ICE Detainers Issued for Adult Suspects in Gang-Related Killing, Including Reston Resident

by Dave Emke February 17, 2017 at 10:15 am 28 Comments

Cindy Blanco Hernandez

The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has issued detainers for all four adults charged in connection with an apparent gang-related killing in Fairfax County, including an 18-year-old Reston resident.

Cindy Blanco Hernandez, 18, of Winterthur Lane in Reston, is among the 10 people ages 15-21 charged in connection with the death of 15-year-old Damaris Alexandra Reyes Rivas of Gaithersburg. Hernandez faces charges of abduction and gang participation in the case. Five of the other suspects face murder charges.

Six of the charged individuals are juveniles. Hernandez and the other three adults in the case — Wilmer A. Sanchez-Serrano, 21, of no fixed address; Aldair J. Miranda Carcamo, 18, of Springfield; and Jose Castillo Rivas, 18, of Springfield — have had detainers issued for them by ICE.

According to Carissa Cutrell, public affairs officer for the Department of Homeland Security, a detainer is issued when a person in custody is either in the United States illegally or has violated the terms of their legal status in the country.

“We issue a detainer to a local or state law enforcement agency when a person in their custody is potentially amenable to removal by ICE,” she said. “Rather than the local law enforcement agency releasing them into the community, we say we would appreciate [them] notifying us before they are released, so they can be turned over to our custody.”

Cutrell said she could not provide specific details about the case. She said in most cases, suspects are sent through the immigration court process, and a judge’s orders — potentially, removal from the United States — would be executed.

“There is a whole process that happens between us issuing that detainer and the individual being removed from the United States,” she said.

The Fairfax County Police Department is asking anyone with further information about the case to contact them at 703-691-2131, use Crime Solvers or text “TIP187” plus a message to CRIMES(274637).

  • Meh

    Remember when vitriol was thrown in the direction of those that questioned the legal residency of these individuals? I remember. Just think, if we had a wall that person may still be alive.

    The cost of tolerance is unfortunately blood.

    • Guest

      The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

      • Mike M

        You will be on the wrong end of that truism.

        • Guest

          A death threat, how refreshing.

          • Mike M

            You are so creative about putting words in the mouths of those with whom you disagree. Only way you can feel righteous?

          • Guest

            I’m happy to be corrected in my interpretation. Would you like to explain what you meant?

  • Trump

    Alright liberals…. how will you now defend all your stupid comments made in the previous article?

    • guest

      I’m guessing the comments made were because it seems as though assumptions were being made based on an image or a name and not based on any known facts of the particular case. When/If they are determined to be illegal then good riddance. Up until that point many of the comments here are just based purely on stereotypes. I am all for tighter immigration laws (including H1B limitations) but am against stereotyping and predetermined biases

      The ICE detainer does not mean they are illegal per se. It just means their residency is being investigated and they are being held pending investigation. They could very well be illegal or they could be legal green card holders that could face deportation based on this incident or past crimes. Either way there is a good chance they are own their way out.

      • Mike M

        Sorry, Mother Superior, but when you call people racist for noting that certain criminals are very likely not born here and likely not legally here, you are being superior at all. To h with your sophistry. Some of us get out and about and we know what we are looking at when we see it. Sometimes things are so clear that only the fool doesn’t acknowledge it.

        • I’d rather post as a guest

          Guest didn’t call anyone a racist – not a fact.
          Typical behavior of alt-right trolling, make up stuff to align with a one-eyed view of the world.

          • Mike M

            Guest called me a racist on multiple occasions.

          • Guest

            Most immigrants to the USA are literate in English. Saying they are not reveals that you believe false stereotypes.

            Your claims to experience might be respected if you repeated true facts instead of lies.

          • Mike M
          • Guest

            The webpage you linked strictly addresses Limited English Proficiency, which refers to anyone above the age of 5 who reported speaking English less than “very well,” as classified by the U.S. Census Bureau.

            I think you may have a literacy problem.

          • Mike M

            It’s in there. Here too. http://www.migrationpolicy.org/news/does-immigrant-skills-gap-exist-us-report-finds-immigrants-score-below-us-born-literacy

            And when you consider that the real problem is from Latin America, you realize the stats are much better from elsewhere.

          • Guest

            Once again, your link directly contradicts your assertion that most immigrants “from the south” are illiterate. The paper indicates that 62% of foreign-born Hispanics have low English literacy. They make up the majority (53%) of low literacy immigrants. They’re not illiterate.

            That’s a great paper, though. The effects of a US education on immigrant literacy is a neat look (page 14), as is the generational analysis of improvement.

          • Mike M

            “Immigrant adults in the United States lag their native-born peers in literacy, numeracy and problem-solving skills, with resulting effects on their income, employment, education and health.”

            The paper goes on to imply we all have to invest a huge amount to “fix” this.

            My point, way back when, was that many of them are the lower classes of Mexico that even educated Mexicans look down on. Mexico is much more a class-based and race-based system. My point was many of our immigrants are illiterate in their OWN language.

          • Guest

            I specifically called out your claim that most immigrants are illiterate. Thank you for openly conceding the point.

            Repeatedly posting links that contradicted your own assertion was odd, but thank you.

            I definitely agree that many immigrants are laborers. To be fair, as long as we offer immigrants jobs in services, labor, and farming, that’s who we’re going to get. And most anyone motivated enough to travel to a different country to seek work was definitely having a hard time of it at home.

          • I’d rather post as a guest

            Unfortunately, many “Americans” are intolerant of others not having perfect English. However, I have found the opposite to not be true: my Spanish speaking friends continue to encourage me to better my language skills in their native language.

            In other words, let’s try not to be so pig headed and attempt to help those who are trying to assimilate into our melting pot.

  • Heh

    Sing it!

    Leaaaavin, on a jet plane,
    Don’t know when they’ll be back again

    • Mike M

      Trouble is, they might just be back soon. It’s not that hard and there is a “welcoming” environment here legal or not.

      • Chuck Morningwood

        Time to celebrate!

  • Let’s Get Medieval


    Might I suggest a huge Trebuchet to send these miscreants back from whence they came.

  • Snip snip

    And the qualifying criteria is…

    … bad hair cut!

    Lets make sure we re consistent here and inly punish those in clear violation, every one else is welcome to stay.

  • Shocked!

    I am shocked that Connolly and McAwful haven’t stepped in to stop this deportation. Maybe Ken Plum will step up to save this gang member.

    • Buzz Fuzz

      It’s still early….Connolly is probably at a free dinner given by a lobbyist

  • I’d Rather Post As A Guest

    Does anyone out there truly want give any of these miscreants a “pathway to citizenship”? Show of hands? hmmm…I thought not.

  • Moon Lotus

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