Herndon Kmart Store Closing Its Doors

by Dave Emke May 12, 2017 at 11:30 am 25 Comments

Signs are going up this morning at Kmart (494 Elden St., Herndon) advertising a store-closing sale.

The 84,000-square foot store was purchased in August by Florida-based real estate-investment firm Sterling Organization at a cost of $7 million. At the time, the firm’s CEO said “the real estate fundamentals of — and the demographics surrounding — this property are nothing short of exceptional.”

The chain announced 150 store closures earlier this year; however, the Herndon location was not on that list.

A manager at the store Friday morning told Reston Now he was not authorized to provide further details about the situation.

  • Willie Reston

    Now seems like a good time to buy a lot of stock in Kmart and Sears.

    • JoeInReston

      I have quality ocean front property for sale in Wyoming if your interested.

    • LaffyTaffy

      I made my fortune investing in Blockbuster.

      • 40yearsinreston

        Blockbusters CEO’s response to Video On Demand(1997) : I’ll hire some Pizza drivers

  • Kevin Dockery

    Was just a matter of time, knew it was going to happen. I’ve got a lot of childhood memories in the 80s going there with my father every weekend to pick up garden supplies. How long has that store been there? Since the 60s or 70s? Kind of sad.

    • Greg

      It was built and opened in 1978.

    • Mike M

      I have been in there about three or four times. And yes, seventies is what I thought each time. It was like going back to the seventies. It looked seventies. It even smelled 70s. (Or Mexico in the early 2000s if you go by the background voices.)

    • J. Frank Parnell

      R.I.P Kmart-Herndon. Yes, it is a sign of a retail business model that has passed, but it also represents another nail in the coffin of America’s middle class and working class laborers who are now being relegated to the “Dollar Store” business model for their basic needs. Less than a mile away in Reston, there is a re-zoning effort there to continue the Millionaire’s row of condo’s and townhouses at the area that is now occupied by the Reston Library, Police Station and the dreaded-evil Human Resources offices. Will the Town of Herndon allow the same kind of “progress” at the gravestone of Kmart? At any rate, I “stumbled” into the store only a week or so (May 5th) ago with my brother after a so-so dinner at Brahma…we haven’t been there in ages (sound familiar?) and wanted to see the “state of things” because the end was nigh with Sears now shy of chapter 11 or chapter 7 bankruptcy in the next 60 days . We went in with gallows humor to find empty shelves in many parts of the store-a clear signal that the end was near…

      • Phil Jones

        Are you kidding about the town of Herndon ? The current mayor and council are gentrifying historic neighborhoods. Over developing open spaces has wreaked once quiet streets. Herndon has now fully embraced the Arlington redevelopment model where older homes are torn down and exiting lots are being redeveloped unacceptable density. Closing K-Mart is exactly what the new Herndon local officials are seeking.

  • Arielle in NoVA

    Any idea what’s replacing it? Or is the whole shopping center getting updated?

    • 40yearsinreston

      Its already been updated by Lerner
      Go and have a look

      • Greg

        Everything but the Kmart parcel has been (minimally) updated. Dwoskin owns everything but the Kmart and the part of the parking lot that Kmart owns, and Sugaroak owns the smaller section where the Virginia Kitchen is. I doubt there will be much more redevelopment there, especially knowing how glacially (pre global warming glacially) slow any development happens in Herndon.

        My bet is that it will either be demolished and rebuilt to suit or remodeled and partitioned into smaller retail spaces, perhaps for an Aldi, but that will be an issue with the Safeway across the street.

        The building shell is operationally and functionally obsolete, so something substantial will have to happen to put it back into productive service.

        Or, if we get very fortunate, Lowe’s might take serious look. Lowe’s demolished and rebuilt the Kmart space on Jermantown Road. Lowe’s likes to locate near Home Depot and builds around 100,000 square feet. But the location along Elden St might be too isolated for Lowe’s and too far from the Home Depot.

        Probably too small for Walmart since it likes 150,000 square feet for its supercenters and more parking, but you never know…look at the parking mess at the Tysons Walmart.

        But, parking is free at the Herndon Kmart center!

  • Atlas Shrugged

    Some interesting history here, summarized in wo words: Ayn Rand


    Also, perhaps consider the guy – according to Wiki – was kidnapped in 2003 and convinced his captors to let him go.


    (Atlas Shrugged) The book depicts a dystopian United States, wherein many of society’s most prominent and successful industrialists abandon their fortunes and even the nation, in response to aggressive new regulations, whereupon most vital industries collapse.

    • Jon Taylor

      Go away, libertarian!

      • Nunya Bidness

        Why the hate? Don’t like opposing viewpoints?

        • Mike M

          People often hate what they fear. But good question.

      • Jenny Gibbers

        Lampert reads Ayn. I dont have an opinion on this topic, just provided this info for enjoyment of others.

      • S S Kresge

        “to promote the well-being of mankind.”

    • 40yearsinreston

      Ayn Rand, a drug addled nymphomaniac who appeals to little boys like Paul Ryan

      • Mike M

        And what’s wrong with nymphomaniacs?

  • Greg

    Sigh. No more gardening supplies. Back to the Horrible Depot.

  • Patrick Ohara

    I hope they put a Microcenter store in it,s place.It would be a perfect location given the large amount of Tech companies in the area,and the large amount of Tech savy people here (gamers,telcom workers,contractors,etc)The size would be a perfect fit for Microcenter,and this area of Fairfax county(high income area,Metro)would make it an excellent location to do business!

    • 40yearsinreston

      Use the internet
      Microcenter cant compete

    • Joseph Baker

      I am told Herndon Family Medicine is going there.

  • Bino

    Any idea what store is coming??


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