Yoga Classes Start This Week at The Lake House

by RestonNow.com May 1, 2017 at 10:15 am 23 Comments

Beginning this week, The Lake House (1145o Baron Cameron Ave.) is saying “namaste” to visitors through the efforts of a local yoga studio.

BelovedYoga is renting out the facility overlooking Lake Newport as a venue to offer yoga classes for the community. Classes are available for all ages.

Reston Association members who have never been to BelovedYoga are invited to take a class free during the month of May. A five-class pass can be purchased for $50.

Check out the class schedule on the studio’s website.


  • Amy Sue

    I wonder if the rent is sufficiently high to compensate for the cost overruns on this scandal of a purchase by the Reston Association. I certainly don’t pay Reston Association dues to provide discounted facilities for for-profit companies.

    • John Baker

      Amy Sue– really? Isn’t it better to get it in use and having it rented and in use. Lets move on!

      • Amy Sue

        Yes, it should be open regular hours for Reston Association members instead of being rented out for profit.

      • Caul Shivers

        Agreed. The complaints are getting old.

        • Nyla J.

          No, having an overarching, overspending HOA is getting old.

        • Mike M

          The problem remains. Fulkerson.

    • Mike M

      You can see the distortion and damage done to the local economy when community dues are squandered on assets we don’t need. Now this place competes with legitimate businesses who have to pay full rent because we are subsidizing our lower-demand space. (The same would be true for covered tennis.) We would all do better to make our own decisions with our own money an open market than have bureaucrats spend it for their friends petty interests, or for any reason to maximum extent practical. The legitimate businesses can grow – the better one, that is. I think we ought to put an extra assessment on the homes that “benefited” from the Tetra lock down. Put the cost where the benefit occurs and see if there is a net.

      • Amy Sue

        The same is true for many of Reston’s assets. Look through the most recent Reston Association magazine and you’ll see that the fees charged for many camps and other services are not much higher for non-Reston Association members than they are for RA members. So we’re all subsidizing these camps and activities for non members.

      • JoeInReston

        I agree mostly with the first two sentences, but I do think there are good community assets to have – outdoor pools, outdoor sports facilities (tennis courts, soccer fields, baseball fields) and the walking trails.

        • Mike M

          I think the key is understanding that you have to be VERY restrained in where you poke the government’s nose. Restraint should be the first rule. In general, it’s a bad thing. The default answer ought to be no.

          In Reston, most voters don’t understand that. They tend to buy into some of the DNC promulgated myths:
          – The government is and should be the center of the economy.
          – Government should give our money and other stuff away in the name of righteousness, even if it means borrowing on the backs of our grandchildren.
          If you think the climate is in danger, wait until the debt chickens come home to roost!

          Think how much better off would we be at the Reston level if only the “government” stuck to your priorities and the maintenance thereof?

  • Nyla J.

    This building was purchased by everyone for the benefit of a select and corrupt few, and holy cat-cow it enrages me everytime anytime anything about the Tetra building comes up.

    I strongly oppose this collaboration.

    Is Beloved paying the same as what it would cost me to rent the same amount of time in this POS space?

    Are the terms of this agreement available to the public?

    • Jenny Gibbers

      No, they “lost the paperwork”.

    • LakeNewportLady

      I get that it’s annoying but it’s already done. I voted against the purchase but we are where we are so I want to see them renting it out as much as possible to make some money back. I even encourage you to rent it if you want.

      • Amy Sue

        Why should I have to rent a facility that I paid for? Why is the RA so mismanaged that the fees all of us pay are not sufficient to support the services of the Association? If the RA is short on cash, cut back on administrative and staff costs.

        • Caul Shivers

          Your dues paid for such a miniscule fraction of the Tetra cost. I wouldn’t say you paid for it. It’s time to get over it. Complaining just makes you all look bad.

          • John Higgins

            I tend to agree that it is tiring to read unfocused complaining about Lake House. But I also appreciate the wisdom of not “forgetting the mistakes of history”. More large projects are on the horizon and we would do well to keep Lake House fresh in our minds.
            A small quibble, if I may. The fraction of its cost paid by our assessments is about 85 percent. I would go further, and call it 100 percent considering that developer contributions diverted to Lake House will be replaced by assessment revenues. It’s important to remember that the piper has not been paid with respect to the loan to purchase this property. At this point, the cost per member is close to $200 and rising with each annual deficit.

          • Mike M

            So, government should make bad decisions for bad reasons and be unaccountable? Thanks, “Caul.”

        • Conservative Senior

          Fire Cate & save $250,000 She is useless & is responsible for the lake house mess!

        • JoeInReston

          This isn’t some new workaround to handle the cost overruns. The plan has always been for the Lake House to be rented out to cover the mortgage. To expect a free rent-less facility is not realistic.

          • Jenny Gibbers

            Staff positions had to be created in order to manage the day to day operations of the lake house and to oversee marketing operations and such. This is traditionally described as “scope creep”. Now imagine the added headache of a stupid adult / child falling into the lake or some other mishap and the case goes to litigation.

            The whole thing was never thought thru, its a big mistake! Sell now!!!

            Our HOA rates could be half of what they are now, we could have regular pool hours and employees could benefit from Improved retiremwnt plans!

          • JoeInReston

            Can the RA afford to sell the Lakehouse if it wanted to? How many suckers are willing to pay twice the tax assessed value for a property with easements that make it difficult/impossible to use commercially? So any sell would likely be at a much lower price, meaning the RA would have to bring money to the table at the sale.

  • RoadApples

    re: Lake House
    Do not stick your ‘head in the sand’.
    Always take the opportunity (for perpetuity and to prevent future poor business decisions) to remind the RA Community: for the disgraceful process/misinformation
    leading to this purchase.


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