Bullets Shot Into Occupied Homes in Reston Monday Night

by Dave Emke July 5, 2017 at 6:15 pm 10 Comments

Bullets struck occupied homes in the Chestnut Grove Condominiums earlier this week.

According to a Fairfax County Police Department report, the incident took place at about 10:45 p.m. Monday. Residents of a home in the 11200 block of Chestnut Grove Square, off Wiehle Avenue, heard gunshots. A male subject was seen walking past the building, a witness told police.

Police determined that one bullet flew through a window of the home. Further investigation revealed that a second home’s glass door was also struck by a bullet.

No one was injured, and police say they are continuing to search for the suspect.

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  • Paul Walsh

    It’s refreshing to see no racist comments regarding a shooting.
    Chestnut Grove is an iconic Reston development- high density development living among nature, very diverse population.
    I’m sorry violence has intruded on life there.

    • jmsullivan

      Well, be patient. It’s early yet.

    • Guest

      “Iconic?” I would never go that far, having lived there briefly a long time ago.
      It is a fairly typical apartment complex of a type built in many suburban areas in the 70’s and 80’s. Fairly non-descript, ordinary multi-family architecture.( It’s got a bunch of trees surrounding it. I guess that is what you mean by “living among nature”)

    • Heh

      Well, you know the rule.

      If the police don’t explicitly identify the suspect as white, then he isn’t.

  • Mike M

    Race, Paul? What made you think of race, my righteous bro?
    Was it a tragedy or was it a crime?
    Is this the first time that violence has intruded there?

  • Anonymous Poster

    We live here, and this is the first we heard of this incident. Glad everyone’s alright.

    It’s a very mixed population of all kinds of income levels and backgrounds. Occasionally police are here, but it appears (and this is unsubstantiated, I don’t know the details of these situations) to be domestic related, nothing generally violent.

    I can’t say for sure if this is the first time something violent has happened here, but it’s the first incident I’m aware of since moving here in mid-2014.

    Across the street in some of the back parking lots of Isaac Newton Square there does appear to be suspicious activity from time to time – people ‘cleaning’ out their trunks most of the night, loitering under some of the stairwells, and the like. It hasn’t been as bad as a couple of years ago, but perhaps something from over there happened across the street? It’s hard to say.

  • Anonymous Poster

    Go on a take a wild guess about the description of the suspect!

    • Richard


    • anonymous poster

      Who knows, there are all kinds that live here with us. I’d appreciate the description in case this individual comes back and he can be reported, though.

      Having fun trying to smear a stranger?

  • Generic User

    This is what happens when you have to start paying for parking.


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