Paving Scheduled: Roads in Reston to Get Attention from VDOT This Year

by Dave Emke March 8, 2017 at 2:45 pm 19 Comments

Roads scheduled for 2017 paving/VDOTA number of Reston paving projects have been scheduled by the Virginia Department of Transportation for this year.

According to VDOT’s website, more than 1,300 miles of roads will be repaved in Fairfax, Prince William, Loudoun and Arlington counties during the 2017 paving season. Among the scheduled projects are the following locations in Reston:

  • the entire length of North Shore Drive (3.53 miles)
  • the entire length of Colts Neck Road (1.82 miles), excluding the intersection with Glade Drive
  • 1.93 miles of Glade Drive, from Glade Bank Way to Twin Branches Road
  • 2.21 miles of Stuart Mill Road, from Fox Mill Road to Birdfoot Lane
  • 1.07 miles of North Village Road, from Baron Cameron Avenue to Hollow Timber Way
  • the entire length of Twin Branches Road (.85 miles)
  • the entire length of Triple Crown Road (.43 miles)
  • .13 miles of Wiehle Avenue, from Reston Parkway to Reston Avenue

In addition, the Fairfax County Department of Transportation has plans to make alterations to lane patterns and bike lanes on North Shore Drive, Colts Neck Road and Twin Branches Road as part of the repaving process. A community meeting on this issue is scheduled for March 16.

VDOT’s website shows the only repaving work completed in Reston in 2016 was along a stretch of Baron Cameron Avenue, from Leesburg Pike (Route 7) to near Browns Chapel Road.

Other roads in the area on the 2017 schedule include portions of Centreville Road, Frying Pan Road and McLearen Road in Herndon; and Lee Jackson Memorial Highway (U.S. Route 50) at the Fairfax County Parkway interchange.

VDOT says repaving work is “usually limited to outside of rush hours,” with work in residential areas typically scheduled from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekdays.

Check VDOT’s interactive map for more.

Map via VDOT

  • Giant soccer fan

    No love for Lake Newport between Reston Parkway and Fairfax County Parkway?

    • Greg

      Or Bennington Woods?

      • vdiv

        That’s in bad shape, and is on a bus route.

    • Arielle in NoVA

      or Fox Mill Road between Reston Parkway/the Park & Ride lot there and 286 (Fairfax County Parkway)?

  • Brian

    This is great news – Colts Neck is nearly impassable and Glade Drive nearly as bad. But no repaving of roads around RTC? Town Center Parkway is horrible as is New Dominion. That area has been a disaster for years. What gives?

    • 30yearsinreston

      Traffic around Reston Clown Center is expected to fall because of paid parking
      Let BP pay for roads
      Their trucks are tearing up.the roads

      • Brian

        That’s not how it works, but I understand the sentiment.

    • Tom

      Agreed, Colts Neck has been a mess for quite some time. Glad to hear it’s finally getting attention.

    • JM

      TERRIBLE plan for Colts Neck near Hunters Woods Elementary! They are planning to narrow it to a single lane that *each car will have to stop to let opposing traffic come through!* This is *insane* and will make a far worse bottleneck than we already have there.

      Hopefully people will turn out on Thurs 3/16 at 6:30pm for the public comment mtg DOT is holding on the shared lane issue. Whoever came up with this idea wasn’t thinking about drivers.

  • Judith Andersen

    North Shore is awful, too.

  • 30yearsinreston

    The sight lines for traffic turning from Temporary Road are obstructed by vehicles already making a turn
    This is dangerous

    • jmsullivan

      I actually ended up in a brief discussion on Twitter with VDOT about North Shore and Temporary some time back, and they indicated they have plans to put a light in there. I told them that was overkill. Apart from rush hour, a light there would just mean people sitting at an empty intersection for no good reason, waiting for the light to change.

      This isn’t that difficult. Temporary and North Shore should just be a three-way stop, like the four-way at Fountain and Bowman Towne. That works just fine, and it’s all they need there.

      • Jonathan

        It could also be possible that during “rush hour” it functions as a real light, and during off hours it flashes red or yellow to make the intersection function how it currently does

  • vdiv

    Perhaps they’ll also look at the street lights at the intersections, half of them don’t work.

    • 30yearsinreston

      The other half don’t have lights

      • Greg

        Oh, we have Reston’s much beloved DRB to thank for those dysfunctional streetlights:

        “Reston Association’s Design Review Board would like to protect Reston from a threat of too much street lighting. Members of the board fear future development may bring undesirable lighting to parts of the community.

        “No one here is trying to advocate dangerous situations,” said DRB chairman Richard Newlon. However, too much lighting may make some streets in Reston look like a highway, he said. Such streets would invite the thoughts of, “Let’s put a Wal-Mart right there,” said Newlon.”


        The only thing the demonstration demonstrated is failure.

  • Jenny Gibbers

    During heavy rain always take the EZ toll exit off the Dulles toll road west-bound at Whiele then surf and aquaplane off the ramp. Damn near hit the curb a couple times sideswiping the camera and all, lets not fix this its too much fun.

  • Bennington Woods?

  • Wille Reston

    What about Wiehle from Sunrise Valley over the Toll Road? Disaster.


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