‘Why Is There No Shake Shack in Reston?’ and Other Burning Fast-Food Questions

by Dave Emke September 18, 2017 at 11:30 am 21 Comments

Simple social media lip service or not, this does raise some questions.

Would a Shake Shack in Reston rock your world? And while we’re at it, what other fast-food or fast-casual restaurants would you like to see here?

Recently, fast-casual spots for which some have clamored (Cava, Kung Fu Tea, King Pollo, etc.) have opened here. Still others (including Nando’sHoneygrow and Sweet Leaf) are on the way. But some people still want more.

After we recently posted an article updating the status of a future Chick-fil-A at North Point Village Center, our Facebook commenters responded with a number of other quick-service restaurants they’d like to see in Reston. Some of the names they threw out don’t have any locations in our part of the country (In-N-Out, Jack in the Box, Del Taco), while others they mentioned (Sonic, Arby’s) are a little more likely.

Of course, if you’ve ever frequented the Reston Now comment threads, you know this guy who has a particular dream. Maybe someday he’ll get his wish.

For now, use this comment thread to let us know what you’d like to see here — and why.

  • Willie Reston


    • vdiv


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  • smh

    @Wingz have you tried this approach with Hooters? Maybe you need another game plan instead of Restonnow.com

    • Guest

      Ah yes, a Hooters would certainly be a welcome addition to our fine earth-toned community! Or maybe a Twin Peaks? If these establishment’s are good enough to appear on TV’s “Undercover Boss” then we should welcome them with open arms tour diverse town. (Somehow I doubt that they are the kind of “credit” tenants that landlords are seeking for Reston. This is our loss!)

      • vdiv

        Why “or”? Let’s make it “and”, throw in a “Tilted Kilt” while at it 😉

  • parking

    Raising canes – best chicken fingers out there. I write them quarterly to beg.

  • Mark

    Maybe a ‘Mixing Bowl’ location. Reston is hurting for some Korean cuisine options (other than what you can find at some delis that cater mainly to those who work here). As they say, ‘if you build it, they will come.”

  • Chuck Morningwood

    If you’re a fan of soups, Ladles is really nice. We went to the franchise in the Outer Banks. It was delicious.

    But, if can’t have that, any place that features a mean BLT and pole dancing would be very welcome.

    • RestonAssurance

      I think the pole dancing eatery may be frowned upon in Reston.

  • .

    Need a good Chinese option now there is no more Mama Wok. And Indian buffet – I miss Mayuri!

    • Why do you bother?

      Chopstix. Fantastic food.

    • Debra Steppel

      Lotus Garden just re-opened in Vienna — on Maple Ave just a block from Lawyers Rd. Only 10 minutes from south Reston! Fabulous hand-pulled noodles, crispy duck, and wonderful specials. Best Chinese food in NoVA (without crossing the bridge to Montgomery County).

  • WingZ

    Shake Shack is the new Hooters.

  • Wings!!

    All of these mentions are nice Wants…. but what Reston Needs is a Hooters.




    +1 for Hooters. Unbelievable they wouldn’t allow it in the first place #MakeRestonGreatAgain

  • Maya Ben-Asher Rozenfeld

    I’d like a Cheesecake Factory and a California Pizza Kitchen in Reston itself. And a good bbq place.

    • PGG

      I keep wondering why Cheesecake Factory or Legal Seafood hasn’t opened in Plaza America, where the sports bar closed, 2 years ago. Perfect spot and size.

  • doobes

    Howze about a lot less food chains and a lot more single proprietor establishments. Sorry, but Reston is already chain food hell, we don’t need more frozen food.

  • PGG

    I’m sorry, but I see Hooters more on Elden Street, in Herndon.


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