11900 block of Winterthur Lane. The neighborhood is off Colts Neck Road, just north of Hunters Woods Village Center.

Winterthur LaneAccording to the man, he saw a woman running from four Hispanic men. One of the running men stopped the chase and “assaulted the man’s dog,” according to police. All four then turned their attention on the man and his dog, he said.

“One displayed a knife while the others repeatedly assaulted both [the 28-year-old] and the dog,” according to police.

The suspects allegedly stole the man’s cellphone before fleeing the scene. The victim sustained minor injuries, police said, and the dog escaped harm.

No further descriptions of the suspected assailants were provided.

  • Whaaaaat?

    Very unusual for the area. Don’t recall anything similar to this ever happening.

    • June Smith

      Colts Neck Apartments and THs near Safeway are home to many illegal aliens – many of whom are not the type of people you would want as neighbors. Things like this happen in this area quite often, though not quite as far out Winterthur. Yet another reason why Trump is absolutely right – it’s time to round ’em up and send ’em home – to their countries of citizenship.

      • ?

        sounds pretty racist. you must live in a bubble

        • Reston Realist

          What is racist about her comment? I believe that you are one of those people who throw that word around without knowing what it means. Racism is a horrible thing – but people who complain that their neighborhood is being overrun by trouble makers are not racists.

          • Eli Williams

            Totally agree with you. This person is drinking the kool-aid. Sending ILLEGAL immigrants home does not make one a racist. Wanting to send LEGAL immigrants home is.

          • I’d Rather Post As A Guest #2

            That’s what I love about Reston, and why I keep returning here after my sojourns to distant localities.. It never fails that someone cries out for embracing our “diversity” when criminal conduct by suspicious persons occurs. I swear, some of you ppl here in Reston have been infected by the diversity disease worse than any other suburban community I can think of off hand. I am seriously rethinking this relationship on this Vakentine’s Day.

    • Mike M

      LOL! This is the standard head-in-the sand response every time. Unreal! I mean, unbelievable!

      • Scott
        • Mike M

          Perhaps, but it happens every time. You get someone who swears there is no crime in this area. Then they start calling names.

          • SumpinSmelly

            It doesn’t happen every time, it happens rarely if ever. Never have I read that somebody claimed that there was no crime in this area.
            That said, something smells very fishy about this story.

            Missing answers:
            Was the victim documented?
            What kind of dog was it?
            Was the dog injured?
            Why didn’t they take his wallet?
            Is the dog up to date with it’s rabies shots?

          • Guest

            And if they were truly angry about a lack of bocce courts (as confirmed by a source who requested to remain anonymous) is the victim sure they weren’t Sicilian?

          • I’d rather post as a guest

            remaining anonymous is a requirement in these parts these days as some more than zealous threaten those of differing opinions. It’s become a sad day when even anonymity is threatened by those with close ties.

          • Mike M

            Every time.

          • Why do you bother?

            I’ve never seen anyone swear that there’s no crime in Reston. Alternative fac…er….made-up, unsupportable statement?

          • Mike M

            Oh no. Stay on topic. We are talking about the general vicinity of Hunters Woods shopping center. All of us who move with our eyes and brains wide open know that.

          • Guest

            Can you point to an article or comment that claims there’s no crime in this area?

          • Mike M

            Once again, you put words in my mouth. But there was an article a while back where the local police spokesperson said crime here in this particular area was not much higher than a few other selected local areas. But the comments section on every report of crime in this area usually devolves into a debate between those who see a problem, and those who claim there isn’t one and to say there is one is [email protected]

          • Guest

            I put words in your mouth? In your own words:

            Perhaps, but it happens every time. You get someone who swears there is no crime in this area. Then they start calling names.

            No one has claimed that there’s no crime in the area in this article’s comments. But you’re reacting very strongly for some reason. Maybe this conversation is the exception. You must have a convincing example. Can you provide a link?

          • Mike M

            Yes. They do. YOU go and look at the comments on crime stories from this area. Shouldn’t take you long.

          • I’d rather post as a guest

            I checked, they don’t. It’s not a fact. Sad!

          • Guest

            You falsely equated “very unusual here” and “don’t recall anything similar” with “there is no crime here”. I offered you the chance to show that what you said happens every time has actually happened at least once.

            When someone sensibly calls you on melodrama, don’t get unnerved and double down. Admit you misread or just drop it and move on.

          • crickets


  • meh

    South of the tollway? Check
    Fairly close to shadowhood? Check
    Assailants were identified as well….uh….a word that won’t get deleted’? Check

    Just another day in Reston where diversity is king.

    • Heh

      Assailants were old men enraged by their inability to play bocce in Reston. If we had a high-quality bocce court, they could play midnight bocce and they’d stay out of trouble.

  • Edward Calvert


    Get certified online to carry concealed in the state of Virginia

    • Heh

      Also, get a bigger and better dog. Your wife’s Yorkie isn’t going to scare people on the street at 11pm.

      • Andrew Tassara

        the dog is actually a hound/pitbull mix lol

    • Scott

      open carry is legal w/o a permit.

  • Inclusion & Dog Punting

    Gerry Connolly and Ken Plum please go to Winterthur and tell the residents to stop chasing women around with knives and assaulting people and their pets. If you can’t control your sanctuary you will need to step aside and let others address the problem.

    • ?

      ??? The man assaulted was the resident. The four men were presumably not. so I don’t get your post.

  • Southside

    Need more Community watchers in the area, and some serious policing. Why can’t the police patrol, ever on bike around here?

  • Southside

    Also, not a race issue at all..it’s a crime, could be committed by 4 white guys and I’d feel the same. Don’t go down the rabbit hole of attacking a certain race for the problem, as that gives you an excuse to ignore the problem. Reston needs to protect the citizens better, and invest in some path security.

    • Mike M

      Christina, I’ll feed myself. No worries. I am not dependent.

      We have enough homegrown criminals. We don’t need more -especially if they are here illegally.

      By the way check your grammar. It is abysmal.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    If you’re here illegally, you aren’t innocent.

    • MaggieSays

      How do we know these people are illegal immigrants, again?

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Bienvenido en el barrio de Reston.

  • Heh

    When I grew up in the USA, regular non-immigrant citizens picked veggies. We did just fine.

    They should stay in their home countries and have better lives there. It is not fair for us to take the talents of foreign nations away from them.

    • MaggieSays

      This idea about staying home and “having better lives” sounds so simple and easy. I wonder why they didn’t do that in the first place?

      • Scary Perry

        Becuse they are criminals.

      • Mike M

        Because of their values their country is going to pot. Shall we import that?

      • Heh

        1. Who cares.
        2. The reason country X is worse than here is invariably the population of country X. If we bring the people of country X here, then our country becomes less like America and more like country X. We don’t need that.

        • MaggieSays

          1) I care.
          2) It actually probably had to do more with the economy of country X, and it would behoove us to assist in improving the economy of country X, which in this case is hindered by illegal immigration from country Y. Maybe if we moved our factories from China to these countries to give jobs to them indirectly, it would help.

  • ummmm

    So these four guys are veggie pickers in the farms of Reston? Hmmmm.

  • Doug


  • The Constitutionalist

    Crime is crime, regardless of race. The only one making it a race issue is you. You liberals need to take off your race goggles and start looking at things how they are.

    Four ‘people’ assaulted a man and his dog.

    Stop being so racist.

  • The Constitutionalist

    He didn’t say the people in the article were illegal.

    You were the one who brought up the legality of their residence.

    Don’t project your flawed and racist viewpoints on the rest of us.

  • The Constitutionalist

    She knows exactly the same amount as you about their immigration status. Not a single damn thing.

    While I agree, it’s a shame how we stereotype based on skin color, it’s just how people function. It’s been going on literally since the beginning of recorded history, and will continue until we stop recording history.

    I also think it’s a shame the total number of assumptions being made on both sides.

    No one mentioned your Latina face or whether you were a criminal and undocumented immigrant. (By the way, those go together, not apart.)

  • Nope

    There is no human being who, as a result of desiring to build a better
    life, should be named or declared illegal, and be dispossessed or
    considered disposable.

    Absolutely disagree. Their desires and motives are irrelevant. People who come here illegally should be made to return immediately.


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