RA President Suggests Changes to Reston Master Plan

by Fatimah Waseem November 16, 2017 at 2:45 pm 7 Comments

In a draft letter to Hunter Mill District Supervisor Catherine Hudgins, Reston Association President Sherri Hebert has proposed a series of amendments to Reston’s Master Plan, a document that lays out a vision for the planned community.

The suggestions broadly push for more mechanisms to ensure public infrastructure matches the pace of development.

Some have estimated that the Reston Plan will result in more than doubling the current number of residents, not counting increases in employment population and visitor/pass through populations. If commensurate planned infrastructure can no longer be provided, then the level of residential development must be reduced to maintain the balance between land use and infrastructure,” she wrote.

A summary of each recommendation is below:

  1. Add an overall residential population cap that includes affordable housing units and work-force housing.
  2. Clearly state Reston’s village centers, except Lake Anne and Tall Oaks, will have the same land uses as they have today.
  3. Add periodic plan updates that tie specific development milestones with infrastructure improvements. A similar method to condition development on the availability of public infrastructure was included in the Tysons Master Plan.
  4. Request the Reston Network Analysis Advisory Group to review its transportation network analysis assumptions and methodology.
  5. Establish a realistic plan to increase the scope of recreational activities in Reston. The plan should account for space and funding.
  6. Add clearer statements that assertively state infrastructure capacity must increase as new development rather than “lag decades behind.”
  7. Establish a realistic plan for increased school capacity in Reston.
  8. Remove a “grid of streets” road connection between American Dream Way and Isaac Newton Square because it hurts environmentally sensitive areas and the Hidden Creek Golf Course.
  9. Change the dwelling unit density of lands with the high-density multi-family zoning from an unlimited amount to the maximum number of units per acre necessary to accommodate the two parcels that designation covers.

The board will meet at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at RA headquarters (12001 Sunrise Valley Drive) to discuss the draft letter. The meeting will also be streamed on Reston Association’s YouTube channel.

  • Density games

    Master plan or not, we have to fight each development / project one by one

    That means going to each of the public hearings and raising hell with the county

    Chances are, if we don’t send more than 500 people to each of these meetings Plum&Hudgins will win and the density party will finalize their plans to destroy Reston and the little green space thats left.

    800ppl/sq mile guarantee!

    • cRAzy

      Hmmmm. . . 800 ppl/sq mile is REALLY NOT dense. It’s about 1-1/4 people per acre. Most single family homes in Reston sit on 1/4 acre and have 3+ people in them. That’s at least 7,680 people per square mile!

      So what’s your point???

  • Captain Obvious

    Superb! Well done!
    This is exactly the kind of framework that is needed to make sense of future growth.

  • cRAzy

    Regarding #9: Why should we propose legalizing construction that was apparently illegal at the time, that is, exceeded the allowable density limit? If anything, the developers/owners (Harrison and Charter Oaks apts per the letter) should be penalized–not acquiesced to.

    Here’s the draft letter: https://reston2020.blogspot.com/2017/11/draft-ra-letter-to-supervisor-hudgins.html . It was approved without changes. RA hasn’t posted the approved letter yet.

    • Greg

      That’s how Hudgins gets her section 8 housing.

  • Greg

    This is a meaningless statement (as are most of the rest):

    “Establish a realistic plan for increased school capacity in Reston.”

    and will likely be summarily dismissed.

  • 40yearsinreston

    Commisar Hudgens does not want infrastructure
    She loves fried chicken shacks though


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