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Check-Cashing Business Robbed in Herndon; Four Suspects On the Loose

by Dave Emke August 18, 2017 at 4:35 pm 17 Comments

Police in Herndon are looking for four men they say robbed a check-cashing business on Elden Street in the town Friday afternoon.

According to a media release from HPD, officers responded to the business in the 1100 block of the street at about 12:15 p.m. for a report of an armed robbery. Preliminary investigation revealed that the men may have been armed when they entered the business and took an unknown amount of money. No one was injured, and the men reportedly fled on foot.

Lisa Herndon, public information specialist for HPD, told Reston Now the incident took place at the check-cashing business at 1110 Elden St., which she said has been robbed “several times” in the past.

Patrol officers from the Fairfax County Police Department, along with their helicopter and K-9 Unit, assisted in the initial search for the suspects. HPD is continuing the investigation.

The suspects, who were all wearing masks, are described as all being about 5-foot-6, 135-150 pounds.

  • The first suspect was wearing a maroon shirt, blue jeans and black tennis shoes.
  • The second suspect was wearing dark-colored jeans.
  • The third suspect was wearing a blue short-sleeved polo shirt, jeans and dark shoes.
  • The fourth suspect was wearing a long-sleeved green shirt, dark pants, sunglasses and a backpack.

In a tweet, HPD said there is no threat to the community.

Anyone with information should contact HPD at 703-435-6828.

  • Mike M

    Tienen acento?

  • TB FFX

    “may have been armed”,”fled on foot” = “no threat to the public”. How’s that work?

    • Greg

      They robbed one place and took money. No risk to the public. Unless you don’t mind being robbed or losing your money… #smfh

  • Lee

    I bet it was a confederate statue that did it.

  • Mike M

    Armed Robbery Has No Home Here

    • The Constitutionalist

      Uh.. it does in Herndon.

  • The Constitutionalist

    Aww, the mods feewings were hurt and they deweeted some comments.

    • Reston Now

      No, we are tired of seeing comments that are posted solely for the reason of starting arguments. The fact that a couple commenters keep returning to this article, seeing their comments deleted and then AGAIN posting something else proves it is trolling for the sake of trolling. Be relevant to the conversation or get deleted. “Armed robbery has no home here” is not a relevant comment. Thanks.

      • TheRealODB

        Not relevant, but did make me chuckle. Also doesn’t hurt the page-views, amirite?

        • Reston Now

          There’s a difference between making people chuckle (the harmless nonsense about Hooters) and purposely trying to start drama… repeatedly.

          • Anonymous Poster

            I think a Hooters in Reston makes perfect sense. If it’s nonsense you’re looking for – check back on Thursday for Ken Plum’s op-ed.

          • Anglea Martin

            I’m concerned we don’t need a Hooters strip club. We need good things not bad.

          • incorrect

            Hoots = good
            Non-Hoots = bad

          • Pedro Martínez

            Anglea Maritn please visit a Hooters. It’s neither a “strip club” or “bad” It’s just a great sports bar with great wings.

      • Chuck Morningwood

        So, what do you mean by deleting the “armed robbery has no home here?” Do you mean to sat that armed robbery is a Reston value?

  • Wings!!

    Is not not a good time to mention that Reston needs a Hooters?


    • TheRealODB

      No argument there! #Hoots4Reston


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