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Panera Bread at Woodland Park Crossing Closes Suddenly

by Dave Emke June 29, 2017 at 11:30 am 8 Comments

(This article was updated at 12:10 p.m. Friday, June 30, with a statement from Rosenthal Properties.)

Customers looking for Panera Bread in the Woodland Park Crossing plaza in Herndon have been surprised recently to find it is no longer there.

The restaurant at 2328 Woodland Crossing Drive has had its outdoor signage stripped. All that is left is a sign posted on the door that reads simply: “Sorry for the inconvenience, We are Closed Permanently.” Nearby locations of the restaurant chain are listed on the sign, including the Worldgate Drive, Elden Street and Reston Town Center cafés.

A Yelp reviewer posted Monday that she “asked an employee at a nearby business [who] said it had something to do with issues with the landlord.”

Woodland Park Crossing is managed by Rosenthal Properties, who list the former Panera Bread’s 4,817-square foot space as available. According to a statement from Billy Orlove, Rosenthal director of leasing, sent to Reston Now on Friday:

Panera Bread’s lease expires today (6/30/2017), and Panera elected not to renew its lease with the landlord.

Rosenthal is actively working with an exciting new tenant to backfill the Panera Bread space, and we will happily share that news with you and the Reston/Herndon community as soon as we can.

  • Brad

    No surprise. That was the worst Panera I’ve ever been to.

    • Herndon mom

      Disagree- the manager was helpful and when mistakes were made (admittedly often) he made it right with a smile.

  • Mike M

    I was surprised. They seemed to do well. The management of a nearby establishment told me the landlord can be bumptious. I think the whiff of Metro has them all thinking their property is more valuable than it is. I assume they are putting the squeeze on the lessees.

    • RestonAssurance

      Landlord received consultation from BP.

    • Greg

      There’s quite a bit of empty space there now — most of the second floor is empty and the bank building is vacant.

      I wonder if Harris-Teeter will stay.

    • Richard

      self-assertive or proud to an irritating degree

      Well, you learn something every day.

      • Mike M

        Stick wif me Richard.
        It was in Reston Now where I learned the expression “upskirt.”

  • Schlomo Blankscreen

    The all day vampers made the place look busy but it was just paid parking.


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