Photos and Results: Fourth Annual ChalkFest at Reston Town Center

by Dave Emke September 18, 2017 at 10:15 am 10 Comments

ChalkFest took place this weekend on Market Street at Reston Town Center, and here are winners:

Professional Artists
1st Place: Abigail Lockhart (pictured at right, top)
2nd Place: Penny Hauffe (pictured at right, bottom)
3rd Place: Amanda Brown

Amateur Artists
1st Place: Leah Culbert
2nd Place: Charity Rissler
3rd Place: Sonja and Mona Hakala

Families and Kids
1st Place: Payton So
2nd Place: Omer Aru
3rd Place: Michelle Cliff

Winners were judged based on criteria including originality, craftsmanship, composition, use of space, presentation and degree of difficulty.

In addition to the judged results, the audience was tasked with voting for their favorite pieces of art. Visitors’ favorites were:

Audience Choice Award
1st Place: Aradhita and Uddipta Sarka
2nd Place: Colin Muir and Victoria Doose
3rd Place: Abigail Lockhart

Prizes for winning designs ranged from $40 to $1,000.

ChalkFest at Reston Town Center is presented annually by Public Art Reston.

Images via Public Art Reston on Facebook.

  • JoeInReston

    I was at the Reston Town Center around lunch time on Saturday. The weather was really nice. The event was fun to watch. Yet, the number of people at the RTC was noticeably on the low side. It was far from empty, but far from crowded. I couldn’t help but wonder if the Reston populace is still a little bitter at Boston Properties for their paid parking policy.

    • tattler

      I think people have picked up on Boston Properties’ no-so-subtle indicators that they’re not welcome at the RTC. On Saturday, the same day you’re talking about, I saw FIVE cars with those big, obnoxious windshield bumblebees on them. These bumblebees are nothing less than a shaming method used by Boston Properties to generate revenue. They could take the more dignified and less conspicuous approach and ticket people (with escalating fine amounts for repeat offenders). Instead, they choose the “Shame, shame” method employed in Game of Thrones and force people to parade back and forth next to their vehicles, while being gawked at and photographed by pedestrians, until they can figure out where to go or who to call. In some of these cases, the recipients are elderly or parents with kids. It’s disgusting and shameful.

      This, in my opinion, is why some people don’t want to come to the RTC. It’s not worth the risk of embarrassment that Boston Properties is almost certainly trying to inflict.

      • Why do you bother?

        BP can’t embarrass me.

      • Conservative Senior

        Please stop whining. Obey the rules & you won’t be shamed!

        • tattler

          That’s kinda, sorta part of the problem…the rules aren’t clear. Regardless of which side of the paid parking argument you’re on, nearly everybody agrees that the rules are confusing. The result is people staying away from the town center or, if they visit, risking a bumblebee on their windshield.

          Interestingly, your comment to stop whining is a whine itself, Confused Senior. And if you have a low threshold for whining, which your comment suggests you do, you should find another place to spend your time. This is a place for thicker-skinned people to congregate.

          • JoeInReston

            Conservative Senior’s comment may be tongue in cheek.

      • RestonAssurance

        Yep, have seen those yellow Bumblebees/Barnacles on unsuspecting newbies. Seems like what should be applied as a last resort for repeat offenders instead. Terrible, terrible shame to see elderly and families with small children waiting for help! Welcome to Boston Properties.

    • Why do you bother?

      Bitter? No. Refusing to support greedy owners? Absolutely.

      • JoeInReston

        Not to disagree with your comment, but for the record…

        Bitter was not meant in a pejorative sense. I would put myself on the bitter list, although doesn’t prevent me from going there when the parking is free.

    • RestonAssurance

      That’s the has been of town after BPX’s Einstein of paid parking. People have discovered other areas without paid parking, and seem to be just as content if not more content.


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