Friday Morning Notes

by Dave Emke August 11, 2017 at 9:00 am 7 Comments

Key Information for SLHS Students — Over 2,470 students will be attending South Lakes High School this fall. The school recently provided information about class schedules, counselor assignments and much more in preparation for the new year. [South Lakes High School]

Report: Metro Safety Documents Falsified — Track reports were copied and pasted month after month, raising questions about the competency of inspectors and a lack of supervision. [WAMU]

Deon King Standing Out for Browns — In an interview with Fox Sports Ohio, SLHS alum Deon King talks about the experience he has had thus far in training camp with the Cleveland Browns. King had three tackles and a fumble recovery in the Browns’ first preseason game Thursday night against the New Orleans Saints. [Fox Sports Ohio/YouTube]

Work This Weekend to Install Pedestrian Bridge — Starting at about 10 p.m. tonight, there will be detours on Sunrise Valley Drive in Herndon as the bridge for the Innovation Center Metro station is set over the road. In addition, there will be lane modifications on the eastbound Dulles Toll Road all day Saturday for striping. [Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project]

  • Mike M

    “Track reports were copied and pasted month after month, raising questions about the competency of inspectors and a lack of supervision. ”

    Look for the union label
    when you are using public transportation.

    Remember somewhere our union’s cutting and pasting,
    our wages going to feed the kids, and run the house.

    We don;t work hard, but we’re complaining?
    Thanks to the union. we’re paying our way!

    So always look for the union label,
    it says we’re able to fake it in the U.S.A.!

    • 30yearsinreston

      Got paid vacation and sick leave ?
      Got the 8 hour work day ?
      Got health care insurance?
      Look at the Union label

      • Mike M

        Yes, and there are child labor laws.

        By the way, linking insurance to the workplace might have been one of the worst moves in history. Also, people who work for themselves don;t even think in terms of the 8 hour work day.

        But, don;t look now! It’s 2017. Got relevance? Look at the reality of unions today. The label says sham!

        • Reston1

          Blame all unions for what various executives approved in the labor agreements?
          Also, health insurance in the workplace has only been a requirement since 2014 for companies over 50 employees. Prior to that, it was offered as a way to attract talent.

          • Mike M

            Did you read the story? Have you any explanation? “Executives” did it? Class warfare much? I know unions. hey have done NOTHING for anyone lately, and this one gets people killed.

          • Reston1

            Nope, not “Class warfare”? Who approves labor agreements? Executives. 2 parties are involved in any agreement. So putting the full blame on half those involved is fair?
            Falsifying documents is hardly a union only activity. It’s wrong every time.

          • Mike M

            If it were up to executives there would be no unions. They are coerced into agreements to keep operating. Union mentality (immunity) guarantees this behavior. What Metro needs is mass firing. Execs can bite the bullet and shut down track to find and fix lethal problems that laborers have allowed to accumulate. But if the employees don’t feel the need do their job, all is for naught. There is but one solution to this very costly and deadly problem. Overhaul the union or destroy it. Mass firings.


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