Police: Teen Jumped by Group on Glade Drive Near Southgate Center, iPod Stolen

by RestonNow.com September 15, 2017 at 10:15 am 26 Comments

The Fairfax County Police Department says a teenager was attacked Wednesday evening while walking on Glade Drive.

According to an FCPD report, the incident took place at about 7:30 p.m. in the area of Pinecrest Road:

A 16-year-old boy was walking down the road when three male juveniles approached him and began to yell at him. One of the juveniles hit the victim first and then the other two juveniles began to hit him.

The boy’s iPod was stolen by one of the assailants, who all fled the scene.

That intersection is near the Southgate Community Center, which was the scene of an altercation last weekend that escalated to the point of gunfire. FCPD has provided no indication that the incidents are related.

FCPD says it is investigating the crime. Anyone with information should call 703-691-2131 or 1-866-411-TIPS(8477), or text “TIP187” plus the message to CRIMES(274637).

  • Tom Mccauley

    Per yesterday’s article on crime stats vs perception, was this a real crime or a perceived crime.

    • Mike M

      Is it true that Supe Hudgins has told police to not pay extra attention to this neighborhood despite the high incidence of crime? I have read that she has imposed some race-based policies. It seems Captain Manzo alluded to that in his perverse statements reported yesterday.

      • Greg

        She sued Shadowood when it tried to clamp down on crime — don’t mess with Hudgins.

      • RestonAssurance

        Why would she do that?! Why is anyone stopping the clamping down of crime? I see officers on foot, on bikes and in patrol cars in that area doing their community policing.

        • Mike M

          I think because she is a racist.

          • Why do you bother?

            Against her own people?

          • Mike M

            Oh no! In favor of people of her race! See, when you advocate special treatment of citizens based on race, you are the very definition of a racist.

            By the way, I am of “her people.” Aren’t all Restonians?

            Wow! I feel the exuberance of a teaching moment!

          • Why do you bother?

            Believe it or not, I agree with that statement. White people don’t have a monopoly on racism.

          • Thomas Day

            More babble and name-calling from an uneducated Trumpette. Nothing to see here.

          • Mike M

            I am quite certain that I have at least twice the education that you have. I am certain that even people in here who disagree with me would bet on that, twerp.
            Mike M

          • Thomas Day

            Lol, you get your GED first, clown. Then you can dream of more.

          • Mike M

            Way past that, sidekick.

          • Mike M

            Multiple graduate degrees. Next question? Oh, and try staying on topic, troll.

          • Thomas Day

            Impossible. Trumpettes can’t even spell graduate. Your other unemployed buddies must have helped you look up the big word. Now move along, I’m sure there’s a post you feel the need to comment on.

          • Mike M

            I just spelled graduate and you declare that I cannot. I am sure you will find another one of my posts to comment on, insipidly.

    • Tom

      It was a Sears poncho

  • Greg

    Move along — it’s not real.

    • Tom Mccauley

      Fake news


      An ipod with some real good musak was taken, thats a crime. Also, pizza traps should have been laid out in all directions of the wind BEFORE choppers were dispatched to create downdraft, we could have easily apprehended these gangsters.

      But as most of us know Reston is a black hole when it comes to law.enforcement because its not FCPS in control but RA. We really need a local volunteer militia and a few strong hands on the executive board to ensure our community is safe.

      Perhaps we can also get help from the CIA. This is serious.

  • Heh

    Gee I’ll bet the perps were vibrant and the victim non-vibrant.
    Anyone want to take the other side of that bet?

  • Anonymous Poster

    No description of the suspects….. But I’m gonna take a guess….

    • youre racist

      maybe don’t?

      • Anonymous Poster

        Facts are racist?


    Quick, somebody stick a “Hate Has No Home Here” sign in the suspects from yard!

    • Mike M

      I wonder if the victim will be removing his?

      • Thomas Day

        There it is.


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