Reston Association Board to Choose New Treasurer at Thursday Meeting

by Dave Emke May 22, 2017 at 2:45 pm 8 Comments

Two applicants have put their names in the hat for the position of Reston Association treasurer, and the Board of Directors will make its decision this week.

According to the packet for Thursday’s meeting, Sridhar Ganesan and Michael Werner have applied for the role. They are the only individuals who responded to a call for candidates that had a May 19 deadline. The board will vote by secret ballot Thursday.

Ganesan is president of the Reston Citizens Association and also heads the Mediaworld LLC group that sought to conduct the Tetra/Lake House review. He works as CFO of Planet 3, an exploration-based learning company. In his application letter to the RA Board, he said he believes he has “the technical skills and work experience, as well as commitment to public service in Reston to successfully perform [as treasurer] on the RA Board.”

Werner has been a member of the Reston Association Fiscal Committee since 2014. He is executive vice president of Impexium, a company that develops and sells software to associations. In his letter, he said his background has been in accounting and he believes “that getting involved in the fiscal matters best suits [his] abilities and temperament.”

Former board member Dannielle LaRosa had served as treasurer since 2015. She stepped down from the board effective April 11, and the board voted at its March 23 meeting to put out the call for treasurer applicants. At a meeting April 12, the board voted to retain LaRosa as treasurer until the call for candidates was completed.

LaRosa was eligible to reapply for the position but declined.

Other issues on the agenda for Thursday’s meeting of the Reston Association Board of Directors include:

  • vote on adoption of the proposed Community Engagement Plan for Major Capital Projects
  • a land-use update on Fairfax County’s proposed zoning ordinance amendment to increase the population density limit in Reston’s Planned Residential Community District
  • action on a covenants complaint regarding Airbnb rentals at a home on Trails Edge Lane
  • a lake-use request for the Lake Anne Cardboard Box Regatta, slated for August
  • committee appointments

The Reston Association Board of Directors will meet at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at RA headquarters (12001 Sunrise Valley Drive). The meeting will also be streamed on Reston Association’s YouTube channel.

  • Greg

    I can’t imagine who’s going to win that election…

    • Jenny Gibbers

      Ez now young fella.

    • Schemp

      Well, it’s not election, it’s a secret ballot. Will it be the association watchdog or the one selling software to associations….. Hmmm, we shall see

      • John Farrell

        Huh? Most elections are held by secret ballot.

  • John Higgins

    Some would say this election is a bit premature. Treasurer LaRosa was elected for a full term (ending in May 2018). Before they elect one of these gentleman (both qualified in different ways) there has to be a vacancy. Ms. LaRosa could step down or the board could vote to remove her from office “in the best interests of the Association.” I hardly see how removing a very qualified, enthusiastic, and competent person is in our best interests.

    • John Farrell

      Apparently Ms. LaRosa has resigned, again.

  • I see dumb people

    So someone has a beef with Kevin? Hard to imagine… I guess the neighbors may be jealous. Its a shame that the Merican Dream is shattered, mostly be people looking over the fence: how many snow shovels does s/he have? Typical Reston though… “If I work for the bank, darn, you better work for the bank too”.


    Sad situation really, that the RA has to get engaged in almost every facet of our lives.

    • Greg

      Looks like the RA will be spinning the legal meter at warp speed. There are quite a few airbnb listings in Reston, including some of the posher ones on the lakes.



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