RA Board to Begin Discussion of Hook Road Park Project at Thursday Meeting

by Dave Emke March 20, 2017 at 11:30 am 12 Comments

Hook Road Recreation Area

The Reston Association Board of Directors at their regular meeting Thursday will hear a presentation regarding a potential project at the Hook Road Recreation Area.

Hook Road Recreation Area/Google MapsThe recreation area, which features a baseball field along with tennis and basketball facilities, is located off Fairway Drive, just north of Hidden Creek Golf Course. According to information provided in the agenda for the meeting, it has remained relatively unchanged since 1973.

The Hook Road park was selected by RA’s Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee for “full-facility enhancement” after multiple facilities were evaluated last year. “Full-facility enhancement” is part of the new capital project methodology that was adopted by the RA board in 2016, according to the information provided.

“This methodology focuses on the revitalization of facilities as a singular unit instead of the periodic replacement of individual components of the site. The former methodology looked at facilities on an amenity-by-amenity basis spread out over several years. The thrust of the Full Facility approach is to improve RA facilities in a comprehensive and holistic manner to create a greater visual impact and maximize value for the membership.”

In December, the Board of Directors allocated $50,000 to fund the initial design concept of the enhancement of the Hook Road Recreation Area. According to information provided, the project’s scope would be to do the following:

  • Enhance the use of Hook Road Recreation Area through facility renovations and improvements including but not limited to parking solutions, restroom facility additions and evaluation of existing amenities
  • Improve landscaping and hardscaping
  • Increase ADA accessibility

The board materials for Thursday’s meeting also indicate that an improved effort to engage members in the process will be undertaken.

“It is important that the Board and staff take into account lessons learned from recent events. A popular criticism the Board received from members regarding the Lake Newport Soccer Proposal was the lack of notice and failure to engage the residents directly adjacent to the site early in the process. Accordingly, during its meeting on February 23, 2017, the Board directed staff to develop an improved member notification process to gather community input when considering major recreation amenity proposals.”

At Thursday’s meeting, the board will consider holding a public information session on the Hook Road project April 26, with notice of the meeting to be sent out March 30. A call will be put out for volunteers to serve on a working group of RA members, first focusing on neighborhood representation, to receive input on facility and site improvements.

The tentative timeline for the project sees it coming before the board for budget approval in October.

Other items on the agenda for the meeting include:

  • the Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee’s 2017 work plan
  • pedestrian lighting recommendations from the Environmental Advisory Committee
  • the revised Code of Ethics project plan and proposed amendments to the CEO performance appraisal process
  • proposed amendments to the Pool & Tennis Use/Access Policy

The meeting will be held Thursday, beginning at 6:30 p.m., at RA Headquarters (12001 Sunrise Valley Drive). It will also be streamed live on RA’s YouTube channel.

Map via Google Maps

  • Feh

    “parking solutions” – there is no way to increase parking without reducing the amount of park / green space / play area. BAD IDEA.

    “restroom facility additions” – what are they gonna do, add another port-o-san?

    • 30yearsinreston

      More like the Taj Mahal

  • Tammi Petrine

    RA has hopefully learned some valuable lessons from Tetra but should we really be diving into another complex plan when new processes haven’t been perfected yet and indeed there are at least two giant projects already in the hopper (facilities building and pony barn) in addition to figuring out the final Tetra puzzle questions?

    Hook Road isn’t going anywhere. The funding will not disappear. PLEASE RA board, put this project on hold… Members need some sign that you have learned from Tetra that slowing down is a good strategy when the community is already questioning other recent decisions.

    • 30yearsinreston

      The Project Director needs something to.do

      • Steven

        Yess! You tell em ma’am!

  • Bernie Supporter

    Can’t wait for the “full-facility enhancement.”

    As far as I can see, last year the RA Board approved a methodology that basically fixes what isn’t broken.

    It’s a “Have cash. Spend cash.” mentality. What can go wrong with that?

  • don’t spend my dues

    This is not needed.It’s not a priority. We certainly don’t need upgraded tennis courts and restrooms when we have gotten by without them for over 40 years.

  • JoeInReston

    Curious, how do these kinds of projects get done in areas in Fairfax County outside Reston? Does the county pay for it?

    • Donald

      As I understand, we pay for it. Through the County’s Reston Special Tax District, Fairfax County Park Authority Bonds, and developer proffers. The problem is making sure funds that come from Reston residents — actually go to Reston projects.

      • don’t spend my dues

        The so called “Small District Tax” which Reston landowners (private and commercial) pay goes in its entirety to the Reston Community Center. It is not used and cannot be used to provide for any Reston facilities outside of RCC. About $8m which could be put to much better use!

        • Donald

          A good clarification, thank you.


  • Kati

    I never noticed a parking problem. There is plenty of parking available on both sides of Hook Road and Fairway Dr. Reston Roads were designed to allow for curbside parking. Additional pavement for a parking lot would reduce the green area and since curbside parking is plenty, not desirable.

    Landscaping and lighting enhancements would be a wonderful improvement.

    The tennis courts, ball fields, basketball court and picnic area seem to work well. More benches, trash cans would be well used.
    A small permanent bathroom would eliminate rental cost. If it can be built within the same footprint, than it might make sense, but the lateral would have to connect to the sewer on Hookl. That is a long digging across the grass area, maybe impacting the basketball court, too. One coed bathroom is my suggestion so the impervious area is not increased.


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