$2.82 Million in Capital Budget Spending Projected for 2018

by Dave Emke August 8, 2017 at 10:15 am 14 Comments

During a work session Monday (video) with the Reston Association Board of Directors, representatives of RA’s Capital Projects department broke down expenditures scheduled for 2018 and 2019.

Just over $2.8 million is budgeted for projects in the coming year. The highest-ticket item is dredging of Lake Thoreau (about $500,000), while other top costs include work on asphalt trails (over $186,000) and lighting for the North Hills tennis courts ($156,000).

Looking forward to 2019, several more high-cost items help the budget go up to nearly $4 million. This includes continued work on the dredging of Lake Thoreau ($646,000) and the asphalt trails (over $192,000). In addition, over $875,000 is budgeted for renovation of the Lake Thoreau pool facility, after about $110,000 for planning in 2018.

The Board approves its Capital Projects and Operating budgets every two years.

Garrett Skinner, capital projects director, said the 10-year study of the Repair & Replacement Reserve Fund is being used in an effort to ensure that assessments don’t spike in years that larger capital projects are planned.

“We know we can still execute the work in that year without necessarily asking residents to pay significantly higher assessments just to execute what we know we need to get done,” Skinner said. “The intent was to make sure there wasn’t a significant impact on the residents to the assessment value if you can kind of make it … a consistent steady amount in terms of the capital contribution to the assessment, so when we get to those significant years, the blow isn’t right at once or a surprise to anyone.”

About $6.3 million in reserve fund balance is projected to be carried over into 2018, Skinner said, with about $1.6 million being unencumbered. To get to those numbers, the Board is being asked to fund the reserve in the amount of $2.9 million, which was already approved by the Fiscal Committee.

The Board is also being asked to consider a number of additional capital projects that have been suggested by members. Each was listed for directors along with an estimated cost and what that impact it would have on the assessment.

Next Monday, the Board will have another work session on the 2018 and 2019 Operating Budget.

Screenshot via Reston Association YouTube channel

  • Mike M

    Dangerous to bike too! Bad idea all the way around.

    • Guest

      Just ban bikes!

  • The Constitutionalist

    Dangerous to drive too, just judging by the statistics. Even more dangerous to just live. 100% fatality rate.

  • Why do you bother?

    Dave, “attempt” implies failure. I think it would be more accurate to say “in an effort…”

    • Reston Now

      Fair enough.

  • jak39450509

    My understanding is that planning work on continuous sidewalks on at least a portion of North Shore is something that Reston Association is working on.
    At least connecting the path that cuts through to American Dream Way all the way to Temporary Road.

    • restonista

      Good to know. As a person who walks along N. Shore, it stinks! The new painted lanes make you fill a little bit more safe but when the all the parked cars return, there will be no room to walk again. It seems like there are many more pedestrians than bikers any given day.

      • Mike M

        You’ve met the bike mafia. They want you banned, and they want cars banned. Astonishingly, they are making inroads – so to speak.

        • restonista

          Just witnessed two buses try to navigate the new painted lanes- they could barely stay between the lines because the space is too narrow! I’m trying to remember who said N.Shore was wide enough to accommodate all…

    • meberger

      I was told by Catherine Hudgins office that a continuous sidewalk from Temporary Road to Weihle Ave was already funded. Spring 2017. Not every one walks on American Dream Way. It’s an isolated area after business hours. Not suitable for single walkers. The access gate is too heavy to open for many in the community. The most visible and safer route is North Shore Drive. People in wheelchairs, parents pushing baby carriages and elderly people using walkers are among the many pedestrians that still are forced to walk on NSD, now in the bike lane which is vulnerable to traffic. The situation is an accident waiting to happen. Sidewalks on the main arteries are critical.
      Thank you

  • restonista

    @meberger:disqus – Were continuous sidewalks promised? I hate walking along N. Shore and there seems to be many more pedestrians than bikes!

  • 30yearsinreston

    Assess the Lakefront property owners
    We should not subsidize their property values

    • The Constitutionalist

      And you shouldn’t have access to the lake either.

  • Greg

    $875,000 for pool renovations? #smh


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