Restaurants Offering Specials in Celebration of Reston Town Center Parking Fee Changes

by Kalina Newman June 5, 2017 at 2:45 pm 12 Comments

Reston Town Center restaurants are vying to woo customers back now that parking rules have changed.

Starting today, parking in Reston Town Center is free for an hour before 5 p.m. and completely free all evening after 5 p.m. Patrons still have to pay a minimum of $2 for any time spent over an hour in the garages before 5 p.m.

In celebration of the new parking deal, at least two Reston Town Center restaurants are offering specials tonight.

Seafood restaurant PassionFish (11960 Democracy Drive) is hosting a “Parking Repeal Party” tonight in their bar/lounge, according to post on their Twitter account.

“PassionFish has always offered parking validation, but is pleased that its fellow businesses will have the same advantages and that guests can visit more easily,” said Simoneink senior accounting director Meg Malloy, who works with PassionFish.

In addition, according to a Facebook post by French bistro Mon Ami Gabi (11950 Democracy Drive), the restaurant will have a special dinner menu item this week “to celebrate the return of free parking.”

  • North Restonian

    I’m sure they would like us to celebrate. I’ll decline until there is something to celebrate: No app to park, no lie about commuter parking. Tysons has figured this out.

  • Drip

    I think they have their work cut out for them… All this paid parking fiasco has done is invite thousands of local customers to venture a bit out of their comfort zones to explore the numerous other options in the area. As a result, RTC has been unmasked as a glorified corporate mall that is nowhere near “elite” as RTC’s spokesperson (until they hired a PR firm to take over) attempted to make it seem. In other words, RTC allowed its local competition to gain a foothold over customer loyalties.

  • Arielle in NoVA

    Great title/theme for a party, but it’s not a “parking repeal” by BP; it’s just a partial pullback. Good luck to PassionFish and the others, but I’m still avoiding RTC because of BP’s arrogance and greed.

  • Tim May

    The Counter is having a special too. A set burger and fries combo for $11. Monday through Friday.

    • 40yearsinreston

      $5 inckuding drink @ wendys across the road + free parking

      • noodmik

        1/2 Price Burgers ALL DAY Every Wednesday at the Mediterranean Breeze in Herndon.

  • RepealBP

    Scrooges at Boston Properties still piss us off, but we’ve got some fine restaurants and other businesses stuck with the SOBs, so we’d like to give them some support now that there has been some real progress with the lards of the manor. We will visit in the free evenings, but are not falling for their grungy daytime gimmickry.

    • 40yearsinreston

      BP are feeling the heat
      Continue the boycott

  • 40yearsinreston

    With the spyware they probably figure they can sell your usage and location data
    Nothing will prevent them

  • Blair

    I think the public is smart enough to not get caught up in meaningless celebrations. RTC needs to hunker down. I think it will be a cold summer with empty streets and vacant shops and restaurants.

  • Brinn

    “to celebrate the return of free parking.”

    ……….I think the folks at Mon Ami Gabi are working with a different definition of free because $3/hour M-Sa for street parking with no exceptions, not even for accessible spaces and $2/hour from 3:30a – 5p M-F in the garages is absolutely not “free parking”

  • RestonAssurance

    A party special to pat themselves on the back for a free hour? Sounds more like a comedy special. Still won’t go until BP can graduate Charm School, and complete Liars and Greed Anonymous.


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