Recreation Specialist Kelsey Richard Named Reston Association Employee of the Year

by Dave Emke April 13, 2017 at 2:45 pm 8 Comments

Kelsey Richard, a recreation specialist, was named Reston Association’s 2016 Employee of the Year during the annual Members’ Meeting on Tuesday.

“Kelsey was selected for her incredible service to RA,” said Ellen Graves, outgoing president of the Reston Association Board of Directors, in presenting the award. “She’s always friendly, she’s always upbeat and positive and consistently provides RA members and her RA partners with outstanding customer service, and [she] models teamwork and a can-do attitude every day.”

Graves said Richard went “above and beyond” in 2016 to help her department and others, including Member Services.

“[Kelsey] personifies the Reston Association model employee,” Graves said. “She regularly jumps in and helps wherever needed, regardless of whether it is her job or not.”

Graves said when help was needed on the aquatics team, Richard was quick to fill in, and she did the same when a bus driver was needed for RA’s camp program. Richard also helped train numerous co-workers to use RA’s new WebTrac system, Graves said.

“As humble as she is, she deserves significant recognition for all she has brought to the organization this year,” Graves said.

Richard first received recognition for the award in December, but Graves said the annual Members’ Meeting was an opportunity to once again thank her for her efforts.

RA’s top volunteers of the year, who had in the past also been recognized at the Members’ Meeting, will be honored this year with their own ceremony during National Volunteer Week. That event will take place Thursday, April 27, from 6:30-9 p.m. at The Lake House.

  • guy

    she seems weird

  • man

    i agree with guy

  • SuperCoop1280

    WebTrac was a massive disappointment. I tried to pay my Annual Dues and purchase the pool and tennis passes and could not because of glitches. I also think the product is somewhat scandalous as part of our dues pay to operate the WebTrac system that maybe works part of the time. Plus it’s like a double tax on our dues and this is the Employee of the Year? If Fulkerson is the only other employee, I guess because of the Tetra fiasco made this an easy choice but i’d like to think there are a few more people that could have easily won over this person. Oy!

    We should get rid of WebTrac and go back to mailing in or going into the office to get our passes or pay our dues. I ended having to in the end.

    • Reston Now

      I went ahead and edited the wording in the story, but WebTrac was not Richard’s brainchild. She helped other staff members learn to use it, according to what Graves said during the presentation.

      • SuperCoop1280

        My mistake. Thanks for the update.

        • Sam

          You’re just a jerk.

          • SuperCoop1280

            Thank you for the kind note. Please give my regards to Fulkerson.

    • Greg

      We should get rid of Cate Fulkerson. WebTrac is yet one more of the disasters she owns.


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