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Reston Real Estate: Upper Lake Drive, South Reston

by Eve Thompson June 27, 2017 at 10:15 am 9 Comments

Right off Sunrise Valley Drive and within walking distance of the Wiehle-Reston East Silver Line station is a lovely street of contemporary homes. Upper Lake Drive is simply gorgeous.

Like many neighborhoods in Reston, Upper Lake is a horseshoe-shaped drive (don’t ask me why). Much of the street backs up to lovely Lake Thoreau (hence the name “Upper Lake”). At the entrance closest to the Metro, residents have easy access to a Reston Association tennis court. At the other entrance is Lake Thoreau pool. In between are mature oaks and maples and contemporary single-family homes nestled in the woods.

The neighborhood was built in the late 1970s, and the homes are very spacious. All are on generous plots, giving owners plenty of private space. I have a listing on Upper Lake with an open floor plan, exposed wood beam ceilings, wood floors and big windows. I’m not saying ALL the homes are like this, but this is typical of the neighborhood.

Upper Lake Drive is what Reston is all about: close proximity to schools, shopping and recreation while still feeling like you live in the country.

Photo courtesy Jessica Wallach/Portrait Play Time

  • Fact Finder

    The houses are very small and expensive while the available parking spaces are overtaken by commuters.

    • 40yearsinreston

      Paid parking will solve the problem

      • Anonymous Poster

        I see what you did there.

    • UpperLakeHomeOwner

      I live on Upper Lakes. It’s a fantastic neighborhood, my house is about 2700 square feet, so not too small, and at least at our end of the street we’ve not seen any issues with commuter parking. Are you in a single family home on Upper Lakes?

    • Willie Reston

      “The houses are very small…” – False
      “… and expensive…” – True
      “… parking spaces are overtaken by commuters.” – False

      Hey, you’re batting .333, not bad!

    • Restonian

      Hey Factov Finderovsky: you should be Trump’s new Press Secretary!! Just like Baghdad Bob (remember him!?) you are eminently qualified based on your comment above” …very small (actually the smallest … believe me), expensive (the most expensive in the US … trust me), parking taken by commuters (it’s a disaster … believe me)” 🙂

    • Fact Finder

      I never went deep on this one, only went as far as Geddys Ct and Gatesborough. Anyways, enjoy your neighborhood and real estate valuations.

      The parking issue, if there is one-probably contained to upper upper lk dr. And hey, dont worry, take the boat to safeway 😉

  • Upper Lake Owner #2

    I live on Upper Lake and love it. My house is contemporary over 3k sq ft and if you bought a house when this community was built you may feel like it’s expensive now, but it’s no more expensive than the rest of the houses in the surrounding area. The mature trees, people, access to the lake, trails, tennis courts, pool and metro are all in walking distance. The wildlife is abundant and a pleasure to see out our windows and in the lake. I can even take my boat dock to the Safeway shopping center. How many communities can say they have that feature?

    There are a few extra cars that park along the tennis court side because of the metro but we could literally fit another hundred down the street (not that we want that many) – so not sure how you label that a parking issue.

    I found this street 5 years ago and waited almost 3 for a house to become available. So glad I did! It’s a perfect street to live on and look forward to seeing my kids grow up here!

  • RestonWalker

    I agree. When we came here 8 years ago, my wife fell in love with the house, but I fell in love with the street. So many people pass our house every day on walks and that’s what I noticed when I first came here. I’ve walked to Southlakes Shopping Center hundreds if not thousands of times, and it always puts me in a great mood to get some tranquil time in an almost rural setting. And of course only about 15 minutes of walking to get my Starbucks fix, lol!


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