Reston Restaurants Show Their Support of ‘Day Without Immigrants’

by Dave Emke February 16, 2017 at 11:30 am 31 Comments

Day Without Immigrants sign at SweetgreenA number of restaurants and other businesses across D.C. and the nation are closed or operating on restrictions today as part of the “Day Without Immigrants.” The protest is part of an effort to show the impact immigrants have on daily lives of Americans, and was spawned out of President Donald Trump’s new immigration policies.

At least two Reston restaurants are showing their support. Sweetgreen (11935 Democracy Drive) is closed for the day, as are all of the company’s 18 locations in the Metro area.

“Our diversity is what makes this family great, and we respect our team members’ right to exercise their voice in our democracy,” reads signs posted on the restaurant’s doors Thursday. “We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and hope you understand our commitment to our people.”

Meanwhile, PassionFish (11960 Democracy Drive) says its menu options may be limited Thursday as part of the protest.

A representative for PassionFish owner Passion Food Hospitality said the Reston restaurant is “not particularly affected” and “most staff” would be working Thursday.

“[Management is] supportive of their staff on whichever decision they choose,” said spokesperson Meg Malloy.

  • Mike M

    With the RTC parking in force, they won;t miss much. At the same time, I am going to bet that the business owners are driving this and not the employees who would rather get paid.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Is this a day without Immigrants or a day without Illegal Immigrants?

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Better yet, can we make it a Year with Immigrants?

    • Mike M

      I was thinking “without.” I was thinking this very well could backfire. It came up so suddenly. Who is behind it really? I don’t think all the immigrants had a sudden simultaneous notion.

    • JaneQPublic1234

      How about a day without illegal and legal immigrants collecting welfare? Then we will really start to miss them….lol

  • JaneQPublic1234

    No one is going to Reston anymore anyway due to the parking issues.

    • Restonian

      Agree. No one in their right mind would pay to park there.

  • I’d Rather Post As A Guest

    I believe in the strength of a diverse society, too, but I also want our immigration laws enforced. Congress punted on comprehensive immigration reform, and they do not seem inclined to do anything about it now either, so we must enforce the laws that we have. And the laws should be enforced in a consistent, even-handed manner, not someone’s vague and scattershot notion of “lenient” or “gentle” enforcement, that would amount to no enforcement at all.

    • Mike M

      Stand by. You are about to be declared a [email protected]

    • Meggers


    • The Constitutionalist


  • kbikeva

    I’m not sure how this helps the subject people. If their place of employment is closed, they don’t get paid. So while the bottom line of the restaurant might be hurt for one day, the actual wages/tips of the person who cannot work that day at his/her place of employment is where the real impact is felt. If the point is to show what would happen if there were no undocumented immigrants working, this is not impactful. If NO people in that status showed up to work, and houses didn’t get clean, moving trucks didn’t get loaded, landscape didn’t get finished, and construction didn’t get done — THEN we would see a more accurate impact. With only some restaurants doing this, people can easily go to the next restaurant down the street. I don’t question the passion and commitment to adversity, just the efficacy and wisdom of the chosen method of protest.

    • Mike M

      Good points. Consider too that these business owners make their livelihood off the backs of these people whose kids we educate and subsidize in other ways. Now the owners are using the same people as pawns in their Democratic politics. Not just incompetent, but disgusting as well. I ask, who is really behind this? It’s not the immigrants.

    • Scott

      It doesn’t. Much like the vagina-hatted marchers, it just makes them feel better about themselves. Nobody actually cares if a restaurant is closed for a day, other than being annoyed at the restaurant…and immigrants. Nobody thinks “Damn, I never knew how important immigrants are to me getting an overpriced salad.”

  • IJustWantedPeruvianChicken

    So are we talking legal immigrants whom provide amazing value to society or illegal immigrants that steal social security numbers at best or get paid under the table and pay no taxes?

    • Scott

      You miss the point. See, the narrative is that anyone talking about illegal immigration and rights of the non-citizen is really just a racist xenophobe who hates all immigrants….plus, there is no defense for illegal immigration so this is a grand way to confuse the issue for the uninformed and demonize your opponent by calling them names.

  • June Smith

    There is a difference between Immigrants and Illegal Aliens … if businesses are hiring Illegal Aliens, the should be shut down permanently

  • Starving

    Yikes!!! One restaurant is closed and another is only serving a partial menu!! How are we going to survive through the day??!!

  • 30yearsinreston

    No one at the RTC resteraunts it’s a normal day
    I noticed that the street parking around RTC is a lot less because the construction workers are out as well

  • OldButSlow

    Yikes. Just a few thoughts related to this and other posts:

    1) The concept was “immigrants,” not legal or illegal. The reason for that was not just to show that immigrants are important to the U.S. (I happen to be 100% descended from immigrants over the centuries, as far as I know) but that the executive order and comments by some officials targeted legal and illegal immigrants alike. Until the court orders, for example, many perfectly legal green card holders were being denied entry into the US or harassed upon entry. That’s un-American and, as the courts noted, illegal.

    2) If an illegal worker “steals” a social security card number, s/he pays into the social security account of the person the number belongs to. So the illegal worker is paying social security tax that goes to someone else (I don’t know about income tax, but the IRS doesn’t care if you’re legal or not, so I assume many are automatically paying through payroll deduction). No benefit to the person who “stole” the number, even though s/he worked for it.

    3) Illegal immigrants don’t get “welfare.” How would they? Do any of you who worry about that personally know an illegal immigrant who gets any kind of “welfare?” Their kids go to public schools, which means that they become educated useful members of our society, but the notion that illegal immigrants can somehow just sign up for “welfare” is silly. Nobody who lives in the United States can just sign up for “welfare.” There’s no such thing. Each assistance program (Social Security disability, food stamps, Section 8 housing, TANF, whatever) has complicated eligibility requirements, so it’s not like anyone is just handing out “welfare” to anyone, let alone illegal immigrants.

    4) I, on the other hand, am a beneficiary of a lot of “welfare,” even though I’m not “on welfare.” My mortgage interest deduction is a perfect example of very expensive middle class welfare. Whatever a few entrepreneurial illegal immigrants manage to con out of our system is an insignificant amount of money in the big picture. “Welfare” in general is a very small part of our budget. The big money is in things like Medicare, Social Security, and Defense. The Obama administration found and prosecuted doctors for billions in false Medicare claims. There are no billions to be found in false welfare claims.

    • Scott

      1. “many perfectly legal green card holders” – the number was about 138 and it was corrected within 24 hrs
      2. Are you really justifying identity theft?
      3. You are grossly mistaken. See #2 about stealing SSNs. There are also a significant number of non-citizens who cross the border once a month to collect who have gamed the system.
      4. WOW…A reduction is taxes does not make you a welfare recipient. Don’t ever mix up paying less with being a net-recipient of money from other tax-payers. You are brainwashed if you think that and feel free to return the “welfare”. No one is forcing you to take the deduction..err, I mean welfare.

    • Chuck Morningwood

      1)What if they claim 10 dependents? How much is their withholding?

      2)If the registered owner of the SSN files taxes without that W-2 income, which is likely to happen first: the IRS tells them that they have underreported their income and fines them, or the IRS says that the income is from an illegal and therefore the registered owner has no liability?

  • Joyce W

    No one has a problem with legal immigrants. So this is to promote illegal immigration? I’m confused.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    I did my part to show Solidarity with my Immigrant cousins: I went to out to lunch today.

    If you don’t like our immigration policies, GO HOME.

  • Greg

    Liberal logic. Close a restaurant, that pays less than minimum wage, and help the staff.

  • On the plus side

    My child informed me that 10 children were not in their class today due to immigrant day, this made their class size go from 24 to 14…. a much better ratio.

    • Mike M

      What could be if we tightened our borders. Most of our problems are self-inflicted.

      • I’d rather post as a guest

        Most of our problems would not be problems except for destabilization:
        the coup that overthrew Guatamalan Jacobo Arbenz
        funding El Salvador’s protracted war with the FMLN
        funding counterinsurgency efforts in Honduras
        taking petty criminals and turning them into hardened gang members
        deporting gang members to thrive in their countries of birth

        Who is the world’s largest consumer of illegal drugs?

        • Mike M

          OMG! So, there was no instability in Latin America before the big bad CIA? Get real! Wait! The only criminals down there are our fault? Your answer is Socialist dictatorship? Gee, that always works. You take lost for granted.
          When will leftists learn?

  • John Higgins

    This is clearly the dumbest protest I’ve heard about in a while (perhaps ever.)

  • Interpool

    Stop calling them Immigrants. They are illegal aliens that committed a criminal act crossing our borders. You’re insulting immigrants that waited in line and did things the right way. Trust me, you really are insulting them listen to WMAL in the morning and all the legal Immigrants calling literally freaking LIVID about what happened yesterday and this “Undocumented Migrant” BS. These people need to be deported, truly a disservice to Legal Immigrants, Citizens, and our Society. A bunch of them are Freeloading welfare leeches that come here and have 20 kids and live in Section 8 (uhem… Winterthur…).


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