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Friday Morning Notes

by Dave Emke May 19, 2017 at 9:00 am 18 Comments

Board President Addresses Pool Schedule — Sherri Hebert, president of the Reston Association Board of Directors, says RA’s pool schedule is broken into six sessions this year in the effort to maximize association resources. She says the board will be looking at each line item in the 2017-18 budget “to identify ways to shift funds to meet the community’s requests as they apply to pools and other matters.” [Reston Association]

Television Interview at RTC Cut Short — When a local television crew came to Reston Town Center to do a story on the effects of paid parking, they had to move across the street after security told them “photography is no longer allowed on the Town Center’s site.” [WHAG]

Bojangles’ Coming to Northern Virginia — The restaurant chain has a multiunit development agreement with a new franchisee that will bring its Southern-style chicken joints to the area. No news yet on how many are coming or where they will be. [Washington Business Journal]

Registration Open for Women’s 5K — Reston Runners will put on the “Seize the Day” women’s 5K on Saturday, June 17. The course is on Reston Association pathways. [Reston Runners]

  • LaureenMT

    Reston Association blames its drastic cuts to school hours on availability of lifeguards. However, the aquatics Department had requested a funding increase to cover lifeguards, and Reston Association decreased funding instead. Reston Association pays to heat two pools during the early and late portions of the summer, but these are open only on weekends. It would be simple to add weekday hours in the afternoons, as in the past, to allow lap swimming and other pool usage. Reston Association is cutting costs here to make up for overspending in other areas of the budget. I object strongly.

    • Jenny Gibbers

      After successive years of increased assessments and fees RA is decreasing one of the major services that it provides.
      There will be no weekday swim hours at any pool prior to Memorial day weekend, 5/13-5/26.

      There will be weekend only hours at 10 of Restons 15 pools between 5/27 and 6/23.
      There will be 2 close days rather than one at 13 of Restons 15 pools between 6/24 and 8/13.

      Operation Lake Hut commence.

      • Joanna Simon

        Us lap swimmers need the pools to be open during the week as well as weekends. It’s only two pools…surely lifeguards can be found for this. I hate to see my bill get larger and the benefits I’m paying for get smaller.

      • Mike M

        Did your dog image just turn into a Jesus image, then turn back to a dog?

        • Jenny Gibbers

          I think its just nuance stemming from web server caching. Officially I am with Jesus now.

          And if it was up to him he would keep the pools open, just a guess of course.

  • Willie Reston

    BP is getting downright Trumpian in its behavior. Deny that things are going horribly wrong though they so clearly are, then threaten/censor anyone who tries to report on it.

    • Mike M

      Let’s keep it real, Willie. Just calling names and making false linkages just discredits your cause.

      PS: Trump won. Get over it. For the good of our country, get over it!

      • Willie Reston

        Describe how it’s a false linkage? It’s a perfectly apt one.

        PS – everybody is over the election; Trumpsters are the only ones who ever bring it up anymore. I don’t know anyone who’s still upset about Hillary losing. We don’t like Trump because he’s an awful human being who’s causing terrible damage to our country. In Trumpster Land we should all just shut up about it, huh? Get bent.

    • Scott

      Trumpian? After the last 8 years, this is a classic case of “projection”.

  • guest

    If the Board really is serious about responding to members wishes, they will transfer funds allocated for the capital project director’s position and use it to open the pools THIS SUMMER. This position/department was pushed through at the last minute without any discussion and over the objection of several board members. We do not want this new department or any new capital projects or any expansion of RA.. Looking at the budget for next year is exactly what was exactly what was said last year and look what happened .It’s time to stop making excuses and act NOW.. .

    • Reston2000

      I would rather keep the Capital Projects person (at least we have someone in there now who has responsibility for managing capital projects), and cut funds we pay for legal services, which ran us up over $1 million last year…for a homeowners association?? that’s crazy.What’s our mission, to pad the pockets of attorneys or to keep our pools open?

      • 40yearsinreston

        The Director is a salesman
        His job is to ‘liase’ with the Board i.e attend meeting​s and do nothing

        • Reston2000

          It’s hard to see hours cut at the pools before hours for legal fees are cut…

  • Scott

    BP is getting crazy. They claim business is up/unaffected. If that was true, they should want media interviewing businesses stating they are doing fine and customers saying they frequent RTC just as frequently as before. Shutting down this camera crew looks real bad and will not help their disaster mgmt effort.

    BTW, have been to RTC once, on a Saturday, since paid parking started. I don’t miss it much.

  • Greg

    Follow the money. The Tetra money. And the RA salary and benefit money. Is the CEO really earning her $250,000 salary and benefit package, Sherri?

    • 40yearsinreston


  • Why do you bother?

    Gee, BP – got something to hide?

  • 40yearsinreston

    The Lake shack is sucking us dry


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