Four Candidates on Ballot for Special School Board Election

by Dave Emke July 7, 2017 at 4:00 pm 11 Comments

Four people will have their names on the ballot for an August election to fill an At-Large vacancy on the Fairfax County School Board.

Challengers for the seat include Chris S. Grisafe, supported by the Fairfax County Republican Committee; and Karen A. Keys-Gamarrasupported by the Fairfax County Democratic Committee. Sandra D. Allen and Michael H. Owens will also be on the ballot.

Jeannette Hough, who was elected to the Board in 2015, stepped down from the position effective June 1. The term will run through the end of December 2019.

Prospective voters must be registered by Aug. 15 to be eligible to vote in the Aug. 29 election.

  • Richard

    Hold Chris Grisafe and the Republican Party responsible for the $250,000 that Fairfax County must waste on this special election. Don’t give them a single vote. Since the GOP knew they couldn’t win a county-wide vote under normal circumstances, they had Hough resign a few days before the date that aa special election wouldn’t have been necessary. We would have simply voted for this school board seat as part of the normal November election. The next time someone in the Republican Party mentions “wasteful spending”, make sure to remind them of this.

    • The Constitutionalist

      Just to play devil’s advocate…

      $250,000 is far less than whatever increases you’re bound to see in the school board’s budget this year, if completely controlled by Democrats.

      What’s the budget again this year?

      Oh yeah, $7.9B.

      • John Farrell

        The School Board has been in nominal control of Democratic Party endorsed members for decades, except that many of them really belong to the Gatehouse Party.

        For some perspective, $250,000 would enable the hiring of 5 elementary school teachers and help reduce the student count in classrooms. But I rarely hear Republicans worry about class size.

  • ryan

    I don’t feel each candidate is making their platforms clear. What they’re running on. We did some research like going to the Fairfax county B.O.E official page and kboulevard.com (which is helpful).

  • fuzion777

    School board is where it all starts, folks. Republicans have been planting their despicable candidates into the very bottom of the political system like this for decades. it’s time to get up off our asses and go vote in little elections like this. Grisafe has zero experience and he wants to name schools after Confederate generals. If he wins, he’ll slowly worm his way up the political ladder and become the next Steve King.

    Vote Keys-Gamarra.

    • Grundune

      “Republicans have been planting their despicable candidates into the very bottom of the political system like this for decades.”

      So how come we’ve endured Democrats running it for decades??? It’s time to clean house. Stop worrying about the politically correct indoctrination and make our education system great again. Compared to the rest of the world, it is a disgrace, thanks to Democrats.

      • fuzion777

        Wtf are you talking about? Dems haven’t been running it. Jeanette Hough Is a Republican.

        We don’t improve our education system by teaching our kids crap like southern pride, intelligent design, and trickle-down economics. And “political correctness” is just the right’s BS political word for “common courtesy”… which, I guess makes sense, since MAGA morons like you have none.

  • Julie Steven

    Are you a teacher? Have you worked with students in classrooms and used these ideas? If so please proceed. If not, let those of us who have been teaching for years comment on what works and what doesn’t.

    • Grundune

      It doesn’t take a carpenter to recognize a poorly made piece of furniture. A parent and grandparent can certainly evaluate the lack of results from stupid education programs.

      Both teachers and parents agree that these programs are trash, but always AFTER THE DAMAGE IS DONE. For some reason education administrators aren’t smart enough to use pilot programs or do testing before implementation.

      All but cooperative education and limiting teacher instruction to 10 minutes have been terminated in our area. THEY NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN IMPLEMENTED!

  • The Intern

    Well as a person who came to this comment chain with an open mind, my reaction is confirming that there is no place anymore for courteous, professional discourse.


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