DRB to Discuss Plans for Assisted-Living Facility on Sunrise Valley Drive

by Dave Emke February 15, 2017 at 4:15 pm 7 Comments

The agenda for the Feb. 21 meeting of Reston Association’s Design Review Board includes discussion of the redevelopment of a Sunrise Valley Drive property into an assisted-living facility.

Applications by Kensington Senior Development LLC to establish the facility next to the Sunrise Valley Convenience Center were accepted for Fairfax County staff review in November. The site (11501 Sunrise Valley Drive) is currently the home of the Good Beginnings Preschool, a private preschool, day care and kindergarten.

Kensington Senior Development filed a Planned Residential Community (PRC) plan concurrent with a Special Exception for an assisted-living facility on the 1.8-acre property, which is about 675 feet east of the intersection with Soapstone Drive.

A Fairfax County Planning Commission public hearing on the project is scheduled for July 19.

Kensington Senior Development operates a facility in Falls Church, and also has locations in Maryland, New Jersey, New York and California.

Map via Fairfax County

  • 30yearsinreston

    Excellent news
    We need more of these instead of cookie cutter high rise condos and apartments which cause traffic congestion and gridlock
    Wonder if Hudgins will support it since it’s not developer related

    • John Higgins

      Ah, it’s all a matter of perspective and where one lives. The proposed building, three stories plus elevated roof, a city block long as the DRB observed, would sit less than 100 feet from its town house neighbors. The revised design would look pretty good if it was not totally out of character with its residential and commercial neighbors. The plan is an abomination, unless you live somewhere else.
      But not to worry, our faithful planning reps have a solution….bring in more of the same so that this will be in character. My forehead is bruised and my wall damaged.

      • Mike M

        Our planning reps are neither planners nor our representatives. They are, in fact, the problem.

        • 30yearsinreston

          They are too fixated on keeping out white picket fence and decent Street lighting

    • Mike M

      Recently, I tried to drive from Sunrise Valley Drive to Baron Cameron on Hunter Mill at about 5:45 PM. Big mistake! As I sat in gridlock I considered alternate routes. There are none to the east. The Wiehle option is a fiasco but possibly the best. I realized all other routes are also nearly gridlocked at that time. Fast forward two years? I cannot imagine!

  • Arielle in NoVA

    Depends on how large it is. Would be convenient for it to be next to the dentist’s office and florist and whatever else is in that small strip, but the redevelopment would need to be pretty small to fit in on that site. Doesn’t it back to a ball field also?

  • DRB budget woes

    The DRB wont be able to handle this, this is way above their expertise. In fact, all of the DRB transactions should be handled by contractors, people with relevant skill in that specific area and only on an as-need basis. I hope the new board will shake things up.


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