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Opening of Founding Farmers at Reston Station Pushed Back Again, to February 2018

by Dave Emke August 9, 2017 at 1:30 pm 13 Comments

If you’ve been waiting patiently for Founding Farmers to open at Reston Station, be prepared to wait a little longer still.

Founding Farmers marketing director Meaghan O’Shea told Reston Now on Wednesday that the restaurant, which was first expected to open last year, is now looking at an opening date early next year.

“We are going to be opening in February of 2018,” O’Shea said. “We’re opening a restaurant in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania and it came down that one of them would have to move dates, and that’s just the way the dice fell.”

It was first announced in October 2015 that Founding Farmers would open its Reston location in late 2016. A year later, that date was pushed to the summer of 2017. Signage currently on the building indicates that it is slated to open in “late 2017.”

O’Shea said the new projected opening date is “not expected to move again or change in any way, shape or form.”

The Reston location will be Founding Farmers’ fifth. Others are in DC, Tysons Corner and Potomac, along with the coming restaurant in King of Prussia.

O’Shea said the Reston location of the farm-to-table restaurant will feature design elements celebrating Thomas Jefferson. It will also have a private dining room, which she said the other restaurants do not have.

“We’ve gotten so many requests for it in Tysons,” she said. “It’s clearly something our guests are asking for and want in some degree.”

The restaurant will offer full sit-down menus for three meals a day, O’Shea said, along with a weekend brunch. She also said there will be a quick-service, grab-and-go program called “First Bake” on weekday mornings to cater to commuters rushing to the Metro.

“We’ve been wanting to get open, obviously, for quite some time now,” O’Shea said. “We’re very anxious and really excited … but we want to make sure it’s a successful opening and we put our best possible foot forward in every aspect.”

  • Donald Trump

    I don’t care that he’s the King of Prussia, he has no authority here and shouldn’t be taking our jobs! Deport him!

  • Not really

    It’s always great to know where you stand as a potential customer! Thanks!

  • RestoniansForTrump

    Agree with Donald Trump, these guys are just investing in a dead horse. Reston Station is failing and built on hype over socialist public transportation lines. Cars rule here in this town and I still believe Reston board should use eminent domain to seize Wiehle Reston and close it permanently and issue immediate stop work orders on the rest of the Phase 2 stations and demolish them and widen the toll roads. We need far wider roads, the toll road at a MINIMUM should be at least 8 lanes each way. And do away with the fairfax connector, they bring all kinds of undesirables into reston.

    • Mike M

      Have you actually seen people on the Connector, my sarcastic friend?
      Reston Board and eminent domain?

    • RestoniansForTurnips

      I think all fun should be banned from Reston along with any businesses that do not directly contribute to progressing the nature of the wall we will build to keep Marylanders out of Virginia. All restaurants will be seized and closed unless they provide daily documentation on how they intend to use their ingredients. Any means to feed a person who has mentioned the viability of the metro will be poisoned and the restaurant shuttered. The Reston Board should establish a force to question all those who enter Reston about their comings and goings. Any entrant making less than $74,000 per year (net of taxes) will be deemed undesirable and sent to Bethesda.

      • RVA_101

        I don’t know why but this site has been really bringing out some of the worst in people as of late

    • Real Tdubinyoface

      8 lanes each way? On a road that never has traffic even during rush hour? I don’t go west of Dulles so maybe there, but those toll roads are privately owned…

    • Real Tdubinyoface

      oh wait ur being funny i get it

      • RestoniansForTrump

        ? You people think I’m being facetious. No. I feel really welcome here, RestonNow is a pleasant community of like minded people like myself, I know most would agree with my stance.

  • Willie Reston

    I’ve said it before: this place will never open. Absolutely terrible location for a restaurant, even after the new housing is built across Wiehle.

    • vdiv

      No-no, people will be taking the Metro to it, because they can’t take the Metro to the ones in Tysons or DC or Rockville…

  • Guest

    Sadly I must agree that this is a terrible site for such large new buildings. Founding Fathers is also an overhyped concept, mediocre food, crowded seating, noisy, etc. okay for the tourist (maybe.)


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