County Supervisors Approve Budget With Few Changes, Increased Spending For Schools

by RestonNow.com May 2, 2017 at 2:45 pm 8 Comments

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors (BOS) officially adopted its budget for FY2018 on Tuesday, with a 2.79-percent increase in funding for schools and nearly $2 million in additional funding for assistance to those suffering from mental illnesses.

County supervisors also voted to keep real estate taxes at the same rate of $1.13 per $100 assessed value of a property.

In a statement released around 11 a.m. Tuesday, following the BOS meeting, Chairman Sharon Bulova said “few changes” were made to the proposed budget that was previously advertised.

Though it falls roughly $47 million short of what education advocates told the County they needed, the superviors approved a 2.79-percent increase in funding for schools, bringing Fairfax County Public Schools’ annual budget to $2.17 billion for the upcoming 2017-18 school year. The increase is equivalent to an additional $53.4 million over FY2017.

In total, funding for schools is equal to 52.8 percent of the County’s total annual budget, Bulova said.

Another area that will see increased spending in FY2018 is the county’s new “Diversion First” program for those suffering with mental illness.

The program aims to divert individuals with mental illness away from jail and into treatment programs.

“In 2016, 375 people were diverted from potential incarceration, and I am proud to continue supporting this effective public safety and human services initiative,” Bulova said.

Bulova said, looking ahead, FY2019 will likely see even more budget challenges, particularly in areas like schools, housing, human services, the environment, and Metro.

“Metro is anticipated to require a significant increase in funding from local jurisdictions to promote safe and reliable service delivery,” she said. “As always, Fairfax County will remain vigilant to any future changes that may impact the local budget in the upcoming fiscal year.”

Read more about the county’s adopted budget on the Fairfax County Government website.




  • Greg

    Of course —- same story for the last 20 years. It’s never enough!

    “Bulova said, looking ahead, FY2019 will likely see even more budget challenges, particularly in areas like schools, housing, human services, the environment, and Metro.”

  • Scott

    “Metro is anticipated to require a significant increase in funding from local jurisdictions to promote safe and reliable service delivery,”

    Why the hell was a train built if not enough people ride it to even come close to covering the costs?

    Tolls on cars more than doubled so far and now the county will tax people who don’t ride the train to pay for the train they don’t use.
    This was obvious as there are only 2 jurisdictions in the nation that have metro systems in the black. Suburban rail never works and now the county is stuck FOREVER subsidizing it.
    Thanks Gerry Connolly
    Thanks Sharon Bulova
    Thanks Kathy Hudgins

    • Greg

      Don’t forget Kenny Plum — he owns the silver line more than anyone — although Hudgins is on the WMATA board. Talk about insanity…

  • The Constitutionalist

    Look everyone who said the schools would be without funding if we didn’t approve the meals tax – they decided to allocate more money to the schools anyways.

    We’ll make up the difference… around October.

  • cRAzy

    This Board and these Board members, starting with Bulova and including Hudgins, have no idea how to manage the County’s spending. Their “do the same thing and hope it works out better next year” approach to the budget is, rather like Metro, leading the County–and Reston–down a higher taxes, less livability rabbit hole. In fact, with Hudgins’ “leadership,” they are absolutely killing Bob Simon’s vision for the growth of Reston.

    • Mookie Taylor

      I can’t tell from this: are you happy or mad that they aren’t raising taxes? Your complaint about them doing the same thing as last year suggests you are unhappy about it, but then you complain about higher taxes, which I also don’t understand because they aren’t raising taxes. Please explain your logic.

      • cRAzy

        So when was the last time your property taxes went down?

      • Tammi Petrine

        For me, it’s not so much about the tax issue as it is about continuing to make assumptions that are destructive of the planned gem that was Reston. Ffx Co. BOS is approving so many hideous plans that are not good design or even close. Developers are not designing to add to the collective miracle that Reston represents but instead cashing in on it in every possible way and leaving us poorer for their participation. Examples are building lot line to lot line with as few trees, open space and public recreational amenities as possible.

        One flagrant example now being proposed is the 32 acre project south of DTR, west of Reston Parkway and north of Sunrise Valley Dr. IOW, directly north of RA headquarters. This plan calls for retaining the two twin office buildings already on site, creating a public “feature” of the retention storm water ponds, cramming 2,260 living units in the parking lots surrounding the twins, adding more commercial at the periphery, having a minimal retail on the ground floor of one of multi-family buildings and providing no public recreation space. Kicker: the owner is not going to join either RA or RTCA! IOW, residents there will take advantage of the open spaces and trails that RA pays for and not contribute a dime.

        The attorney representing this client sat on the Master Planning Task Force for 5 years and had no problem voting ‘yes’ when FCPA’s Sandy Stallman declared that only 3 playing fields were necessary for the corridor (urban guidelines demanded 15; sub-urban = 30; we got THREE!!!!) because the ‘surrounding tapestry of recreational amenities was so rich’ the corridor didn’t need anymore. WHAT??? It’s pathetic that any county dept would be so ridiculous when
        A. They planning for tens of thousands of new folks,
        B. Existing fields are woefully scarce and
        C. Millennials who like active sports are a targeted demographic.
        D. The square footages of the dwelling units (DU’s) are getting smaller and smaller.

        So this particular 32 acre site is one of the biggest contiguous parcels in the corridor. IF it doesn’t supply a couple of fields, who else will/can???

        Then there’s the pathetic Metro around which all of this insanity is being built. No comment about its design or viability but BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars are being funneled into it and developers will be making $$$ Billions more from surrounding new stuff. BUT they somehow can not afford their own dang streets so BOS decides new residents will be taxed for the shortage? OMG< YES, we need new people on the board and commissions and staff who insist that existing community standards are held in place vs. forcing poorly planned urbanization down the throats of Restonians.


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