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This is a sponsored post by Anna Gibson, owner of AKG Design Studio and an award-winning, certified kitchen and bathroom designer. AKG Design Studio is a boutique design firm specializing in kitchen, bathroom designs and cabinetry sales. Contact Anna at 571-989-2541 or [email protected], and follow her work on Houzz; Pinterest; Facebook and Twitter.

School is finally over! And the kids are home for the summer, which means there are craft papers and art supplies flying all around the house! Yes, you did that trip to the art supply store to get all the googly eyes and glitter paper to keep the kids away from the TV for just few hours. So, what do you with all this now?

This week we are catching up with guest blogger Kim Creigh, owner of Creigh~ations, an Etsy shop that customizes in educational craft kits, birthday party decorations and cute gifts. She is the crafty hostess of the Creigh~ative Connection, a free Facebook group that helps moms connect with their children through creativity. She’s here this week to give us her expert tips on how to organize a craft room.

Can you thrive in a messy space?

Have you ever heard that a messy desk actually means you’re more creative?! No? Well, don’t burst my bubble because I’ve read articles that support this and I just chalk my scrap-paper-covered desk up to my creativity! What IS the best way to organize that space into something more orderly? After pinning lots of craft room organization, reading about it and then applying it to my own craft space, I’m going to share my top tips to organizing that craft room! (Some of the links provided are affiliate links in this article. I only recommend what I use and what works!)

What is the biggest problem in craft storage?

If you’re a serious crafter, you are also probably a paper hoarder. This is the biggest issue in a craft room, in my opinion. There are so many possibilities, but if you are a *true* paper hoarder, you need to invest in some paper storage options. These 12×12 shelves are key. Yes, it may look like a craft store, but these paper holders are the way to go! There’s nothing worse than grabbing a piece of pretty cardstock and seeing a bent corner because of how it was stored!


And now what?

Once you organize your paper, you are on the way to an organized craft room! I would also recommend having a bin for scraps. If you are super organized, you could even color code these bins, but I personally simply have a large bin that I throw all of my scraps into, and this seems to work.

What is your last tip?

I would highly recommend keeping anything you use on a daily basis within arm’s reach on your desk. For me, this includes my computer, my Cricut Cricut mats + tools, scissors, adhesive and whatever paper I need for my current project.

Decide what you use the most, position it close to you and then figure out a paper storage system that works for you. Organize your other craft tools based on importance and also how much physical space you have. You are on your way to an organized, happy craft space!

Do YOU have any craft room organization tips? Leave a comment below!

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